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~~~~~~~~The Normalcy Of Haruhi Suzumiya~~~~~~~~


Dreams. They are supposedly products of our functioning brain while we sleep. I've never been a big fan of my own dreams.

Now that could be for multiple reasons. Granted it might be because I never have the best dreams. Most of the time, I end up waking up from something confusing, or something completely nightmarish. There have only been a select few times in which I've been able to experience a truly pleasurable dream, and it is those kind of dreams I seldom discuss because they usually involve content that isn't very appropriate for children...

Anyway, I'm not having one of those dreams right now. Actually, I don't really know if this is a dream or not. All I know is that I'm not having a good time right now.

I'm standing up, and I realize that I'm on a very large table, which overlooks a spacious room. The wood below my feet is hard and firm, and everything certainly feels larger than life. I reach to scratch the back of my head, and I notice something very peculiar.

Is that a joint on my arm? What the hell? I don't remember having an arm joint the last time I checked. This is really strange.

Walking around, I realize my limbs feel extremely bulky and hard. I feel like someone inserted weights inside my skin, and my entire body is being dragged down as if it's being pulled down by magnetic forces. I keep myself standing, and walk to the far edge of the table, looking over to stare at the floor below. Something is telling me I should take my chances and jump down, but a voice cuts into the air and interrupts my train of thought.

"Ah, Kyon! I've been looking everywhere for you."

I turn, and see someone familiar behind me, about twelve or so feet away. He approaches with his own gait, and I can soon tell that it is none other than Taniguchi. The guy has a smile on his face, and he walks towards me with his own sense of style. Style he doesn't actually have, of course.

As he approaches, I notice something very strange about the way he looks. His arms and legs seem to have joints of some kind, and he looks quite blocky. It's like an action figure of Taniguchi is walking right towards me. I attempted to scratch the back of my head in confusion, but my hair feels like a solid mass of plastic, and I soon realize that I am exactly the same as the thing coming towards me. I've somehow turned into an action figure too.

"What the hell is going on here?"

"I don't know. I'm just taking my daily walk. It's nice to know that I get some freedom from Suzumiya's clutches. Too bad about what happened to Kunikida though. He didn't stand a chance against that power drill..."

Taniguchi crossed his arms after saying this, putting his head down as if mourning a lost friend. I'm just confused about what he's talking about. Since when did Haruhi enter this equation?

"There you are! It's time to play, Kyon!"

I looked up, instantly recognizing our Brigade Chief's voice. She is suddenly towering over us both, an evil expression on her face as her colossal form overshadows us like a mountain. The ribbon on Haruhi's sailor fuku seems comparable to the size of a car, and I feel completely dwarfed at the sight of this truly gigantic girl.

"Here comes our end! It's been good knowing you, man!" Taniguchi says, before I hear a loud crushing sound that's produced when Haruhi's fist comes crashing down on Taniguchi. He flies apart into pieces, and it's clear that he was in fact an action figure, because there's no blood or guts coming from all the scattered plastic that was his body.

Haruhi's expression is devilish now, and I can see one of her hands reaching under the table as she looks down at me. I was relatively silent in response to Taniguchi's demise, but fear is already overtaking me. Haruhi has something in her hand, and it looks like an action figure version of Itsuki Koizumi, who's smiling as he 's nestled in one of our Brigade Chief's massive fists.

"Come here!" she exclaims, and of course, I'm unable to move fast enough to escape her grip. I feel my bottom half being crushed from the pressure she's exerting on me, and I realize now that struggling is not an option.

"I'm going to have some fun with you two now. Time for a little boy action!"

As I watch Itsuki continue to smile, I realize too late just what Haruhi is talking about, and I grimace as I watch her about to bring both myself and Itsuki close together like we're some kind of couple. My world prepares to end at this moment.

The sound of a cellphone ringtone is going through my ears now, causing my eyes to slowly open as I reach for my phone. I flip it open, and it's at this point in time that I realize how bad of a dream that was. I thank whatever God is out there, if any, that it was just a dream, as Haruhi's voice enters the air.

"Kyon. It's good that you got up so easily today. Time for us to start planning for the summer coming our way! We're all meeting at the cafe, and you better not be late, or you're going to be paying. Bring things you for an overnight outing. See you in a few minutes!"

I closed my phone without much beyond a sigh. Only Haruhi would spout out so much without expecting any kind of response. I had the stupid notion that she would give us our first day of summer off like she said she would have. I should use my brain more often. Of course Haruhi would want to jump into our summer break right when it's gotten started.

I should have known that nothing would come so easily. The summer is going to be all about the SOS Brigade again. I sighed, before finally finding the strength to get out of bed.

