This was written for a Watson's Woes LJ community weekend prompt. I liked it so much I decided to post it.



Round and round they went. Holmes evaluated his opponent.

He has good technique; a little rudimentary perhaps, his guard is not the best...

He jabbed out and caught his opponent on his chin just below the moustache. The man backed off just enough to wipe away some blood from a small cut with the cuff of his glove. His hazel eyes flashed bright with challenge renewed.

They circled again.

I wonder why the old boy has yet to hit back; I have tagged him with impunity for the last two minutes? Holmes pondered.

Suddenly he saw the other man drop his left just enough for a straight left hand. Holmes launched the punch, and then...he was roused on the floor with his back to the chair they had displaced when they created their makeshift ring.

Watson's eyes were showing deep concern as he recapped the salts he had been holding under Holmes' nose. "Wha...what happened?" Holmes inquired, feeling his jaw for a dislocation.

Watson smiled his relief apparent. "Sorry old chap, I noticed you are single minded when you attack, so I gave you an opening on the left and took the opportunity that presented itself."

Holmes blinked to clear the haze. "That was one punch?"

Watson gave him a sly wink, "It only takes one, shall we adjourn until you've recovered?"

Holmes shook his head adamantly as he pulled himself to a kneeling position. "You have discovered a weakness in my modus operandi; I insist we continue until we shore it up."


Holmes shook himself to clear the cobwebs. "I really hate the smell of salts!" Watson's chuckle made him glare in the man's general direction.

As soon as he could see straight he would give the man what for!

Notes: Boxing was a sport that was widespread in the British Army. It was a way to train, stay fit, and boosted moral. It is very likely that Watson who had been all over the world to the far corners of the Empire would have been very proficient in it. Holmes never knew what hit him LOL!