Vampire knight does not bellong to me, whether it be the anime or the manga. Names and places are purley fictous and do not resemble real people

Thoughts - Ruka
Set 1 week after thoughts - Akatsuki

I glared at Yukki out of the corner of my eye as I saw her jump on Kaname-Sama's back. I sighed and closed my eyes as I heard him laugh and spin her around. What is it that she has that I don't? She's not very pretty, she's not strong and she isn't even that clever; yet both Kaname-Sama AND Kiryuu are completely in love with her, not even Aido has a bad word to say about her.

I hear Akatsuki come up behind me and sigh. I know that I am hurting him yet I cannot help how I feel.

"Kaname-Sama says we are nearly there and we should hurry" I hear him say before moving ahead.

I sigh and look towards Kaname who is laughing at Aido who was getting yelled at by Yukki. As much as I hate to admit it I am glad he has her; I know deep within my heart that I could give him even a fraction of the happiness she has given him.

I stop as I hear Yukki gasp and look up to see where we had ended up and saw an old, abandoned building, looking like it once might have been a house to a wealthy family.

I look round in confusion as I hear Yukki take a deep breath.
"But that's-"

"Our childhood home" Kaname finishes looking down at her and smiling.

Of course, I should gave know where ever we ended up would be for her.

~Story End~


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