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Chapter 8: The Hideaway.

The time was now in the early hours of the morning, the moon was still high in the sky so Brandon assumed that it was about 1 or 2 in the morning, the bus had dropped them both off in Magix Town, and for some bizarre reason the streets were dead, normally he would see people wandering around, going to clubs and bars, seeing it dead like this was a rarity for him.

Despite getting several looks on confusion from the people on the bus and the driver himself, Brandon managed to get Stella off in one piece, he made sure that she kept her head down so that no one would recognize her, and thankfully Stella kept muttering in her sleep so it seemed she was just a drunk girl after a night out.

Brandon scanned the area around him, it was very familiar, he recognized it from his night out a few days ago, in fact Heaven and Earth was just around the corner. He just hoped that things were going to get a lot easier from here on.

He had Stella on his back because she was still asleep and he guessed that she was still too weak to stand, he could feel her warm breath tickling his neck and his winced slightly at the feel of it, it was kind of nice, but at the same time horrible.

If he could then he would have just dumped her down an alley, but he knew he wasn't the kind of guy that would do that, despite the fact that she was a pain and complained the entire time during he rescue, he knew that he couldn't abandon her in this state.

So, he started to walk, he wasn't sure where, he guessed he had to try and find a place for her to stay and hide for a while, she managed to keep up a charade in this town for a good few years, what's a few more?

However he knew that the Solarian Guards would soon catch on that the Princess was missing again, and just like before, posters, advertisements and search parties would soon be surrounding the town, just like they did before.

This time, he was going to stay out of it, as soon as Stella was awake and safe he was going to leave her to get on with her life, he had been put through a lot of stress because of this and he couldn't take anymore of it, because of this he could get in so much trouble, from both Red Fountain and Solaria.

Soon he felt the weight on his back shift slightly, he craned his neck around to see Stella opening her hazel eyes, she fixed a look on Brandon before closing them again.

"Where are we?" She asked tiredly.

"Magix" Brandon told her, "Do you think you can stand? My back is-."

"Magix?" Stella repeated, lifting her head up angrily, "We're back in Magix? Why?"

"Because it's the easiest place to take you, plus it's a lot easier for me to get back home" Brandon explained.

"Psh!" Stella hissed at him as she climbed off his back, "Some hero you are! You can't even take me to a decent place where people won't recognize me!"

"Oh calm down!" Brandon snapped at her, "No one was around the time you got caught, you won't be found here, in fact it will be the opposite, see, they won't think that you've gone back to an obvious place, they'll start searching other places, sure they might send a team of guards here to look for you but nothing too special, as long as you stay hidden for a good week or so, you'll be fine".

"What's that supposed to mean?" Stella asked bitterly.

"It means…" Brandon sighed, "Look you're free now, you should be happy and should have run back off to your club".

"Is that it?" Stella growled, "So you're not going to bother with me now? Well thanks! If I knew you were going to be like that I would have stayed at the palace!"

"I suppose that's my thanks for getting you out of there?" Brandon hissed turning to face her.

"Well you're not getting anything else from me" Stella snapped, folding her arms.

"Well fine!" Brandon barked, "Jeez, if I knew you were going to be a selfish brat about this I would have ignored your phone call!"

Brandon turned around, ready to go back to Red Fountain, until a hand reached out and tapped his shoulder, he quickly spun around and saw it was Stella.


"Don't leave me".

"Excuse me?"

"You heard me" Stella mumbled, "Don't leave me; I still feel kind of weak and its cold out".

"What do you propose I do about that?" Brandon asked her.

"Give me your jacket…and let me stay with you".

Brandon's eyes widened, "What?"

"Let me stay with you?" Stella repeated, "Now can I have your jacket I think my-."

"I'm not letting you go back with me" Brandon quickly said to her.

"Well why not?" Stella asked, still holding a hand open in front of him so he could place the jacket into her hands.

"Because I can't! We have dorm checks in Red Fountain and I think keeping a girl in my room will raise some eyebrows" Brandon told her.

"So?" Stella muttered, "Then I'll hide!"

"That's still not the point!" Brandon growled, "look, if I got caught hiding you, a Princess that has been broken out of her Realm, I'll get into trouble, a lot of trouble, either the school or Solaria would have my head on a plate!"

"That wouldn't be so bad" Stella said folding her arms.

"That does it" Brandon snapped, "I'm going back to Red Fountain, maybe I'll see you around, stay out of trouble this time".

And with that Brandon turned on his heal and left for real this time, he ignored Stella's calls and pleas for him to stay, and started to run when he heard her following him.

Soon he managed to shake her off, he left her alone in the cold and went back on the road towards Red Fountain, Stella gave up on following him, she watched as the back of him slowly disappeared into the darkness.

"Fine!" She shouted to him, "I don't need you! I don't need anyone!"

Frustrated, she picked up a rock from the ground and threw it towards him, it was a pretty pathetic through and only went a few spaces before crashing back down to the floor, Stella cursed herself, this was all just like what happened before, she was stuck in Magix in the dead of night, cold and without money.

