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The memories tore through the two minds wreaking havoc and causing pain to flit through the two withering figures. "Son he will remember all that was done and Godrick will pay for his sins. Preferably with his life." Dissident stated calmly as he watched his brother. He knew the pain the carrier was going through, for he had faced the same pain when he was…awoken.

"Godrick? You speak as if he is here Salazar." Vlad stated, his voice soothing but there was a sharp coldness to it that did not go unnoticed by any who were listening.

"H…he is." The words came out as a pained groan as Harry moved to sit up a dark fire burning in his deep green eyes. A promise of pain and torture as a shaky hand moved to latch onto him.

"Hegden," The words were a whisper, a silent plea that the identity was not a mistake.

"Welcome back to the land of the living Sargen you have been deeply missed." Elizabeth stated calmly as the dark sharp gaze turned to her. The air cackled with the dark aurar and his icy stare turned to study each face. It felt like he was awaking from a dream only to find he had been drowning and the first touch of air to his lungs was the first sign of reaching the surface.

"How long has it been?" He asked, his voice smooth and tantalizing, not bothering to hide the darkness within it.

"Over a thousand year's brother. We have searched high and low and we knew the moment we found Hegden that would only be a matter of time before we found you again." Elizabeth stated and Viktor sneered at the words.

"I will kill him." The words were spoken as a promise and there was no doubt who he meant.

"Godrick has had years to cultivate an identity, to move in the shadows and to hide his insanity. I doubt not that he knows who I am, and thus he must realize who you are. He may have been a fool but he is still a dangerous enemy." Harry stated with narrowed eyes.

"Who is it Hegden. Who is Godrick parading around as?" Vlad demanded harshly.

"Do you not care to take a gander at the identity? Godrick always did enjoy being the paragon of lite." Harry stated as he moved shakily to his feet.

A frown crossed Dissidents face. "Surely you cannot mean…. I thought it would the boy. He is infatuated with you just like Godrick." He stated and Harry smiled darkly.

"The boy is his puppet, no doubt he taught him to act thus, but no the boy is weak, his magic is weak. Godrick for all of his faults was powerful, that boy could never match Godrick even if he had a thousand years to try." Harry stated his voice held a false calm that barley hid the raging fury that roared in his eyes. "If you are to take him on that it will not be without me Viktor." He stated and got a harsh growl in return for his words.

"Sargen my mate, I was Sargen long before I was Viktor and I will not be called by some wizard's name, not when the only mortals I could stand is standing before me." The words came out like a predatory growl.

A dark laugh of amusement rendered in the thick air. "Sargen." Harry corrected himself. "Tell me, where is my blade or does the fool have my favored weapon?" He asked looking into the eyes of the woman he had seen as a mother for so many long years.

"You know as well as I do that Godrick has it. Yet do not fret my son, I have something to make up for the loss of that blade." Vlad stated as he drew a sword that swirled with black and gray smoke. Harry smiled with satisfaction as he held the blade and heard it singing to his very soul.

"When this is over my love I will have you." Sargen promised darkly as Elizabeth handed him his own sword, kept safe for this very moment.

"We march on the castle!" Vlad called out, his voice oozed with power and danger and he moved, his wife beside him and his sons behind him with their own mates.

The battle was over within moments, the children harshly ripped from their beds and frog marched into the great hall were Vlad sat in the large golden chair. The professor's wands were confiscated as they too were forced to the great hall. The visiting delegations were led in but unlike those of Hogwarts they seemed to hold little fear of the dark creatures, instead they stood by as witnesses.

"What do you think you are doing?" Albus Dumbledore demanded harshly, his blue eyes no longer twinkling as magic gathered and swirled around him in an intimidating manner. There was no doubt as to why he was called the most powerful wizard in the world.

"Taking over your school." Elizabeth stated airily. She smiled a smile of pure amusement. "Why does it look differently from where you stand?"

"What right do you have to take over Hogwarts?" The old man demanded and Harry let out a soft laugh only to stop when Vlad held up his right hand.

"When you threatened to force a love potion on a vampire prince you declared war on the vampire nation. Did you think you would get away with threatening my son and his bonded?"

"This is a school, if you have quarrel with me than let it lay with me, let the children go." Dumbledore stated, his old voice strong as the words were spoken.

"The quarrel we have is with your master Dumbledore. I have no doubt the treacherous man will be here soon enough. The wards have already told him of our coming." Harry stated easily getting a look from his brother.

"Is he not the master? The paragon of the lite, the deceiver and traitor? The murderer himself?" Fleur asked, her voice gentle but mixed with confusion.

"No Flower, he is not although his master no doubt thought it would be believable should we discover he were still alive." Harry stated softly.

"You always were smart Hegden my love." A gruff voice stated from the shadows as the minister of magic stepped forth, an insane glint in his eyes.

"Godrick, how unpleasant. I see the years have not been kind to you." Harry stated as Arthur Weasley let out a gruff laugh and the glamor he had cultivated faded and before them stood the tall muscular form of Godrick Gryffindor. His red hair was mussed and his dark brooding eyes were piercing.

