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Albus Dumbledore gazed around the room at Grimmauld Place. Around him were all the members of the Order of the Phoenix. Severus as always glaring at everyone in the room although if one looked carefully you could see his glare softening once it reached a certain red-headed witch, his glare momentarily switched to one of love quickly to be replaced by one of hate as he looked at the man sitting at her side. The Weasley's were all there with the exception of young Ginevra who was currently out of the country. Shacklebolt, Moody, Tonks and several other aurors and Ministry members of the Order were all talking apparently about how Minister Bones was performing on her new role. Albus could see students from Hogwarts that had slowly become adults and now were part of the efforts to defeat Voldemort once and for all. At last his gaze fell on the Potter family sitting next to Sirius Black, Remus Lupin and the Longbottom family. James Potter was laughing to a joke Sirius had said, Lily Potter the beautiful witch was talking to the Longbottom family. Helen Potter was talking with Luna Lovegood and both seemed to be giggling about something. Finally Albus gazed at the only hope for the wizarding world. Matt Potter, the Boy-Who-Lived, the Chosen One, the only one with the power to defeat Lord Voldemort. Albus could see the boy talking with his best friends Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger as well Neville Longbottom. Although kind-hearted most of the times the fame had gotten to his head and he had become a bit too arrogant. Albus was a little bit disappointed with him, he was too arrogant and although slightly more powerful than the averaged wizard he was nothing special. Dumbledore had expected more of him but he was still confident that he would soon discover all his innate abilities. The war had gone far too long. It had started on Matt's fourth year and had now lasted for seven long years. Matt was now 21 and the war was nowhere near its ending if anything every year that passed it became worse and worse. He could only hope that he soon came into his powers or if not the consequences would be horrible to the wizarding world.

"Settle down everybody" Albus shouted "We have to start this meeting. Okay. Severus please give us your report on Voldemort's most recent activities."

Snape stood up, his robes bellowing whilst he glared at everybody around him.

"The Dark Lord has planned several more raids on some muggle villages, nothing new. However I know for a fact that he has bigger plans and he does seem worried about something, but I have not been able to find out what has him so worried it seems that he does not seem to have as much trust in me-"

"I told you he was a worthless git!" yelled James Potter "he is not useful at all and he is just placing us more in danger by being here, he should not be allowed into the Order. I don't trust him, he probably is plotting with You-Know-Who to kill us all! While saying this James had stood up and was red in the face as he glared at Snape.

"You are such an arrogant man Potter" he spat "at least I'm doing something to help, what have you done except coddle that worthless son you have!"

"Shut up, Snivellus" James and Sirius yelled. As they both rose and starting drawing their wands. Everybody could feel the tension in the room and except some nobody seem too worried, being used to such discussions already. Suddenly a loud bang was heard in the room and everybody gazed at Dumbledore who had risen up from his sit and was gazing at both Snape and James with a stern look. Slowly he his wand that had been previously raised when back to its original position as Dumbledore gazed at them.

"Both of you should be ashamed of yourself! James you must stop your behavior right now! Severus is an esteemed member of the Order has nothing but my absolute trust. Severus stop insulting Matt! You know he is a very talented wizard and our only hope. Now both of you behave and start acting like adults. Now let's get on with the rest of the meeting."

James and Snape slowly sat down still glaring at each other and did not stop glaring for the rest of the meeting, which seem to go forever as different people gave their reports. Finally the meeting seemed to come to an ending. Dumbledore rose once again

"Well if nobody seems to have anything else to say-"

"I do!" shouted Mrs. Weasley. Everybody looked shocked at her. She rarely got involved in Order meetings except to sometimes complain about how young some members were. Molly stood up and grabbed hold of Arthur's hand" I just wanted to say that my daughter is coming over with her boyfriend and they both wish to join the Order."

This shocked everybody in the room as Molly had always been fiercely protective of the members of her family. Every time one of the Weasley boys had attempted to join the Order she had protested but now she seemed to allow her youngest and only daughter to join the Order. Furthermore nobody knew quite well were Ginny Weasley was as she had gone to travel the world once she had graduated from Hogwarts. All of the Weasley boys were also shocked but by double account as they had not known that their sister had a boyfriend. As they were about to comment on this they noticed their father gazing at them and shaking his head as if telling them to be quiet.

"Molly, we will be delighted in having them but are you sure they are capable enough and that we can trust Ginny's boyfriend?" asked Dumbledore. He had to admit he was a bit curious about this young man whom Molly seemed to trust.

"Absolutely. He is a very capable man. He is probably the strongest wizard I have ever seen, maybe as strong as you Albus. He is certainly a genius. He and Ginny have been dating now for six years and as soon as he graduated from Hogwarts four years ago. As soon as he left Hogwarts he started travelling around the world learning more magic so he could become more powerful and once Ginny graduated he came back to take her with him. Right now they are in Spain and he is coming back with Ginny apparently he thinks it's time he joins the war effort against He –Who –Must –Not –Be – Named. He is adorable and has taken care of Ginny perfectly; he even showed her how to duel better! He is the perfect man for her!" As soon as Molly finished she blushed a little bit but still remained standing up looking at how everybody reacted.

Everybody seemed shocked, there was a man who according to Molly was as strong as Albus and they had not known. All of the professors of Hogwarts who were members of the Order tried to recall anybody who could fit that criteria but did not seem capable of remembering any student in the last years who was capable of being that strong.

Hermione was jealous and angry, she had always been called the best witch of their generation and according to Molly there was a wizard who was better than her. She was also very angry as Ginny who she had considered one of her best friends and had not told her that she had been dating someone for the last six years! She did not know what to think.

Albus was very intrigued about this man and was already planning on how to use him for the Greater Good if he was as powerful as Molly said.

But the Potters had a different reaction. James and Lily were outraged at the thought of someone being stronger than their son Matt, the Boy - Who – Lived. They were also sad for Matt who they knew had had a huge crush for Ginny and had been crushed when she had left the country.

Matt was seething. How dare someone take his Ginny? He and Ginny were destined to be together. After all Potter's always marry red-haired women. He will show that poor excuse of a wizard who was the strongest and Ginny will be charmed by his power and would beg him to marry her. Before he continued with those thought he was interrupted from his musing by Dumbledore.

"Molly we are all curious towards the identity of this gifted young wizard, what is his name?" Dumbledore's eyes were twinkling madly as he said at the thought of having another powerful wizard join them.

Molly looked around the room, she knew that the revelation was going to create quite a shock but her and Arthur were ready for it. They had been preparing for these for a long time. Molly took a deep breath and looked directly at the Potter's.

"His name is, Harry Potter"

After a moment of silence, chaos erupted on the room.

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