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Harry James Potter, Wizarding worlds savior and defeater of you-know-who, aka lord Voldemort wanted nothing more than to hide in his room. Preferably in his warm bed as the boys talked about the Tri-Wizard-Tournament taking place at Hogwarts. At 17 he was on the short side standing at 5'4 with long messy black hair that reached his shoulders and piercing emerald green eyes.

"Will you guys shut up?" He grumbled as the boys around him snickered.

"If you don't get up we'll never make it to Brittan and Madam Maxim will only take the girls." A dark skinned male said throwing the blanket off of his best friend whom grumbled but got up. Harry sighed as he stood and dressed. Dissident Lafay was Harry's honorary brother and had been since his family rescued little Harry at the age of ten, it was the only reason Madam Maxim allowed a carrier to sleep in the boy's dorms instead of with the girls or in his own room. The brothers were inseperatable and Dissident, or Dis as his friends knew him, kept Harry's nightmares at bay.

"I'm up." Harry muttered darkly as he went to take a warm shower and get dressed. Together the group made there way down to the pillars in front of the school.

"Harry!" Fleur Delacour shouted coming over to the brothers and bringing a silver dagger embodied with emeralds over. Smiling in thanks at the half veela who was dating his brother he strapped the dagger on and made sure it was concealed. Madam Maxim smiled at them as the three grabbed a carriage.

"How are you doing Flower?" Harry asked batting his eyelashes at his brother's girlfriend and one of his best friends.

"Good morning to you too Grim, Good morning Tiger." Fleur said with a smirk as Dissident kissed her on the cheek.

"So, I hear Madam Maxim almost didn't let the guys come become nobody wanted to wake Grim here up." Fleur, or Flower as she was known by Harry and Dissident, said with a smirk.

"Yep, we had to be noisy just so he wouldn't curse us if we woke him." Dis said smirking at his brother's embarrassment.

"Oh shut up, you two," Harry said

"But oh dear brother Madam Maxim has decided that you should sleep with the girls while at Hogwarts, she deems it inappropriate for you to be with males while at another school." Dis said with a smirk making Flower slap him playfully.

"Stop teasing your brother Tiger or else." Flower said making Harry laugh. With a smile he fell into a peaceful slumber, knowing that Flower and Dis would protect him.

"Wake up Grim, were here." Flower said stroking his hair to wake him. Her voice was gentle as she spoke to him. He woke with a start even after seven years of living with Dis and his parents he still woke up in fear. Flower was the only one whom had ever awoken him without accidentally getting hexed because of the fear. She was his best friend, and soon to be sister.

"I'll never know how you do that." Dis muttered to her as they left the carriage and met the students and staff of Hogwarts. Dis narrowed his eyes at the gleam in the old headmaster's eyes when the man noticed his brother.

"Ah, Harry you have left us all in a stir and worried about you young man. Your aunt was in tears when you ran away." The man said after greeting Madam Maxim.

"That would be the day." Harry said facing Dumbledoor, and its Lafay sir, I did not give you permission to use my first name and you are being disrespectful to not only me but my school, is it not plight to offer us refreshments?" Harry asked with a raised eyebrow and the French students saw the proud gleam in Madam Maxim's eyes.

"Ah, I am sorry Mr. Potter." Dumbledoor said refusing to call Harry by his adopted name.

"Headmistress is perhaps the Hogwarts Headmaster deaf? He seems to think I am Mr. Potter when I have clearly stated I am a Lafay." Harry said turning to his headmistress, false innocence in his eyes. Flower glared at the headmaster as Dis went to stand beside his brother.

"I will be sure to inform our parents of the rudeness you have shown to not only Harry but to our family headmaster, now if you will excuse us we are hungry." Dis said placing an arm around Harry's delicate shoulders. The French seventh years glared at the British headmaster and Flower looked on the verge of murder.

The headmaster left them alone, allowing Minerva to take them to the great hall. Her disapproval was on her face as she sent a silent glare at the headmaster. Not long after the Durmstrang students came piling in army style. Harry's eyes went to a tall man with sharp eyes that smoldered with a fire that sent a chill through Harry.

"Flower love, who's that?" Harry asked his soon to be sister.

"Bulgarian seeker Viktor Krum, he's a seventh year like us." Flower whispered with a twinkle in her eyes.

Dis studied the man his brother had seen and hid a smirk when those sharp eyes went to his brother. That man would do well for Harry, he was strong, the silent type and looked every bit possessive. Yes, Krum would do, and as a carrier Harry would need both strength and brains in his future husband, something Krum seemed to hold.

Viktor was bored as they descended the ship and the stares from the Hogwarts students. He could hear the annoying whispers as they moved into the old castle. They paused in the entry way and that was when he saw her. She was beautiful sitting between a dark boy and a fair veela, she had dark black hair that curled slightly at the ends and eyes like the killing curse, beautiful but deadly. He noticed the weapon attached to her hip, hidden from view to any whom was not looking for it.

He knew then that he had to have her, she and no other would be his wife. When they sat down he noticed one of his friends walk over to the blond veela. His eyes rarely left the beauty and he paid no attention to the dark skinned boy beside her. "Harry Lafay secant son of the Lafay line," Vladimir said from beside him when he saw whom Viktor was looking at, "a carrier if rumor is to be believed and adopted."

"You should have heard him speak to the headmaster, it was too funny." A pale bleach blond boy named Draco Malfoy said from Viktor's other side.

'So the girls actually a boy, and a carrier at that;' Victor thought to himself with a smirk, that was even better news. A smirk covered his lips as he watched his prize, for Harry would be his, Victor would not allow him to belong to anyone else.

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