This is my first FF so here Bella is remembering her 1st days of Pre-k and High School while Alice and Rose are getting her ready for a party.


"But Mommy, I don't want to go!" I say as we start walking to the classroom.

"Sorry sweetie." Renee says. "But Daddy and I have to go to work. You'll have fun at preschool and make lots of friends." Sure. I think. It was my first day of preschool and I was arguing with my Mommy, Renee, about going.

"Hi, I'm Renee Swan and this is my girl, Bella." Renee says to a pretty lady.

"Hello. I'm Ms. Runcorn." said Ms. Runcorn. "Mrs. Swan I assure you your daughter will love Sunshine Preschool."

Renee leans down gives me a hug and a kiss on the forehead. "Bye Bella! Have fun love you lots!" Renee says as she leaves me.

"Mommy, come back!" I scream and start crying. "Bella, sweetie your mommy will be back." Ms. Runcorn said. She leans down and gives me a hug.

"Can I play with the blocks?" I ask sniffing. "Sure! I'll be right back I think the Greene's are here."

I look at here strangely as she opens a few buttons at the top of her white blouse and walks over to a pretty man. I go and start building a tower of blocks. "Can we play?" I hear someone ask.

I turn around there are 2 girls, one with black hair and the other with pretty blonde hair standing there. The black haired one was wearing a jean skirt with a pink top. The blonde was wearing a green dress with a bow. (No other than Alice and Rosalie)"I'm Rosalie Cullen and this is my sister Alice." Rosalie, the blonde, said.

"I'm Bella. You can play. Do you want to help me build a princess castle?" I ask. "Sure!" They say. We ask each other questions like "What are your mommy's and daddy's names?" Alice and Rosalie say there's Esme and Michael and I tell them Renee and Charlie.

We were almost done building when I hear somebody laughing. We turn and see 3 boys laughing in a corner saying "Princess Castles? Yuck." There was a familiar blonde one with piercing blue eyes, a curly black haired boy with brown eyes, and a really pretty boy with messy gold hair and super green eyes.

Rosalie, with Alice, at her heels, storms up to the one with messy hair. "Edward! You're just jealous because you can't build!" Rosalie says. Alice goes to the curly haired one. "Back off Emmett!!" she shrieks. While there arguing, I go up to the blonde one.

"Cousin Jasper? How could you? I thought we were friends!" I say to my cousin. We were always friends. "Sorry Bella." He mumbles. Then I remember how Jasper always feels the need to fit in and not be himself. Or at least that's what Mommy and Auntie Kelly say. They think me and Jasper can't play and listen at the same time.

Rosalie and now Alice were yelling at Edward. I looked around for Ms. Runcorn; she was still talking to Mr. Greene. Alice and Rosalie made Edward really mad and he ran over to our tower and kicked it over! I started crying. Alice and Rosalie ran over to me and Ms. Runcorn and the pretty man came over.


1st day of high school , 1st day is tomorrow. That was all I could think about while Mom and Esme drove Ali, Rose, and me to the mall to pick out new clothes for tomorrow. We headed towards Zingys, the cool new store. Rose picked out a black mini skirt with a pink blouse that hugged in all the right spots. Ali picked out black jean cutoffs and a V neck purple shirt with a black and white checked scarf and black high tops. I grabbed jeans and a sweater and headed to check out but I was grabbed by behind. Oh no. I groan.

"No way Bella." Ali says. They pick out a beautiful blue blouse and one of the smallest mini skirts I've ever seen. "They ne-" I was cut off by "What shoes would be best Rose? Ali said. Rose? ROSE!" Then I see her talking to Emmett. Of course. I mouth to Alice. She rolls her eyes. Rose has had the biggest crush on Emmett since 1st grade when he gave her a rose for Valentine's Day.

The next day we talk excitedly about classes and things while Edward, Rose and Ali's brother, and Emmett McCurdy were walking behind us. I would never admit to them I had a crush on there brother, even though he's teased me since 1st grade when I saw him hide our class pet in his desk. Rose of course likes Emmett, Edward's best friend.

Edward's POV

"I dare you Em. No take backs." I said. I just dared my best friend to flick his crushes bra strap. The girl I'm talking about is Rosalie Hale my adopted sister. Her, my other sister Alice and Bella Swan were walking in front of us. I'd have a crush on Bella since kindergarten. She told on me in 1st grade for hiding the gerbil but I didn't care. I did it because I sat in the back and she sat in the front. I had the desire to sit next her and wadya no, I sit next to her. I could never let her know I liked her. She probably hated me. "Eddy!?" Emmett pulled back into reality. "As I was saying Ed I'll do it if you… kiss Bella on the lips at recess." "You are cruel. Ok." I said uncertainly. "If your chicken than…" Emmett trails on.

Bella's POV

"Aghh!" Rosalie screamed. Emmett just snapped the middle of Rose's back. That was I think 23rd time today. You think she'd be used to it. Alice was in the bathroom touching up her makeup again. Rose was running away from Emmett towards the bathroom. I saw Emmett look at Edward and nod. Edward runs to me of all people and pulls me up and kisses me on the lips for 5 seconds. Just as Alice and Rose come out of the bathroom, then he ran away. "Bella! Bella?! BELLA!!!" Alice said. "Earth to Bella." Rose was saying. I was pulled back to reality Alice touching me up for our big graduation party.


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