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Prologue: Kahoko & Len

"I might be leaving to Vienna," muttered Len, looking at the sky slowly darkening above.

Sitting on the bench beside him, Kahoko shot him a gaze. Shock clearly seen on her face. She tried to say something, but in the end nothing came out from her mouth. Instead, she just sat there, looking at Len.

Realizing that he obtained no answer from his girlfriend for a year, he turned to look at her. He had half-expected her to shower him with questions and an 'eeeehh???', but what he saw was nothing near that. Kahoko simply sat there, gaping, eyes widened.

"You're not answering?" asked Len finally, his left hand reached for hers, giving it a light squeeze. Her hand was cold.

Kahoko bowed her head, looking now at her hand nestled on her lap, being held by her boyfriend. "Does it mean... we won't be seeing each other?" she finally managed to ask in a low voice.

Len sighed. "So it seems"

Kahoko looked at Len's eyes again. Those eyes she fell in love with. The eyes that said a lot more words than his poker face and cold attitude could express. They were reflecting sadness and doubt now, but beyond, she could see ambition and determination.

"I see," she said, fighting the urge to cry and gave a forced smile. "It must be related to your studies, right?"

Len nodded. "There's an offering for a scholarship at the University of Music and Performing Arts in Vienna. I've already signed up, and just got a reply today morning. I'll have to take a practical test next week, and if I pass then I'd be leaving in a month's time or two," he explained.

"A... month? That means... right after our graduation?" Kahoko asked surprised, mentally counting down at how little time they might have left together since they're busy with the finals.

Len and Kahoko were seniors now, with a little under two weeks left before facing the final exams and another two weeks before graduating from Seisou.

They had finally come together not long after the concourse when they were still sophomores. After the concourse, seeing at how motivated Kahoko was with practicing the violin, Len gave in and spared some of his time to teach her after school. That was when their mutual love started to blossom. After much denying, countless silly plots planned by Kahoko's girl friends - to Len's dismay - to bring them together and a lot of encouragement from both parties, they finally declared their love for each other.

The first months, they kept their relation low-profile for their own good. Apart from being too shy to publicly display her affection, Kahoko was aware of Len's many fans - and fanatics - at school.

On Len's side, he knew exactly how the fellow concourse male members felt for his precious first love. Kazuki was as transparent and simple-minded as a man could be with his feelings. Though not really showing due to the fact that he was kind of bipolar, Azuma was clearly attracted. The sleepyhead Keiichi constantly mentioned his admiration toward the red-haired violinist. Ryoutarou simply stood by, being Kahoko's friend in need, but his glances, words, and actions showed more than that. And don't forget Aoi, that transfer student who apparently entered Seisou to chase after none other than Kahoko.

It was not until The New Year's Concert, collaboration between the school and the Major, where they all formed an orchestra and played together in the City Hall at New Year's Eve. After a successful concert, an after party was held and they were all invited. Soon after the year changed, Kahoko excused herself to the ladies' and Len was just being Len by disappearing from the crowd. In reality, they met just outside the hall, blocked from everybody's view from inside the room, for a little moment alone. Kahoko literally ran outside in her strapless dress without getting her coat to where Len was waiting. Len scolded her for being careless, but soon gave in seeing Kahoko starting to shiver in the cold night, unbuttoned his own coat, pulled Kahoko closer and wrapped her petite body inside his coat with him while holding her close. Under his coat, she put her arms around his waist and rested her head on Len's chest, giggling softly.

They stayed like that for a moment, speaking in low tones, wishing each other happy new year. Len had kissed her forehead, and as Kahoko pulled her head up to face Len's gaze, he smiled, held her as close as he could, then kissed her eyes, the point of her nose and finally his lips met hers, which she gladly kissed back. Soon after, they were already teasing each other; Kahoko giving Len butterfly kisses along Len's jaw while her hands roamed his broad back under his coat; Len kissing her ear, down to the side of her neck and bare shoulder while murmuring 'daisuki', one hand encircling her waist closely and the other cupping the back of her head.

It was then when they heard a loud surprised 'eeehh-' cut short in the middle. Startled, Kahoko distanced herself from Len's embrace. Looking at the source of the sound, they saw a perplexed Kazuki, his mouth being covered by an annoyed Ryoutarou. Saying that Kazuki had dragged him outside from the cramped room for fresh air, Ryoutarou, hurt clearly seen in his eyes, being the gentleman he was, then apologized for passing by in the wrong moment and dragged Kazuki back to the room, apparently trying to calm his senpai somewhere inside. Not knowing what to do or say, Len and Kahoko only looked at each other, hearts still beating fast, faces crimson red from heat of passion and embarrassment.

After that, thanks to Kazuki's bubbly personality, their low-key relationship slowly became the hottest news at school, making Kahoko uneasy. But after a while, everything was back to normal, with the rest of the boys slowly accepting their losses to the violin prodigy. And before they knew it, the sophomores were already seniors and soon graduating, with Kazuki and Azuma having already graduated the year before.

That day, Kahoko and Len had watched a small concert held by a friend of Len's parents', from whom he had gotten free tickets. After the concert, while walking her home, Len contemplated on how and when to break the news about the scholarship, then he decided to stop by at the park and sit.

"Kahoko...," Len sighed. "I know it will be hard on us. But I also know this chance won't come twice..." he added, but before he could finish his words, with her free hand, Kahoko's index finger was already on his lips. Len blinked perplexed.

"I know, Len," said Kahoko, her voice slowly cracking. "And as much as I want to tell you not to go, if this is for your future, I'll support you."

Len sighed. Kahoko was clearly trying hard to act strong. Although her voice betrayed her, she tried to keep a smile of understanding on her face. And as much as he wanted to keep a cool fa├žade in front of her, seeing that her eyes were getting glossy, his heart ached.

Facing her now, Len reached to touch her cheek, caressing it slowly with his thumb.

"Thank you, Kahoko...," Len murmured, then leaned to kiss her. "... And sorry," he added, then continued giving her soft kisses.

Kahoko received them with a smile. "Don't be," she whispered between kisses.

(to be continued...)

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