Update 8/8/2011:

I apologize that this isn't a chapter, only an update.

I've received some reviews and alerts on this story and I appreciate the feedback, it is what fuels my writing.

So to everyone that is following along so patiently to this story, I'd like to announce that I will be re-writing it. It will have the same title and plot, however, my writing style has changed and if I want to continue this story, it must be re-written. Severus was too quick to announce his feelings for Harry and I think it would be better if they formed a proper relationship before getting in each other's pants.

I'm sorry if you are angered or disappointed by this news, but please review and tell me what you think. Do you want me to leave this story as is and not continue it or re-write it and hopefully make it an even better story?

Much love!