I wrote this as a follow up to my Connor and Angel one-shot 'A Different Ending'. I recommend you read that before continuing or some things may not make sense. This story will follow the events of Angel season 5 with a different spin on things, mainly Connor and a few different things that I have in mind for later in the story. The story will have an Angel;Connor, Father;Son focus.

Italics are thoughts.
Bold Italics are memories.




Angel collapsed in the chair behind his desk. Dropping his head into his hands, he sighed in frustration. What do I do now? How do I help him?

Lorne stood outside the door looking in on Angel. He had been in his office ever since he returned with the kid hours ago. Angel and Connor had came back to the hotel solemnly and without speaking they both went off to their separate corners. Angel went to his office and Connor, Lorne assumed, to his room. Neither had said a word or resurfaced since.

"Hey Angel cakes. How'd it go with Junior?" Lorne asked stepping into Angel's office.

Angel lifted his head and gave Lorne a pointed look.

Lorne chuckled uncomfortably. "That well eh?"

Angel pushed back from his desk. "I don't know Lorne. Connor...he's in so much pain. How am I supposed to fix this?"

Lorne stared at his fiend sympathetically. Poor guy. He moved to stand by Angel. Lorne placed his hand on Angel's shoulder and spoke. "I can't answer that for you big guy. It will probably be hard and we all know the kid won't make it any easier."

Angel chuckled softly. Wasn't that the truth.

Lorne smiled. "But you'll do it Angel. Your a good father and you love your son."

Angel nodded slowly, processing Lorne's words.

"I'll leave you alone." Lorne moved to the door.

"Lorne..." Angel began.

Lorne looked over his shoulder at Angel.

"Thanks." he finished.

Lorne smiled brightly. "Anytime Angel cakes. It's what I do." Lorne left the office closing the door softly behind him.

Angel let his head fall back against the chair. Staring at the ceiling he thought back on the day and Lorne's words.

Connor shook his head. "We can't start over."

Angel sighed. "I hope your right Lorne. I hope your right."


Fred, Wesley, and Gunn turned to face Lorne as he came out of Angel's office. A silence fell upon them all as they tried to think of something to say.

Gunn broke the silence first. "So...how is he? Did he say anything about the kid and what went down?" he demanded.

Fred jumped at the sound of Gunn's voice, while Wesley just nodded his head and looked expectantly at Lorne.

Lorne shook his head sadly. "He didn't say much. Just that Connor was in pain and he doesn't know how to fix it. It didn't take a song to figure out what he's feeling. Angel's so lost and confused. He has know idea what to do."

Fred's eyes welled up with tears at the thought of Angel hurting so much. And Connor! He's just a kid.

"Yes of course Angel is feeling that way. All he wants to do is help Connor." Wesley broke in.

Gunn rolled his eyes. "Really? Thanks for that new insight into Angel." he bit out sarcastically.

Wesley looked about to respond when Fred broke in.

"Stop it! This isn't the time." she shouted shooting the two of them a reproachful look.

Gunn and Wesley both looked down silently agreeing.

"There isn't much we can do right now. Angel and Connor need space and time to try and work this out. All we can do is give support and be there when they need us." Fred calmly spoke.

"I agree with Fredykins." Lorne said.

Wesley and Gunn both nodded their head in agreement.

The group separated to move to their respective rooms. Fred alone remained in the lobby. She stood in the middle of the room and turned to stare at the door to Angel's office. Slowly she turned to stare at the stairs that led to Connor's room. Fred shook her head sadly at the distance between father and son.

Her last thought before heading off to her own room was how did we get here?


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