She looked around at her surroundings and nervously rubbed her arm, she desperately wanted to go back to Heaven and Earth, the only problem was, where was it?

Stella started to walk around the town, keeping very aware of what was around her, it was mainly darkness and tall, bleak buildings. She had never been in this part of Magix so she was slightly worried, still she knew that if she used her instincts to get herself back to her original home.

"Crap" She mumbled to herself as she walked towards a dead end, the fourth dead end she had found that night, she sighed angrily as she turned back on herself and went to leave the dead end when she came face to face with two strange looking men.

"Well, well! What do we have here?" One said to her, "On your way out?"

Stella frowned, she had dealt with men like this all the time in Heaven and Earth, a little talk and the two of them would be gone and on to preying on the next poor girl that they came across.

"I was just leaving" Stella mumbled as she tried to push her way past the two men.

"So soon?" The second man said to her, "And we were just starting to have fun".

"I'm not looking for any trouble" Stella told him severely, "I'm sure there are plent other girls around here that you can prey on".

"Is that what you think we do, sweetheart?" The first man said, placing a hand on her shoulder, Stella slowly started backing away from him.

"Aw, there's no need to be afraid" He said sweetly to her, "We won't hurt you…not yet at least".

Stella who was now fearing for her safety slightly, tried to get away, until she felt the cold wall behind her touch her back, she was trapped. The two men laughed at her situation.

"Oh dear" The second man growled, "No where to run now Sweetie!"

Stella started breathing heavily, she placed a hand behind her and tried to feel around for something that would help her, the man however had started to advance on her and started to run a hand up her skirt and stroking her behind.

"Not bad" He told her, "You could give Diamond Sun a run for her money".

"Get off" Stella warned him, "I'll hurt you".

"With what?" The man said, "you haven't got a thing on you".

Stella bit her lower lip and desperately tried to grab anything that would help her, after several seconds of panicked fumbling, Stella managed to get a firm grip around a trashcan lid, taking a deep breath she swung it up and hit the man that was touching her around the head, he staggered backwards clenching his head and letting out an angry cry of pain. His friend quickly ran over to see if he was ok.

"I told you not to touch me" Stella said, panting slightly.

Stella carefully backed away from the two men and started to walk away from then, until she heard them move behind her.

"You're going to pay for that Blondie!"

Stella's immediate instinct was to run, and that's what she did, with the trashcan lid still firmly in her hands she broke into a sprint and darted out of the alleyway and down the main road.

She check over her shoulder and her heart jolted in fear when she saw the two men on her trail and coming up closer behind her, Stella let out a scream in terror and started to run even faster, however it wasn't fast enough for the men and she could see that they were coming up behind her, so close they could grab her.

Using her actions again she lifted the lid into the air and threw it at one of the men, this time it tripped them both up and they fell face first on the floor, this bought Stella some time as she turned into another dead end.

A mad rush of panic filled her body as she scanned around her for a way out, nothing, in front of her was a tall wall and that was it. She gulped nervously when she heard two angry voices drawing nearer to her.

"I'm going to have to use a spell" She whispered to herself, she closed her eyes and started to focus, the spell she was going to use she had only managed to do once, and that was to teleport herself from out of her quarters in Heaven and Earth t the outside when she was trapped with a man, much like the position she was in right now.

She knew where she was going to go, but it was just a matter of if she got it right, she started to picture someone in her mind, someone that she knew with persuasion would help her in this situation.

"There she is!"

Stella's concentration was broken when she saw the two men walked towards her with angry smug looks on their faces.

"No where to run now Honey!" One man said to her.

Stella was shaking in fear, however she knew that no wasn't the time to get scared, she closed her eyes and started to concentrate again and then thankfully on her behalf, it all clicked into place.


There was a flash of yellow light, and Stella slowly dissolved in the light, leaving the two men speechless and empty handed.

"Damn it!" The second man said angrily, "I should have known she was a fairy!"

Brandon had slowly made his way back to Red Fountain, it was way past curfew so he had to sneak in, it was fine, he had done it several times before, in fact he had to sneak out to get over to Solaria in the first place, it was no biggie, he just had to stay incredibly silent as he walked back through the halls of Red Fountain.

Still as he walked he couldn't get Stella out of his mind, he didn't mean to leave her like that but she was just annoying him, she could have at least been a little bit grateful for getting her out of there, if it weren't for him then she would still be in Solaria, being the Princess she never wanted to be.

He sighed and checked his phone, there were no calls from Stella yet anyway, he knew that when he woke up tomorrow morning there would be several angry messages from her, telling him how much she hated him.

Shaking his head he finally made his way up to his room, he slowly opened the door and flicked on the light switch.

"Oh good! So that's where the light switch is".


Brandon jumped out of his skin when he came face to face with someone in his room, without thinking he grabbed the lamp by his bedside table and held it ready to hit his room invader, until his eyes adjusted to the light and he realized who it was.

It was Stella.