There was very little time for any sort of breakfast, and any time I had was not to be wasted right now. When Haruhi demanded that you be somewhere, it was usually in your best interest to be wherever she wants you to be. And if you don't, then you should expect bodily harm to end up coming your way. I'm really not joking either.

And so, I found myself running out the door as I put my shoes and blazers on. Today was hot for the first day of summer, and perhaps wearing my blazer wasn't the best idea. Either way, I was in too much of a rush to really care at the moment.

I'm a little surprised that I had enough time to grab my bike and begin pedaling along towards my destination. Knowing Haruhi and her impatience, it might have been a better idea to just run, but perhaps Haruhi would accuse me of wasting valuable time one way or another. Nevertheless, I pedaled fast, and the fact I had all this overnight stuff on my back did not help my already failing stamina at all.

After a few minutes, I arrived at the front of the local cafe, parking my bike, and then proceeding to breathe heavily as I struggled to regain my composure. Haruhi doesn't know what the hell she puts me through sometimes. I wonder why the hell she thinks this stuff is so easy to do. It's not like I'm a born track runner or anything. Crazy girl...

Walking inside the cafe, I can see the entire SOS Brigade sitting down in a table, and they all look like they've been clearly waiting for me. I can't imagine what we have planned for today, but I really hope that it doesn't involve some sort of city search. Knowing the usual Haruhi however, it may very well involve something like that.

"You're late. Penalty!" Haruhi says from her seat, staring me down as I approach. I can't help but wonder if she still has hard feelings about our break-up the other day. It has only been a single day, so I can't imagine that she's completely gotten over it. God knows I certainly haven't.

"And hello to you too, Brigade Chief." I respond, taking the empty seat next to Asahina-san, who smiles sweetly at me as I sit down. Nagato shows no real reaction to my arrival, but I can only guess that she is glad to see me. Itsuki just gives me a pleased look, and I acknowledge it as I take a seat.

"We're all here. Now it's time to unveil my plans for the ultimate SOS Brigade summer!"

Ultimate SOS Brigade summer? Somehow I don't like the sound of that. What exactly do you have in store for us, Haruhi?

"I have the list right here. It's got just about every fun activity that I could think of for this summer. I was working on it all of last night. Remember that it's subject to change at any time!"

It seems like everyone except Nagato-san finds the urge to crowd over Haruhi's piece of paper, so we can all see exactly what she wrote. For a girl with such a wild and exuberant personality, Haruhi actually has some extremely neat penmanship, much to my own dismay. Like I said, I was never a high achiever in much.

My eyes glance across the list, and I absorb the breadth of activities that our Brigade Chief has presented to us. It seems quite comprehensive, actually.

Deep sea fishing. I wonder where Haruhi got that idea from. I guess she found a sudden interest in fish? I don't know where she plans on going fishing, but I really hope it's not anywhere near Tokyo bay. Or perhaps all those kaiju attacks around there are fake. Maybe I'm just paranoid about that kind of stuff...

A nature hike on Mt. Fuji? Just where does Haruhi plan on getting the funds or the means to get to Mt. Fuji in the first place? God knows that Tokyo is some hundred odd miles away from us. This list is certainly surprising me a bit, even considering Haruhi's standards.

There's more on the list, but one specific item catches my eye the most. It says "slumber party". I raise an eyebrow, and speak before I even allow my own thoughts to run through my head.

"Slumber party?"

"Yup. You remember the last time Tsuruya-san invited us over to her mansion? Her parents just bought a new one right at the edge of the city! She's allowing the Brigade to spend the night there in celebration of it's grand opening, which just happens to be today. That's why I asked you to bring stuff for overnight. I had this planned in advance, Kyon. You should know that I'm always prepared."

I groan to myself. Of course you've had this planned, Haruhi. Because having things done one day before counts as having it done in advance. Is it me, or is luck just always on this girl's side? I know that she couldn't have just somehow managed to catch Tsuruya with her newly purchased mansion open for visitors tonight. I knew the girl was from a wealthy family and all, but even I didn't expect her to get a new house so quickly. I guess when one has barrels full of money, one can buy themselves just about anything they want.

"Tsuruya-san's invited us to spend the night at her new home? Sounds like it will certainly be enjoyable." Itsuki comments, the same smile still apparent on his face. Asahina-san seems to be intently listening, while Nagato remains silent, aware of the conversation, but not offering any input of her own.

"You bet it'll be enjoyable! I can't wait to see how big it is! Tsuruya-san told me that it's at least double the size of her last home!" Haruhi exclaims with joy in her voice, getting up out of her chair with her fists triumphantly pumping in the air.

