Sly Cooper fanfic4


The Hunt Pt.2

LOCATION: Sector: Quebec Victor - Rome, Italy

Sly grunted in pain as he was thrown against the wall again, Masquerade truly was not backing down nor showing mercy. The impact against the wall lost him his grip of his cane.

Masquerade stalked forward and picked up her sword, her blade singing the song of death that awaits dear Sly Cooper.

Meanwhile, Carmelita limped her way throw the Coliseum, desperate. She traced her fingers down to her belt, where her homing beacon sat, and clicked it.

A signal emitted, calling for help, and that signal caught another beacon's attention.

In the stolen chopper, the beacon on Wilson's belt went off, responded to the distress signal. The Captain picked his beacon and examined it, "Brown," he started, entering the cockpit, "We got an SOS caller, and it's coming from the Sergeant Inspector's . Follow it and we'll probably find her."

"Yes sir," Brown replied, turning the chopper around.

As she stood in front of him, Masquerade gripped Sly's throat and rose him off his feet, pinning him to the wall, "And now, you die... Sly Cooper," she said as she lifted her sword.

Sly closed his eyes, So this is the way I'm gonna die, he thought, before I could even tell Carmelita I love-

His trail of thought was interrupted by a gunshot.

Masquerade froze, the impact of the shot was...electrifying. A bullet of stunning electricity had pierced itself in her back, fired by another. Her grip around his neck eased and released as she fell to the ground, unconscious.

Sly glanced down at her stunned form and looked up, finding Carmelita holding a Shock pistol in her hand. She limped closer to Masquerade on the ground and glanced at Sly.

He did not speak, he just stared at her and then at Masquerade. He stood up and stood by her side as they both looked down at her.

"Is she dead?" Sly asked.

"No, she's just stunned," Carmelita replied, "Once my unit arrives she'll be charged with the crimes she has committed, and will be sent to prison."

"Is she really that bad, does she really deserve to go to jail," Sly said, "I haven't know her for long, but I can tell she's been through one of the world's worst, like I have."

"She kidnapped us, murdered us, hunting us each down," Carmelita noted.

"Then I guess we'll all remember this as The Hunt," Sly mentioned, "And now that she's incapacitated, shall we go until the day we see each other again?"

Carmelita snorted, "Not likely, you saved my life today but I saved yours in return, we're even. Which means you're going to..." she turned to Sly, only to find that he had escaped, again, "...jail."

After her last word, light shined upon her. She looked up to find the light of a search light connected to a helicopter. On the bench of the chopper, Carmelita saw Neyla, Wilson, and the SWAT team aboard.

After the landing, Neyla, Wilson, Fitz and Adams hopped out of the chopper, surround them.

"Are you alright?" Neyla asked her, approaching the sight of Masquerade's knocked out form.

"I'm fine," she said, turning to Fitz and Adams, "take her away, and make sure she's fully incapacitated."

"Yes ma'am," the two troopers responded, kneeling down beside Masquerade.

"What happened?" Wilson asked.

"She barricaded me to a wall and stabbed my leg," Carmelita answered, keeping her palm on her wound.

Wilson held out his spear, turning a knob to modify and readjust his weapon into a crutch. He handed the crutch to Carmelita, who placed it under her arm.

As Fitz and Adams carried the unconscious assassin onto the helicopter, followed by Carmelita, Neyla, and Wilson, Brown flew them out of the Coliseum, and out of Rome.

LOCATION: Lockjaw Prison

In one of the most secured prisons of Interpol, Masquerade sat propped up against the wall in her cell, her head resting in her knees as time went by.

Eventually, a figure walked by and stopped in front of her. She lifted her head to see Rollo Kio, wearing a cloak to hide his identity.

"Master?" Masquerade spoke, almost happy he was here.

"Correct, my formal apprentice," Kio replied.

"You can get me out of here, right?" she asked.

"No," he answered.

"No?!" Masquerade repeated, "But-"

Kio knelled, "There are no buts, I cannot get you out of here, but that means nothing that I cannot continue my organization's primary objective."

"What? But what about me?" Masquerade began, "You promised me-"

"I promised I would teach you enough so that you may get everything you wanted," Kio finished, "And I have taught you something, deception."

Kio revealed a small leather bag and dropped it into Masquerade's hands.

"A little something for your troubles," he said, standing up, "Although I cannot free you, thus thou not means you cannot yourself," he turned around and left her, with only the bag to shelter.

Masquerade emptied the bag into her palm, find a wrist launcher a few orange darts. Kio had provided her with a way out.

She grinned, when the time was right, she would escape.