Summery: Brandon is just an average student at Red Fountain while Stella is a Dancer at a club; fate brings them together, forcing them both to learn from each others ways.

Note: I had thought of doing a story like this for a while, and while watching a friend's production of RENT (A musical that's awesome!) things started to mix together in my head, the inspiration of this story has to be RENT, Moulin Rouge and my own crazy thoughts.

Disclaimer: I do not own Winx Club or any of the inspiration ideas that helped me with this.

Chapter 1. The Myth of Heaven and Earth.

Red Fountain, a school for heroics and bravery, here boys from as old as sixteen learn to fight, protect and become men. The students there would learn how to grow into respectable men and to honour whatever realm that they may come from.

However, the older you got at Red Fountain, the clearer you would see what 'Heroics and Bravery' really stood for, in your first year it would stand as what the school's original message was, to fight and protect.

In your second year it would stand as something more, it was more about fighting more than protecting and some students often found themselves turning on each other.

Your third year you would discover what heroics and bravery actually was, it was no longer to fight and protect, it was to see who could pull the greatest and craziest stunt in the school, that was all going through the minds of the current Juniors at Red Fountain.

The seniors above them had told them of a club in downtown Magix where they had gone to in their third year of Red Fountain, Heaven and Earth.

They had told them all about the wonderful and gorgeous exotic dancers that work at the club, but best of all there was the myth of Heaven and Earth, the dancer Diamond Sun.

If you were lucky enough to be at the club when Diamond Sun shows her face then you could be in for much more, Diamond Sun was a dancer and a Courtesan. Once she would do her piece for all the young men to enjoy she would take one lucky man that catches her eye from the audience and take him backstage with her, after that no one knows what happens, men have come out from there saying that it was the best experience of his life and some are too shocked to speak, needless to say this got everyone at Red Fountain excited and stoked to go down the club and meet this legend that worked there.

For the Juniors at Red Fountain, this was the big stunt for them to pull, they were all planning on going down there in small groups and see if Diamond Sun chose on of them, whoever would be chosen would be hailed as a legend themselves or, as stated in the title of the school, a Hero.

I have the second chapter up and ready to post so I will do that next, probably.