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"Undercover?" Lisbon spluttered.

"Is there a problem with that, Agent Lisbon?" Minelli asked, and Lisbon shook her head.

"Not at all, sir." She answered, lying through her teeth.

"Good." Minelli smiled at her, and she had a sudden urge to slap some sense into the man's head with the folders he was currently holding out for her to take. "Her are your case files. Make sure Jane is fully briefed on his part."

"Yes, sir." Lisbon said stonily, and walked out of the office. As the door closed, Minelli smirked as he heard her mutter, "Jane is going to find this hilarious."

She walked back into the bullpen, and automatically everyone looked up. Well, everyone apart from Jane, who was asleep on his couch. She threw one of the folders at him, which had 'Confidential' emblazoned across the front. He looked up, and lifted his head slightly of the armrest. He picked up the folder which was about to fall off of his chest and onto the floor. He opened the file and quickly scan read the contents of the first page.

And then he burst into laughter.

"Is there a reason you find this funny, Jane?" Lisbon asked, glaring at him.

"Undercover! Ha! Married… couple!" Jane burst into laughter again, and Cho, Rigsby and Van Pelt exchanged looks wondering what was going on.

"We leave tomorrow, so I suggest you go pack." Lisbon shot at him, unable to stop the red flush flooding onto her cheeks. She handed a file to Van Pelt. "Make sure you three know what's going on."

She grabbed her briefcase from her office before stalking out off to the elevator. Jane grabbed his coat and ran after her.

"Wait up, Lisbon." He called, and slipped into the elevator just in time. She glanced at him.

"What? You think this is funny?" She asked.

"Well, yes, but that's not the point. It'll be fun, Lisbon." He tried to convince her, but she simply raised her eyebrows at him. The elevator doors opened and she walked out. "Lisbon, wait!"

"What?" She turned and glared at him. "You'll see me tomorrow! Then you'll have all the time you want to talk to me."

"Fine, never mind then." Jane said airily, and turned to walk off to his car.

"Come on, Jane; stop playing your stupid games." Lisbon called after him.

"It doesn't matter. See you tomorrow… Brooke!" Lisbon glared at Jane's retreating back.

"Jackass." She stormed off to her own car, but spent the whole of the drive to her home wondering what he was going to say to her. When she arrived home, she brought out a large suitcase and picked out clothes from her closet. For some reason, she had been feeling like she had to make an impression on Jane… as if she was some high school girl with a crush.

They were to be in a posh Californian hotel (with its own spa, gym, sports center and multiple pools) posing as a new-to-California rich couple. They were trying to weed out a serial killer who was targeting rich, married people, no preference between men and women, who were cheating on their partner. Lisbon wondered how Jane felt about having to 'cheat' on her… with Van Pelt. She wondered how Van Pelt and Rigsby would feel about it.

At least one person would want to kill Minelli by the end of the week, and she had a strong hunch that it would probably be her.

She referred to the case file, and noted that she had to be wearing a lot of jewelry, and a lot of bright, and she planned to shoot at first sight who had written the last part, low-cut clothing. She worked through her wardrobe, sighing at the familiar smart pants and sweaters that she wasn't going to be in everyday for the next few weeks.

She pulled out every single dress she owned. A grand total of five of them. After trying on four of them, she had worked out that two were too small. The fifth she hadn't been able to put on. It was the dress she had worn to both her mother and father's funerals. She comforted herself with the fact that it probably didn't fit. She was just about to change out of the last dress, a scarlet strapless, rather short number that she didn't remember buying, when her doorbell rang.

Completely forgetting about what she was wearing, she hurried downstairs and opened the door.

"Jane!" Lisbon exclaimed. "What are you doing here?"

Jane's gaze travelled down her body, and lingered for longer than was respectable on her legs. A cough brought him back to the present.

"Jane?" Lisbon hinted.

"I was planning to take you shopping." Jane grinned at her. "I thought that you might not have the sort of clothing that is… the norm for incredibly rich Californian babes."

"I don't exactly have that sort of money, Jane." Lisbon pointed out.

"That's where I come in." Jane grinned broadly. "Remember when I used to be a fake psychic?"

"Yes…" Lisbon said warily.

"Well, if you get it right, you can make a whole lot of money." Jane commented. "And also, if you play cards like I do…"

"Okay! I get the hint, you're rich. I'm not a charity case, Jane!" Lisbon replied, hurt to think that was what she needed.

"I know!" Jane was equally hurt that that was what she thought he was doing it for. "I want to spoil you for once, Lisbon. Pay you back for the times that you're covered me."

Lisbon wasn't sure if he was sincere, but it was Jane. With money. And a large department store with a heck of a lot of clothing.

"Fine." She conceded. "Just let me get changed first!"

Two and a half hours later, Jane's car pulled up outside Lisbon's house. Lisbon got out of the passenger side, and opened the back door to take the bags. Jane took the rest and followed her up to her front door. Lisbon unlocked the door and pushed it open with her foot. Carrying the bags upstairs, she didn't notice Jane following her until she had put the bags on the floor or her bedroom and turned around and come face to face with him.

"Patrick!" She exclaimed in surprise, and Jane grinned. She corrected herself. "Jane!"

Jane put the bags he was carrying down next to the ones already on the floor. "Need help packing?" He asked her, and she shrugged nonchalantly.

"Shouldn't you be packing yourself?" She asked, but he shook his head.

"Already done." He answered, and she raised one eyebrow. He sure packed fast.

"Oh, fine." She conceded, and began taking everything out of the bags. "I'll just get a pair of scissors."

Jane's eyes followed her as she left the room. He felt slightly out of his depth. He glanced down at the wedding band still on his finger, and twisted it around, taking a deep breath. He was scared.

He was falling for her. He was falling for his boss, Teresa Lisbon.

When Lisbon arrived back, he was back to his normal self and perfectly composed. Wordlessly, he handed her each item of clothing, and she would cut off the tags, and fold them up neatly into the suitcase. Jane sat down on the edge of her bed, next to where her suitcase was. He didn't miss the fact that Lisbon was looking at him, either.

"You called me Patrick earlier." He commented offhandedly.

"So?" Lisbon looked at him strangely. "It is your name."

"I do know that. But normally you call me Jane." Jane replied, and didn't miss the blush that tinged Lisbon's cheeks for a few seconds. "Why are you blushing?"

"I'm not blushing!" Lisbon answered quickly.

"Liar." Jane said, and she rolled her eyes.

"Fine. But not for the reason you think." She answered him, and he raised his eyebrows.

"What reason do I think?" He asked interestedly.

"Never you mind." She replied, ducking her face to hide the blush creeping back onto her face.

"What ever you say." Jane dismissed it easily. "Teresa."

A whole hour later, Lisbon folded the last piece of clothing up into the suitcase. It was then, that she noticed a small bag near the doorway. She looked at it warily.

"Jane, is that yours?" She asked, pointing to it. Jane shrugged.

"Well, I bought it, but they probably wouldn't suit me." He said mysteriously. Lisbon looked at him for a while, trying to gauge what he was thinking about, before walking over and looking in the bag.

"JANE!" She exclaimed, glaring at him.

"What?" He asked innocently. "They'll suit you!"

Lisbon glared again at him, and then back at the bag full of lingerie. She looked at the tag of one.

"Do you mind telling me how you know what size I am?" She asked, eyeing him.

"I have a good eye." Jane grinned, and Lisbon had the sudden urge to slap him. Or kiss him. The first would probably get a better reaction though.

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