"Still as sharp as ever, I see even death could not curb that silken tongue of yours. Truly I cannot wait to have it in my mouth as you beg for me." He stated with a dark smile on his lips.

"Father, what is going on?" Ron Weasley demanded loudly as he looked between the man and Harry. "Surely you do not wish to bed him? You are married to my mother!" He exclaimed hotly as if to be the voice of reason.

"Yes, Molly, she was a nice body to warm my bed until I could have my carrier. Yet you disappointed me Ronald. How hard is it for you woo the pretty boy, to bring him to me?" He hissed as his eyes flashed dangerously. "No matter he is here now, and dressed so beautifully. You denied me a long time ago and many people died for that mistake, do not make the same foolish choice Hegden. Come to me and pledge yourself to me and I will spare these fools. Do not be the cause of so much death for a second time my love."

"I am not your anything Godrick, I was never your love and you will not place those deaths at my feet. It was you and your men who came here. It was you who killed Sargen and your blade that mortally wounded me. It was your men that killed Rowena and Salazar because you could not let your obsession die." Harry snarled in anger as he pulled his dagger forth and a throaty laugh came from the red headed man.

"So defiant, even now. I always did love that about you my sweet little carrier. I adored the way you tore apart your enemies. They called Salazar the snark lord, but we all know that title belonged to you. You're beautiful when you wild that tongue of yours." He moaned in pleasure.

"Hello Godrick," Dissident stated evenly, drawing the insane gaze to himself.

"Ah, Salazar and Rowena. How pleasant to see you again."

"Murderer." Fleur stated coldly as the man tsked.

"Rowena we all know why you and Salazar had to die, it was you who brought death upon yourself. Surly you must see that. If you had never invited the vampires into our home Hegden would have been mated to me. He would never have challenged me and he would never have died. If anyone is to blame for your death it is yourself."

"Then who is to blame for the slaughter of Hegden Godrick?" Dissident asked harshly. "You ran him through, the man you claim to have loved you murdered."

"Hegden's death was an accident. I would never have killed him if he had not impaled himself foolishly n my sword. Do not try to put his death on me Salazar. I warned you to keep your nosey bride out of my affairs. I warned you that Hegden was mine but you didn't listen. You helped to fill his pretty head with foolish dreams and you paid the price. Do not be stupid enough to do it again. Hand over my carrier and I will let you walk away.

"Your carrier?" Harry hissed as he green eyes flashed dangerously. I am not your anything Godrick Gryffindor!"

"He is mine, he was mine back then and he is still mine." Sargen growled the words out as his eyes bleed to black. He curved his arm to pull Harry to him but his eyes did not leave the man standing before them.

"Then you will die and Hegden will be forced to lie with me. I will not allow him to leave me. Not now, not ever." Godrick snarled as he pulled the blade out of its sheath and ran at Sargen who met his blow even as he released is hold on Harry's small waist. The movements were fluid and graceful, the dance of a skilled fighter.

"Die you abomination!" Godrick barked the words out in fury as he slashed and pivoted, each blow had enough force behind it to land a killing strike.

"I have waited a thousand years for your death wizard. A thousand years to watch you shrivel and die at my hands." Sargen growled lowly. For what felt like hours the two fought as the children huddled in on themselves, their fear evident in the air. Harry gritted his teeth, he wanted to be a part of this battle. He wanted to tear the man apart for what he had done, but he was rooted in place by his brother's strong grip.

Finally Sargen knocked the blade from Godrick's slackened grip, the man's face was twisted with insanity. "Kill me then you fool, I will come back and I will hunt you down. Not even death will stop me from taking what is mine!" He snarled the words out.

"He was mine, always mine Gryffindor, and nothing you can do will ever take him from me. You failed to get him twice now, but I will not let you have another chance. You forget that I was an ancient Vampire back then. I lived for over five thousand years and in that time I have seen more magic than you could ever even hope for." He stated harshly before chanting in Latin "Veneficus of vetus EGO voco thee , hic meus dico audite meus placitum quod take is animus a mihi. EGO accerso thee subvertio ut quod has been infectus per vox quod cupiditas. Vestri parvulus begs pro thee!

(Magic of old I summon thee, here my call hear my plea and take this soul away from me. I call for thee to destroy that which has been corrupted by power and greed. Your child begs for thee!)

Lightning seemed to flash in the sky as magic crackled dangerously and Godrick began to scream. "No! You can't do this! He is mine! Mine! Let me go! Hegden!" The last word was said with fear as those insane eyes looked to the carrier just moments before his body went up in flames and was destroyed by magic.

Silence rendered the hall immobile even as Sargen stood to his full height. After a moment a clap could be heard as Vlad stood from his seat, a look of amusement dancing on his face. "Very well done Sargen, there was a reason you were the head of my wife's guard, and it was not because you were her brother." He stated even as Harry tore himself from Dissidents grip and moved to Sargen's side.

