Sly Cooper fanfic4

Special thanks to ravioli-jo for allowing me use of her character, Masquerade. For the plot of this story was inspired by the OC: Masquerade, and to ravioli-jo for her admired creativity.

Note: there are a few curse words in this chapter. Hope you like it.

The Hunt Pt.2

LOCATION: Sector: Quebec Victor - Rome, Italy

Morning. In the middle of the woods, where the SWAT team was defeated and captured, a bottle carrying a single message lied in the open area of cleared trees.

A hand, covered by a blue glove, picked up the bottle and threw it on the ground, smashing it. Once free, the piece of paper unfolded. The hand snatched the message and held it closer to his face.

The message read:

Dear Sly Cooper,

We have captured your precious one, Inspector Carmelita Fox. If you ever wish to see her alive again, you will find Miss Fox at the Roman Coliseum at midnight. If you should find her and free her, she is yours. But it shall not be as easy as I am making it sound.


The Blue Viper leader, Rollo Kio

Sly examined the note carefully, what was he to do? He did not have any back up, Bentley was still in Paris so he did not have a plan. What did this cold-blooded reptilian what with Interpol Agents?

Many question, enough answers. The only thing he knew was that Carmelita was going to be the Coliseum at midnight, and that that this "Rollo Kio" was was probably setting a trap for him. One thing was for sure, Sly was going to need to prepare for whatever the Blue Vipers had in store for him.

Within a dark cave, a jail cell of the Blue Viper HQ, ARC pilot Cody Brown stirred. He opened his eyes and rubbed his head, I must have dozed off, he thought, looking around the dark, spooky cave.

"Hello?" he called, his voice echoed.


No response. He looked around and spotted two bodies on the ground, Fitz and Adams. Brown stood up and walked over to them, kneeing beside them, "Billy, wake up," he whispered, "Billy!"

Fitz finally came to, yawning, "Cody? That you?" he said, sitting up.

"Billy, what happened?" Brown asked.

"Ah, beats me. I was with Ricky-chet," Fitz said, glancing at his unconscious form, "and I still am."

Brown crawled over to him, "Adams, wake up." Brown whispered, shaking him.

Adams immediately sat up, glancing at them, "Oh. Cody, you scared the crap outta me," he said.

"Never mind that, do you remember anything from last night," Brown asked.

"Well, I remember we all split up, I went with Fitz, and later on we heard something, and then before we both know it, a damn dart lands in front of us and blows us into the air," Adams explained, "it's a blank after that."

"That's weird, back at the ARC there was an explosion from a little dart too," Brown explained.

"Really? Hey guys, you think we're all dead?" Adams asked.

"What? What gives you that idea?" Fitz asked.

"I mean, think about it, we all witnessed an explosion, and now we're in this dark, spooky cave," Adams eyes widened, "Aw great, we're in Hell."

"Wait a minute," Brown said, glancing all around, "Where's Freddy? He was with me when the explosion ate up the ARC."

"He must have gone to Heaven. The lucky bastard," he cursed.

Instantly, the sound of snoring emitted. The three stood up and looked all around, the snoring sounded monstrous, and nearby.

"What the hell is that?" Adams asked.

Fitz pondered, "Hellhound, maybe," he suggested.

Brown was a minute from panicking, until he looked up, "I don't think we're dealing with a 'Hellhound,'" he said, almost smiling with relief.

"Really? Then what is it?" Adams asked, anxious.

"Check it out," Brown said, pointing up. The other two looked at the ceiling, spotting, not a monster, but Freddy, hanging upside down on a stalactite, sleeping.

"Well I'll be damned," Adams said.

"Yeah, probably considering you're here," Fitz added.

"Don't rub it in."

"Psss, Freddy," Brown whispering, calling to the soundly sleeping possum.

"Here, let me," Adams offered, picking up a rock and tossing it at him.

At the impact of the rock, Freddy instantly woke up. He yawned, "Is it Tuesday already?" he said, rubbing his eyes, not realizing where he was.

"Freddy!" Brown said, "I so happy to see."

Freddy looked down at the three, which from his point of view, on the ceiling, "Oh hi guys. Say, what are you doing on the ceiling?"

"We're on ground. You're on the ceiling," Brown corrected.

"Oh," Freddy said, his tail slipping off the stalactite. He fell and landed in front them, "my bad. So where are we?"

"Well, Adams thinks we're in hell," Fitz said, interrupted by a few footsteps.

The four of them turned to see two shadows along the cave wall. When the owners of the shadows finally appeared, they were all relieved. It was only Neyla and Wilson.

"Captain? Oh now I know I'm in Hell," Adams declared.

"What are you talking about, boy?" Wilson asked, stopping in front of them.

"At least we're all together again," Neyla said, "Except... Where's Carmelita and Reign?"

"Over here!" called a familiar female voice.

They all turned to find Carmelita, followed by Reign who was assisting a mercenary ape.

"Carmen, nice to see you're not dead either," Wilson said, and then turned to Reign, "Good job, Reign. Set him down."

"Yes sir," Reign said, setting down the still injured ape.

"I found him chained to a tree," Carmelita explained, "and then I was knocked out."

"I'm sensing a pattern," Brown mentioned.

"Whoever this guy is, he's gonna get my foot up his-" Adams began, but was interrupted.

"The agent wasn't a man, Adams," Wilson said, everyone looked at him.

"How do you know?" Neyla asked.

"When I fought the agent, I managed to break his mask and get a look at his face," Wilson explained, "it wasn't a he, it was a she. A teenage girl."

Adams snorted, "Captain, are you saying that we all got knocked out by a teen chick?"

"You find it hard to believe that someone, no older than you, can kick your ass?" Wilson shot back.

"It's true," Reign added, "I saw her face too, she was in fact a child."

Immediately, they were interrupted. A door opened, relieving a large gorilla, "Come with me, the master would like to see you."