"I've been trying to find it for ages, I had no idea it was a long walk from Magix to Red Fountain, I've been sitting in the dark for ages" Stella said as she folded her arms.

Brandon put the lamp back down on the table and quickly closed the door, "What are you doing here?"

"That's no way to treat your guests".

"Get out!"

"No! You can't make me!"

"Oh, I think I can"!

This squabble between the two lasted for a few minutes until Brandon fell silent in defeat; Stella smirked confidently and sat down on his bed.

"How did you get here anyway" Brandon asked, leaning against a wall.

"I got into a little bit of trouble -."

Brandon scoffed, "You always seem to be getting into a 'little bit of trouble', don't you?"

"Shut it!" Stella snapped, "After you left I tried to get back to Heaven and Earth and got lost…these two goons found me and things got a little…heated, so I might have hit one of them around the head with a trashcan lid and ended up getting chased, after that I did a teleportation spell and landed here, simple!"

"Wow" Brandon mumbled, "Remind me never to get into a fist fight with you".

"Well, there'll be on if you don't let me stay here for the night" Stella told him.

"You're not staying here, Stella!" Brandon growled, he quickly reached out and grabbed Stella's wrist and pulled her off the bed and led her towards the door, "Find somewhere else to stay because you're not welcome here -."

He paused when he felt the weight on the end of his hand increase, he looked back over at Stella to see she was staggering slightly and was struggling to stand up right, without any word of warning she staggered forwards and collapsed into Brandon's chest, he acted quickly and caught her and looked at her pale face.

"Are you ok?" He asked her, now knowing that all was not well.

"Fine" Stella mumbled, shivering slightly, "I'm…just a little weak…I haven't used that much magic in a while…and not eating for a while doesn't help either".

Brandon sighed, he knew that he couldn't kick her out on the street in this state, he gently moved her arm so that it was around her shoulder and helped her stand up right, then he guided her towards his bed and let he sit back down.

"Ok fine, you can stay here, but just for tonight, I'll sneak you up some food at breakfast and you have to go after that" Brandon told her.

"Fine" Stella said as she caught her breath, Brandon sighed and walked over to his wardrobe and pulled out some blankets and a spare pillow.

"Here" He said throwing them at Stella, "You can sleep on the floor tonight".

"I hope you're not this hostile with all your guests" Stella chided as she got up from the bed and placed the blanket on the floor.

"Well, this is the first time I've had a guest that I don't particularly like" Brandon told her.

Stella made an angry 'Hmph' noise and turned back to making her bed, Brandon turned back to his own bed and stripped his shirt off and took his pants off too, leaving him in a pair of grey boxer shorts, Stella looked up at this sight and paused.

She had to admit, even though she hated him and would gladly push him into a burning flame, he had a wicked body, his arms were strong and every time he moved something they would bulge out slightly, his abs looked rock hard and needless to say, she had an eye on his below regions as well.

Brandon caught her staring at his body and felt rather uncomfortable, "Can you stop looking at me?" He told her, making Stella look away.

"I wasn't looking I was…" Stella trailed off when she heard Brandon sniggering.

"Of course you weren't!"

"Shut up!"

Now it was Stella's turn, she pulled of her shirt and skirt leaving her in her bra and pants, Brandon couldn't help it but look at her body either, all this was a lot more revealing than her Diamond Sun costume, she wasn't covered in glitter this time and it made him realize that the glitter acted as a block to shield his eyes from seeing her true beauty, it was stunning, no wonder so many men had been driven insane over her, Stella frowned when she caught Brandon staring at her.

"Hey! If I'm not allowed to look then you aren't either!" Stella snapped at him.

"It's called revenge!" Brandon told her, "And boy didn't it taste good!"

Stella looked disgusted, "Right, I'm going to bed, can you turn off the light?"

"You're closer" Brandon said as he climbed into bed, "You do it".

Stella rolled her eyes and walked over to the light switch and turned it off, "There? Happy?"

"Ecstatic" Brandon replied as he turned over in his bed, "Night!"

Stella didn't reply, she was just trying to get comfortable in her poor excuse of a bed, no matter how many times she rolled over and tried sleeping in different ways, she just didn't feel comfortable, something she did miss from Solaria was sleeping in a proper bed.

She looked over at Brandon, he was already in a deep sleep and a soft, rhythmic breathing noise filled the room, it was soothing and calming, it made Stella want to go up to him and hold him tightly.

She had to admit that even though she hated the fact that Brandon had treated her badly, he was still by far the best kisser that had ever graced Heaven and Earth.

And right now, she just wanted to feel like she was safe.

She knew that she would probably regret it in the morning to right now she didn't care, she got up from the floor and walked over to Brandon's bed.

Being in incredibly careful, she climbed over his sleeping body and lay herself down under the covers and next to him, she took one look at him and felt calm and relaxed, and oddly enough, warm.

She knew it was because they were sharing body heat, but that still didn't stop her from pressing her cold body against his warm back, and after a few minutes in this position, she soon dozed off into a peaceful slumber too…

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