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                                                                                                Caught, Chapter 8

            Andreal stood there in the water and gasped for air.  Legolas watched her, flushed.  His mind chased itself in circles.  'She saw me floating there.  She grabbed my… but she needed air.  But she still saw me floating…'

            Legolas snapped out of his daze when he felt a gentle hand on his shoulder.  He looked at the person who'd set it there, and found himself staring into the female elf's olive eyes.  Her long hair was dripping with the warm water of the spring, parting to show off the delicate points of her ears.  He found himself blushing at her simple question of, "are you okay?"

            The male elf ran a hand through Andreal's hair and pulled her nearer to him.  Andreal blushed as he tilted her head up so that she looked at him.  The female elf blushed.  "Ah… okay.  I can see I didn't hurt you…"

Her mouth snapped shut at the expression on Legolas' face.  It was almost as if Andreal had lost control over her body, because next thing she knew, she had pressed her lips against the male elf's.  Legolas tensed, but soon began to respond.  'This… this is actually nice…' She gasped as he wrapped his arms around her, and deepened the kiss.  It felt wonderful.  Andreal wanted more.

When Legolas broke the kiss, Andreal squeaked in disappointment.  "We need to go back to camp before Gimli comes by here again.  I told them I'd be back soon."

Andreal sighed, got out of the water, and got dressed again, then started the trek back to camp.

Legolas watched her, somewhat disappointed.  He knew this occurrence would complicate things, causing the nearly audible tension (for an elf, anyway) between the female elf and himself to grow.  Andreal wasn't shortsighted enough to not realize it.  He mulled over the matter as he got dressed and followed Andreal back into camp, with the intention of speaking with the female elf on the matter.  However, when he arrived, she was already asleep.  He sighed.  'I guess I'll talk to her later…'

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