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                                                                                                Caught! Chapter 1

            Legolas unclasped his cloak and set it aside neatly.  His shirt followed, exposing his chest to the chill night air, and he shivered.  His soft, flexible boots came next, closely followed by his leggings.  The cool night air seemed positively frigid without clothing to shield him, and Legolas wasted no time in getting into the hot spring he'd found while scouting out the area around the group's camp.  He sighed as the warm water flowed over him, and he submerged himself further.

            The immortal elf picked up a soft sound with his keen sense of hearing.  The faint snap of a twig beneath other wise silent footfalls and… humming?  He listened closer.  A female humming?  Legolas flushed.  That meant that the mystery person was Andreal, also elfin, though not an archer like himself.  She was quite effective with her throwing-stars, and made a more than adequate guide.

            By elfin standards, she was a rare beauty.  Her green eyes were uncommon, even among the elves, and her chestnut hair gleamed in the sun's light.  She was nearly as tall as Legolas himself, and Legolas found himself inexplicably attracted to the female fighter.  The humming grew louder; Andreal obviously coming nearer, and Legolas almost panicked.  He hid himself from her immediate view behind a large rock in the spring as the humming came into the vicinity of the clearing.

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