Chapter 5

Slowly the world came back into focus. Lestat lay on the floor in precisely the same spot where he had seen the accursed penny. He shut his eyes tightly, praying to anyone that would listen that he was still in 1812. Alas, he could hear a modern fire truck zooming by the flat, off toward its destination.

Finally, he opened his eyes to see his room just as he had left it before the time travel. "No, no no!" He cried and stood, falling towards the bed in his sudden exhaustion. He was covered in blood-sweat but didn't care. He threw himself down on the bed, squeezing his eyes shut.

"June 29th, 1812, June 29th, 1812," he said desperately, "I'm back. I'm back, I'm back…" He opened his eyes. Nothing had happened.

Defeated, he rolled over, burying his head into the pillow. He sobbed as hard as he ever had, letting the penny drop out of his hand and hit the floor with a metallic "plink". 'You failed, you failed, Louis is gone forever, you failed…' Those words ran through his head in maddening circles as he lay there, wishing he could join him.

He heard the door open, and a startled voice call out to him, "Lestat! Lestat! Oh my God!" He felt someone else on the bed suddenly and he was turned over toward the voice that was muttering his name over and over…that voice… Lestat opened his eyes to meet frantic emerald ones.

"Louis…Louis! I thought I'd lost you!" He jolted forward and latched his arms around the younger vampire.

"Never, never, never!" Louis cried, clinging to him as Lestat kissed him repeatedly and rocked them back and forth.

They stayed like that for a while until Lestat finally calmed down and ceased his crying. "What made you change your mind?" he asked, he was dying to know.

"About killing myself?"


"To be honest," Louis began, "I was staying in a hotel when I decided I would kill myself. The radio was on the classical music station as I stood up and went towards the fire place. Just as I was about…to do it… I heard this music and I remembered it very clearly. It was Rachmaninoff. The rhapsody. I remembered when you played it to me that night so many years ago and what you said to me… I remembered when you kissed me and begged me never to leave you. So I didn't. I couldn't even recall what the fight had been about, why it was so important. But it wasn't important anymore. The only thing that was important was coming back to you. When I got back, the house seemed like it was empty and I was afraid that you had already found out about what I was going to do and had committed suicide. So you can imagine my relief to hear you crying in your bedroom and I came in as fast as I could."

Lestat sighed and smiled at him, "Louis, you have no idea how far I went to save you."

"What?" Louis looked puzzled.

"I'll tell you later, I'm much too exhausted to explain it now," He reached into the bedside table's drawer and pulled out Travels Through Time, handing it to him, "In the meantime, Louis, maybe this will shed some light on the subject."

The End

(A/N: Personally I think this is a much happier ending than what was in the movie lol. Anyway, that's it, I don't plan on doing an epilogue for this one; I think that about wraps the story up. Thanks for reading!)