Disclaimer: I own the plot, but I don't own Digimon.

Author's Note: This is inspired after watching cutscenes and gameplay of both "Sonic Unleashed" and "Sonic and the Black Knight" on YouTube.

Trick or Treat, Ken!

In Davis's unkempt room, fourteen-year-old Ken looked down at a suitcase on the bed. "Davis?"

"Yes, Ken?" asked Davis while looking at a mirror.

"Do I really have to go through this?" he asked.

"Definitely," replied Davis, taking off his goggles. "You dared, didn't ya?"

"Can't I take it back?"

"No, you can't," said Davis as he put hair gel on his bushy head. "We agreed to play 'Eggmanland,' and you failed."

"After you died many times and got an E-rank yourself," countered Ken.

"But didn't you see the total point count?" The gogglehead's eyes remained fixated on his own clean tan face. "I got two thousand, you got fifteen hundred. So I win, and you must be the Werehog."

Ken groaned.

"So I have to wear this costume for the Halloween party at the auditorium tonight?"

"Yep. That or the Amy Rose costume that June wore last year."

The former Emperor sighed. Why did he have to get himself into this mess? Couldn't he have chosen another level, like one of those in "Sonic and the Black Knight" instead of the most difficult level in "Unleashed"?

Oh, well, it didn't matter now. He made a deal and now had to stick with it.

So he opened the suitcase.

"Well, what do you think, Davis?" asked Ken nervously as he donned a rather uncomfortable costume that had navy blue fur on the humongous arm sleeves, legs, stomach, and hood. Foamy navy blue spines stuck out from behind his back and the back of his hood had gray tips on them. His shoes were red with a silver-colored strap around the middle, and his gloves were blue-gray with white nails.

"Excellent," grinned Davis. His clothes were completely blue (including foamy blue spines on the back), and his hair was sprayed with blue and in the shape of Sonic-esque spines. The shoes he wore were red with a big white Velcro across the middle of each. Finally, a white glove covered his left hand, and a metallic one covered his right hand and held a plastic sword. "The girls will really love you now."

"Do you mean that, or are you making it up?" wondered Ken.

"No, Ken, I'm serious," said Davis and took out a chilidog. "Oh, when Yolei sees you later and hears your growl, she'll go ga-ga over you!"

Ken blushed.

"Now, can you make a growl, like this?" Davis breathed and croaked out, "I'm Ken. Ken Ichijouji."

Ken grimaced and rubbed his ears with his fuzzy blue-gray-gloved hands.

"Got it? Now you try it."

Ken sighed and closed his eyes.

"Pretend you're the Werehog," reassured Davis's voice.

"Okay, okay," Ken whispered to himself. "Pretend I'm the Werehog."

Calmly, but assuredly, he opened his eyes and growled out in a near-Werehog-like voice, "I'm Ken. Ken Ichijouji!"

"PERFECT!" Davis cheered and pumped his metallic fist.

Ken smiled, embarrassed.

"So, are ya ready for the Halloween party tonight?" the DigiDestined of Friendship and Courage asked excitedly.

"As ready as I'll ever be," replied Ken nervously, resisting scratching his side.

Afterwards, Davis gulped down the rest of his chilidog, and they left the house together.