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Chapter One / Episode One

Lynette Scavo looked out of her window over Wisteria Lane and sighed. It had been one month since Mike had married Susan and three months since Dave had tried to murder MJ. Three months since Lynette's life had changed when she had discovered she was pregnant again with twins no less. At the age of 47 she was not ready to be a mother again.

She looked over at the house that used to be the home of Catherine Mayfair. Poor Catherine had left Wisteria Lane the day Mike married Susan. She had gone to stay with Dylan while she got her head together. Unsurprisingly she had not stayed in touch. A new family had recently moved in. They were called the Peters. The parents Tanya and Michael had two boys Arthur who was 17 and Daniel who was 14. They were devout Christians.

She was distracted by the arrival of a moving van. It parked at Susan's house and Lynette felt an overwhelming sense of sadness when she remembered her friend was leaving. Susan, Mike and MJ were moving to New Orleans because Mike had been offered the job of a lifetime with a plumbing company. She was going to miss Susan but was glad she got her happy ending. She put her cup of cold coffee on the side table and pocketed a leaflet she had picked up at the health clinic. The words Unwanted Pregnancy: your choices were bold and bright on the front of the leaflet. She walked outside and smiled sadly at Mike and Susan who were kissing each other while carrying a box each. Bree and Gaby were also walking over to them. Lynette joined them and between the girls, Mike and the removal men it wasn't long before everything was all packed up in the lorry.

"Well this is it" Susan said

"I'm gonna miss you" Gaby said tearfully

"We all will" Lynette smiled

"I'm gonna miss you too" Susan cried making all the housewives laugh at silly overemotional Susan although they all felt like crying themselves. After a big group hug and promises of visits it was time for them to go and as the housewives waved Susan off into the sunset they could help wondering who their new neighbour would be.

"We all need cheering up" Gaby declared "How about a game of poker? I could get Bob and Lee round"

"Erm well I'd love too…but…I well I have…to..defrost the…chicken" Bree said stuttering quickly "Bye ladies" she scurried off

"She is so lying" Gaby observed watching Bree go into her house

"Yup, totally" Lynette agreed "I wonder what it is" Lynette wondered out loud

"Reckon she's having an affair?" Gaby grinned

"Bree? Nah she's like this perfect housewife. Impossible" Lynette shook her head confidently "Besides she loves Orson"

"20 bucks she's having an affair" Gaby insisted holding her hand out

"Done" Lynette said shaking it "Now that that's sorted. What are we gonna do" Lynette asked Gaby

"Margarita's on the porch?" Gaby suggested

"You read my mind" Lynette grinned linking arms with Gaby and walking with her to Gaby's porch trying to ignore the guilty butterflies in her stomach. Two hours later Ana returned from school to find Gaby and Lynette giggling like a couple of school girls on the front porch. She gave them a dirty look and flounced inside. Lynette and Gaby didn't miss it.

"Urgh she is such a brat. No wonder people want to get rid of her" Gaby said while pouring her fifth glass of vodka.

"I totally understand. Kayla was the same. You try to be nice but they just throw it back in your faces and get you arrested for child abuse" Lynette slurred

"Yeah but with all due respect Lynette. You had the support of Tom. Carlos still thinks the sun shines out of her butt" Gaby grumbled

"What so that means that I didn't suffer?" Lynette asked her getting angry "Just because I had the support of Tom means that it was ok I was arrested and humiliated?"

"No, Lynette I didn't mean it like that I just meant that …" Gaby started but was cut off by Lynette

"No do you know what? I don't want to hear it" Lynette said standing up and walking away leaving Gaby feeling only mildly guilty.

Lynette staggered into her house. She sat down on the couch and mulled over what just happened. She was distracted by the beeping of her answer machine. She walked over and pressed play on the one message she had.

Hi this is the St Peters Health Clinic; I'm just confirming that Lynette Scavo has an appointment for a pregnancy termination on Wednesday at 1.00pm. If you could give us a call and confirm the appointment. That would be great thank you.

Lynette sighed and picked up the phone.

The next day all the ladies were disturbed by the sounds of a removal van pulling up. It was early evening and Bree was cooking dinner, Lynette was helping Parker with his homework and Gaby and Carlos were arguing. All the girls stepped out and watched the van park up outside Susan's old house.

The first person who stepped out was a woman. She was very skinny but beautiful. She had curly red hair and she was dressed casually in a baseball cap, jumper, jeans and sneakers. Then two teenagers stepped out. One boy and one girl. The boy looked slightly younger with bronze curls. He was handsome. The girl had long black hair and wore a mini skirt and tight pink jumper with big heel. She looked like a slut. Then came a man. He looked much older than the woman with hair that was greying. He was carrying a little toddler girl who had a brown bob and wore a pink dress.

The man walked inside the house carrying the child without looking back at his family. The woman began trying helplessly to lug boxes out of the van while the teenagers started arguing. They got louder and louder until the boy punched his sister hard earning a gasp from the watching housewives. They needn't worry though as the sister hit him back just as hard and soon enough they were rolling around in the grass punching and hitting each other. The mother turned around and saw what they were doing. She calmly walked into the house and emerged seconds later with a bucket of water. She proceeded to throw the bucket over the fighting teens who stopped immediately.

"My phone!" The girl said as she reached into her pocket

"Mom! What did you do that for? I can't believe you!" The boy shouted his face reddening

"If you two are going to act like a couple of stray dogs then that's the way I will treat you!" She shouted back to them. Grumbling and wet the teens went back into the house while the mom went back to emptying the van.

"Oh" said Bree

"My" said Lynette

"God!" said Gaby

"I'm going to meet her" Lynette said heading over there but was pulled back by Bree

"Are you crazy" Bree hissed "They're like wild animals! They're crazy!"

"Will you stop being over-dramatic?" Lynette said "I'm sure they're not that bad and besides don't you want the scoop on our new neighbours?" Lynette used Bree's one second hesitation to rush over there.

"Hi" said Lynette to the woman "Erm I'm Lynette Scavo. I'm your new neighbour. I live over there" Lynette said pointing to her home

"Hi, I'm Sarah Taylor" the woman said shaking her hand

"That's quite a brood you got there" Lynette gestured to the house

"Yeah you just gotta know how to handle them. My husband is called Robert and. I've got three kids Rachel who is 16, Steven who is 15 and Jessica who is three. Now you've got all the info on me you can go and tell your friends" Sarah said pointing to Bree and Gaby who were watching. Lynette smiled

"OK you caught me" Lynette admitted holding her hands up. "We all wanted the dirty on our new neighbour but I do mean it when I say that we're a pretty close community on this street so if there is anything you need feel free to come round" Lynette smiled

"Thanks" Sarah smiled back. Lynette turned around and walked back to the girls.

"So? What did she say?" Gaby asked

"Not much" Lynette shrugged "She's here with her three kids and her husband"

"That old dude is her husband?!" Gaby asked shocked

"That's not the point. I really think that this family are gonna cause a lot of trouble on this street. I can just feel it" Lynette told them.

And so the girls returned to their homes and carried on with their activities although their minds weren't exactly on the job in hand. Lynette helped Parker with his homework but she was thinking about her upcoming doctor's appointment. Bree was cooking dinner but she was thinking about Carl and Gaby continued to argue with Carlos but was thinking about Ana and how to overcome her.

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