Hey everyone!

I'm not sure how many people are actually reading this story but for those of you who are, this is an important message.

For the time being 'Saving Connor' is going to be put on hold. I haven't had the inspiration to sit down and write for this story and believe me I have tried. Everything I write comes out really bad and I don't want to write something bad just for the sake of getting something out there. I'm currently working on another story which i am really comitted to and I have lots of inspiration for. I don't want this story to suffer because my mind is on the other one. So until I can find the inspiration that I once had for this story I will not be posting another chapter.

I'm really sorry to those of you who do enjoy the story and were looking forward to more. I promised myself when I first started writing that I wouldn't be one of those authors who stopped writing a story and now that's exactly what I'm doing. I do plan to come back one day and finish this and hopefully it doesn't take too long but I don't know.

I hope when I do return to this story that there are people still reading it. I had some great ideas for this story and I really hope to be able to get back to them again soon. Please stick with me though and one day you'll get an alert that 'Saving Connor' was updated!

Sorry for my long rant. I'll stop now. Sorry again, and thanks.