A cute little one-shot set 3 months after vampire knight, guilty.

I do not own vampire knight, whether it be the manga or the anime, names and places are purley fictional and do not represent a real person

Everything was dark and the only sound I could hear was Yukki's soft snoring from beside me. It had been 3 months since we had left Cross academy and zero behind, I can tell that Yukki misses her friend greatly but I cannot express the amount of pleasure to know it is my arms she lies in during the day, that it was me she choose to leave with and not him. Rukan had also eventually let go of her feelings for me and has since acknowledged Akatsuki's feelings for her; however it
brings me great sorrow to know that while she no longer harbors feelings for me she has yet to befriend my Yukki.


She had finally gotten past the human thoughts of our love being wrong and agreed to be my lover, this time through her own choice and not through blackmail. While our relationship has not progressed further than a simple kiss and sleeping in each other's arms; that night held great problems for me in terms of my male restraints and I know that if it had not been for Aido knocking on our door I would of lost control completely, and though Yukki has expressed many
times that she does not mind I will not subject her to the life of a mistress.

"What's has Kaname-Sama so lost in thought?" Yukki mumbled tiredly, startling out of my thoughts.

"Ah nothing Yukki, only Yukki who has been running through my mind, your feet must be tired" I mumbled into her ear, nuzzling my face into her neck.


"Humph, only for my lover." I laughed softly and felt her smile softly at my words and press a kiss to my chest.

"Love you, Kaname-Senpai"

"I love you to, Yukki; sleep now, I will look after you, you are safe with me."



I am not chinese/japanese, I do not know the culture or the language so please excuse me if anything is out of place, to be honest I don't know what the ...-senpai or the ...-sama means, i just know that Yukki calls kaname them, yet he never adds them after yukki's name