A book for the lovesick


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Tama was quietly reading 'The fire within' as he relaxed in his bed.

"Hey, a book!" Someone snatched his book from his hands.

Tama glared at his flame-haired twin. "Taka, give it back!"

"Ah, ah!" Taka held it above his head. "Or I'll burn it." He breathed a small flame, threatening to flame the poor book.

Tama's eyes turned teary as he started to whimper.

Taka lowered the book to the flame.

Tama became angered and stormed past Taka, shoving the twin in the process. "Screw you!"

Taka innocently grinned as the door closed loudly.

Tama stomped into the kitchen, breathing out angry short bursts of fire. He hissed angrily, kicking the fridge. He heard the door to their room close, indicating Taka had left, but instead of finding and attacking his twin, he headed to their room, closed the door, and locked it. He lay on his bed, resuming his interrupted reading, but since he couldn't find the book he had been reading, he settled for a different one.

After a few minutes, someone knocked at Taka's voice said, "Come on! Let me inside."

Tama ignored his twin as he continued to read.

After a few seconds of pleading, Taka was angry that his twin wasn't listening to him, but it also made him slightly worried. "Come on, Tama, let me in! This is stupid! I'm sorry for taking your dumb book!"

There was only silence on the other side.

"Open the damn door, you evil five-year-old Charizard Pokema! Or I'll burn the door down!" Taka kicked the door angrily. After a few minutes of kicking, he gave one more sharp kick before sitting down against the door and looking at Tama's book in his hand. "Moron."

A few seconds passed before the door was unlocked and Tama opened the door.

"Tama!" Taka hopped up.

"I want my book."

Taka handed Tama his book, which was inspected for any damage.

"All right." Tama sighed, when he found no damage. "I forgive you."

"Oh, Ta--" Taka was about to hug Tama, but Tama stopped him.

"And I want to know why you stole my book in the first place."

"Easy. To get more of your attention!"


Owari. More attention...easy way to get it is to steal someone's book.