SkyClan Allegiances

Leader Leafstar-brown-and-cream tabby she-cat with amber eyes

Deputy Sharpclaw-dark ginger tom
Apprentice, Cloudpaw

Medicine Cat Echosong-silver tabby she-cat with green eyes

Warriors Patchfoot-black-and-white tom
Apprentice, Sagepaw

Petalnose-pale gray she-cat

Sparrowpelt-dark brown tabby tom
Apprentice, Bluepaw

Cherrytail-tortoiseshell-and-white she-cat
Apprentice, Flamepaw

Waspwhisker-gray-and-white tom
Apprentice, Mintpaw

Shrewtooth-skinny black tom

Ebonyclaw-striking black she-cat
Apprentice, Frecklepaw

Billystorm-ginger-and-white tom
Apprentice, Snookpaw

Harveymoon-white tom

MacGyver-black-and-white tom

Rockshade-black tom

Bouncefire-ginger tom

Tinycloud-small white she-cat

Apprentices Sagepaw-pale gray tom

Mintpaw-gray tabby she-cat

Snookpaw-black-and-white tom

Frecklepaw-mottled light brown tabby she-cat with spotted legs

Flamepaw-dark ginger tom with green eyes

Bluepaw-brown-and-cream tabby she-cat with pale blue eyes

Cloudpaw-white tom with amber eyes

Queens Fallowfern-pale brown she-cat (mother of Waspwhisker's kits: Rabbitkit, Creekkit, Nettlekit, and Plumkit)

Clovertail-light brown she-cat with white belly and legs (expecting Patchfoot's kits)

Elders Lichenfur-gray mottled she-cat

Tangle-ragged tabby tom loner

Cats Outside the Clan

Egg-cream-colored tom loner

Hutch-dark brown kittypet (formerly Shortwhisker)

Oscar-black kittypet

Bella-tabby-and-white kittypet with amber eyes

Rose-elegant brown-and-cream Siamese kittypet with slanting blue eyes

Lily-Rose's sister

Stick-brown tom with yellow eyes and a torn ear

Cora-black she-cat

Coal-black tom

Shorty-brown tom with amber eyes and half a tail

Snowy-white she-cat

Percy-dark gray tabby tom

Red-dark ginger she-cat

Dodge-dark brown tabby tom

Skipper-ginger-and-white tom

Harley-gray-and-brown tabby tom

Misha-cream-colored she-cat

Onion-silver-and-black she-cat

Nutmeg-tortoiseshell-and-white she-cat

Velvet-silver kittypet

I just took the allegiances from the real SkyClan's Destiny to make it simple for you and me. So yeah, everything will be different. But that's okay.