Something tells me that it's certainly going to be interesting enough. Damn. I should have looked at the rest of Haruhi's list and see what other kinds of insanity she has planned for us this summer. Stupid me...

It seems to me that Haruhi could care less about the fact that it's only about noon, because we're already on our way to Tsuruya-san's. It's not like the rest of us might have anything else we might want to do with our day before being forced into something by Haruhi...

We're walking now, and each of us has a bag that contains the things we will need for an overnight stay at her most likely exquisite mansion. Now I've never disliked Tsuruya in any way, but I of course am able to notice her similarities to our own Brigade Chief.

Tsuruya is almost as energetic and wild-minded as Haruhi, but she lacks the mean streak that our Brigade Chief can express from time to time. Instead, Tsuruya is remarkably friendly and kind to just about everyone she comes in contact with, and it's no doubt made her a popular pick in North High. I know that there are probably a whole slew of guys who would just love to shut Tsuruya's constantly yapping mouth with their lips...

Maybe I should try to steer clear from the topic of women. I really don't want to be reminded of my own relationship issues. Well, they're not so much issues now, because Haruhi and I are effectively separated now. We both consented to it, and there were no hard feelings between us whatsoever. Well, at least during the actual break up part.

In fact, I feel like Haruhi was nicer to me in our break-up than in our actual relationship. That really isn't much of a good thing to point out, actually...

"You seem caught in inner conflict. I can easily tell."

Koizumi's charm-filled voice catches my attention, causing me to turn and face him as we walk. Haruhi is in the front with Asahina-san, and they seem to be chatting away about something that I don't actually care about. Nagato is beside them, silently listening like a good little alien.

"It's nothing. I'm just a little tired, is all." I respond to the esper, cursing him in the safety of my thoughts for being so observant. I don't know if it was my facial expression or the fact that he may very well have read my mind, but he sure was dead on with his comment.

"There it is!" Haruhi announces in front of us, abruptly causing the entire SOS Brigade to stop in their tracks. We would have stopped anyway, because the sight in front of us was certainly worth stopping for. Damn. Is it me, or does this new house of Tsuruya's seem to be unnecessarily larger?

Tsuruya's new home was huge, and it was definitely a mansion in every sense. This new mansion of hers was clearly Western-styled, although that could just be from the outside. Either way, it obviously looked like something that only the rich could afford. We had been walking for quite awhile on a long street, and Tsuruya's mansion was right at the end, in a large spot of land that probably went on for acres near the edge of the city. It was a tall spacious home, with dozens of expensive-looking windows spanning along the outside walls of it's multiple stories. There was no gate in front of her mansion, but a long circular driveway surrounded a large fountain that was sculpted with a marble swan smack in the middle of it. Even from this far away, the white door to her home looked massive.

"It's really big. Much bigger than last time..." Asahina-san said, eyes wide like a child as she looked on like the rest of us. Haruhi was the first to break from the line of staring, and she quickly headed for the door to Tsuruya's colossal home. We followed our Brigade Chief like newly hatched ducklings, and it wasn't long before we were standing behind her as she stood in front of the door, eyeing it with a determined look.

"It looks suitable enough for the Brigade's needs. I think it'll do for one night."

One night? We could live here for a year! In fact, I wouldn't mind such a thing at all. Maybe if we ask Tsuruya nicely she'll allow us to stay here forever. Or maybe Haruhi will start doing community service instead of taking us on pointless city searches. Yeah, that'll be the day!

Without another word, Haruhi pressed the large doorbell button, causing a loud ring to emanate around us. We waited for a second or two, and Haruhi got impatient, pressing the button again.

Again, no response. And again, Haruhi pressed the button.

Finally, we heard someone nosily running towards the door from the other side. The person sounded almost out of breath, and the door swung open with surprisingly force, revealing the female host of all this.

Tsuruya was in casual clothes, a toothy smile on her face upon seeing the breadth of us. She spoke in a high, enthusiastic voice, with a noticeable lisp.

"You guys came megas early! I thought you were gonna come later tonight. Guess I was wrongs! Come in, come in! My place is your place nyoro~!"

Tsuruya seemed happy to see us, and it already sounded like we might actually be enjoying ourselves tonight. Still, I really couldn't help but feel weird about the entire situation. We were spending the night at someone else's gigantic and new mansion, and I had this gut feeling that was telling me Tsuruya's parents were definitely not home.

Maybe it's just me. Either way, Haruhi's going to find a way to make things interesting, if not difficult.

The enthusiasm and excitement for this coming night is just killing me right now. And in case your not smart enough to realize it, that's sarcasm for you. I hope I didn't actually need to point that out.