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"Come on, Edward. Just go try." I encouraged my boyfriend, pushing him towards the gym door.

He shook his head. "But, Bella, what if they reject me, again!" he whined.

"Edward," I sighed "You didn't show them what you could do; they just judged you on how you look." I scoffed "Can you believe it?!"

"I don't know."

I shook my head "Yes you do. I'll be in there cheering for you, so there's nothing to worry about." I gave him a final push towards the gym door and smiled.

He looked at the door before looking at me. He came closer and pulled me to him. "You know, I really love you." he kissed my forehead, of course making me blush. I nodded.

"I know, what's not to love." I joked. And it worked, he laughed.

"Thanks Bella, for everything. When I make it, I will announce you in my credits, first." He grinned.

I laughed with him and rolled my eyes, "What ever, foe now just go in there, don't listen to anyone and do you thang."

He raised his eyebrows "Thang?"

I nodded and pushed him again "GO."

He smiled and nodded and went inside, while I went through the other door that was for the audience.

Edward. Edward Anthony Mason Cullen, my boyfriend. He was a geek at our high school. Well, not a totally geek. Like he didn't have acne, he didn't need glass unless for reading, and he wasn't into comic books (AN: No offense to geeks). I was the same.

We met freshman year. He was new and had seen some girls cornering me and decided to confront them. They insulted him and walked away, but he stood there waiting for me and walked me to my next class. Then I introduced him to my friend, Alice and we three instantly clicked. Edward never felt awkward hanging out with only girls. And whenever someone would insult him, we would stick up for him.

Sophomore year, Edward asked me out. Alice knew it already that he was 'head over heels' and I was the same because of the way we would react to each other or look at each other. It was true, I had liked Edward since the first day I saw him and he liked me too. I mean we had spent ever waking moment together. Like doing homework, having dinner, spending weekends together.

Edward, on our first date, took me to the best restaurants in town. When I asked him how he got the money, he said that he's been saving money so one day he could take me out. And right there I knew I loved him.

And since then we've been going pretty solid. Alice says we are the couple of the decade. Haha. But sometimes when I look at us, I wouldn't argue with her. Now, we're juniors and Edward and I are still together.

And as always his Basketball dream. Edward's a great basketball player, the best I've ever seen. But every time he auditions they laugh at his face and throw him out. But this time, I'm not going to let that happen.

I went inside ht stadium and found Alice sitting on the second row. "Hey Alice," I greeted.

"Hey!" she chirped "So is Edward going to play?"

I rolled my eyes, "If he doesn't I will make him play." We laughed.

"Ok, go Adam!" We heard the coach shout and order at one of the players. The boy ran to the hoop and dumped the ball. We clapped.

For the past half hour, some guy would shoot the ball into the hoop and we would clap. Alice and I were bored and tied until it was Edward's turn.

"Cullen!" The coach boomed. "Wait, Cullen?" he was surprised yet once again. "Cullen, this is serious, please go waste someone else time." Everyone laughed.

Edward's expression killed me.

"HEY!" I shouted, getting up from the bleachers and walked down to the coach, Alice warning me. "You can't say that to him. You can't throw him out until he plays."

"Bella," Edward came to my side and warned my, hushing.

I shook my head and turned back to the coach. "You haven't seen him play, you can't just reject him. I have seen him play, and he's awesome. Better than the losers you call team members." I nodded to the boys with angry faces.

"What did you say doll face?" Jared, the team leader inched closer to me. Edward stood in the middle, protecting me.

"Nothing, we'll just leave." Edward grabbed my hand, leading me to the exit door, but before that, the coach called us back.

"Cullen, wait." We turned around to him. "Let's see what you got." The coach bounced the ball to Edward who caught it. He looked at me, and I nodded, supporting him and sat down on the first bleacher.

Edward stood in the middle of the court and threw the missed.

"WHOO! IT'S OKAY! YOU'LL GET IT!!!"I shouted. Edward looked at me with a sad smile. The ball was bounced back to him. He shoots and he...not scores.

"It's okay Edward! I'm with you!!!" I helped.

Edward got the ball, again for the last time. He stood his ground, focused and looked up back at the hoop. He jumped and threw the ball went in!!!

"WHOO!!!" I got up from the bleachers and ran to hug him. "I knew you could do it." I whispered.

"Wow, Cullen, I'm impressed. But you have to do more if you wanna be on the team."

Edward nodded furiously. "Yes, sir."

Coach chuckled and raised his hand "Call me Coach Boom." Edward grinned and shook his hand.

Something tells me that this is the start of something new.


"And remember how I shot the ball, spinning around?" I nodded at Edward excitement. We were going home, it was 7 o'clock now. We had been at the practice the whole time watching Edward do various practice. But it was all worth it. Everything was worth the smile Edward had after he was told that he got in.

"And how I ran away from Jared and shot the ball?" He replayed the events, and I kept nodding, smiling.

Edward drove me home, still talking about the practice. He parked his car in my drive way.

"Goodnight Edward." I kissed his cheek but before I could get out, he grabbed me and brought me back to him and kissed me deeply.

"What was that for?" I asked dazed.

He chuckled. "A thank you. Really Bella, I can't believe you stood up like that for me. The way you supported me...Amazing. I really love you. Thank you." I smiled.

"Anytime." I kissed him softly and pulled back. I opened the car door and we exchanged goodbyes.

"Bella?" I turned around "Remember, you'd be the first one in my credits." He smiled my smile, a breath taking, crooked smile.

I shook my head and laughed silently. I opened the door and went upstairs to my bedroom, Charlie fast asleep.

I laid down on my bed, feeling strange...

Like something bad is going to happen.


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