He quickly looked him over before slapping him upside his head. "You foolish man!" He snarled angrily. "What did you think you were doing fighting that bastard by yourself? Did you think what would have happened if you had died, Again!" He moved to slap him again only for his arm to be caught in a firm grip by his mate.

"Yet I am still alive, should I not be rewarded for killing him?" Sargen demanded darkly, his eyes dark with power that had not left him.

"Fool!" Harry snarled as he jerked to get his hand away but the grip did not release on his arm.

"You name me a fool but you led everyone into believing that it was the old man who was Gryffindor, you hid the fact that it was the elder Weasley, but for what reason? You have always been cunning my badger no one would ever argue otherwise." He stated before slamming his lips onto the soft ones before him.

"Will someone explain what just happened?" Dumbledore demanded when Sargen finally released those sweet lips.

"You have not even tried to piece things together have you old man?" Dissident asked with a smirk on his lips. "Allow me to properly introduce my family. My father, King Vlad Dracula, Lord of the vampires. My beautiful mother Elizabeth Dracula née Lafay. My mate Fleur Delacour, but once a long time ago she was known as Rowena Slytherin or Rowena Ravenclaw. My beloved little brother Harry Lafay, also known as Harry Potter, but once long ago he too was known by another name. Hegden Hufflpuff. His mate Viktor Krum." A snarl interrupted him as Dissident turned amused eyes to those of his brother-in-law.

"Better known as Sargen Lafay, the most deadly vampire to have ever walked the earth and brother to the vampire queen. Of course there is also yours truly, Dissident Lafay but I too was once known by another name. Salazar Slytherin and that man who you all witnessed dying was once Godrick Gryffindor."

"Traitor!" Fleur snarled angrily and everyone watched the way the vampire queen's hands fisted in fury.

"I'm afraid he was a bit obsessed with Hegden, destroyed our school and ruined all that we had worked for to get to him, and now we are back. We are the founders of Hogwarts and as such we have come to claim it. Godrick has had free reign for the last thousand years and has destroyed much of what we swore to uphold. As such we will be restoring order to the world. I do not suggest fighting the changes we will make, it will only end in suffering." He stated before turning around to face his father and giving a slight incline of his head.

"Your mother and I will handle this from here my children. Salazar take your mate to your rooms, Sargen make my son rest, no doubt he is riled up from the events of today." Dracula ordered and both men nodded before leading their respective mates away.

The moment they were alone Sargen had every thought but of sleep in his mind. After the battle he wanted nothing more than to reinsert his claim on his small mate. "Father said to sleep." Harry stated as Sargen prowled over towards him, a look of desire in his eyes.


"We will, but not now." He purred dangerously as a shudder went down Harrys back. "Right now I need you spread out on the bed. I want to pound into your sweet body. To make you feel just how much I desire you." He growled the words dangerously as he captured Harry's lips with his own. "You are too sweet for your own good." He grunted when he came up for air, his hands already working to strip the smaller male of his clothes before moving his mouth to suck and bit on the slender neck that looked every bit inviting.

"Viktor!" Harry moaned the word out only for the bit to become painful, punishing.

"Say my name Hegden, say my name like you did the very first time I laid claim to you." He grunted as he moved them to the bed, enjoying the sight of the pale skin revealed to him as he stripped off his own clothes with a heated fury.

"Sargen." Harry breathed breathlessly. The word coming out as a pant. The older male hissed before pouncing on his small lover, moving the slender legs apart and lining himself up with the sweet and tempting hole. He grunted in pleasure as he pushed himself in, unwilling to hold back from taking the smaller male.

"Again." He grunted into Harry's ear. "Say my name again."

"Sargen. Sargen. Sargen." Harry moaned as the man moved in and out, his voice getting louder as the thrusts got faster. He screamed the name until all he could do was plead for more.

End of Lemon!

"Gods you're perfect." Sargen grunted huskily once they were both sated. Their bodies left to cool. He reached out and pulled his small lover close to him, unwilling to release him after everything.

"Perfect? Don't get sappy on me." Harry grumbled as he snuggled into the firm Quidditch toned chest the arms wrapped around him possessively. Within moments he was fast asleep.

Over the course of the next three month Sargen and Harry barely had a moment's peace, apparently taking over a country involved a whole hell of a lot of work. Who knew? Finally the wizarding world was in their grasp, and Lord and Lady Dracula both were ready to leave.

"There is only one more thing we would like to do before we leave you to the running of Britain." Elizabeth stated as she looked at the two sets of mates, Dissident had a firm grip on Fleur and Harry was wrapped protectively within Sargen's strong grasp. The nights wind swept through their cloaks but none seemed to notice it as the moon shinned upon them in an illuminating glow.

"What might that be mother?" Harry asked as he tilted his head to the side.

"We wish to turn you, Sargen was a vampire for many more years than he has ever been a human and I am sure he misses this life, even if having you in his arms makes up for it. I had hoped to wait until you were at least thirty, but I am afraid that your father and I have agreed that you are well and truly old enough to make the choice.

Harry couldn't help but to smile before he shook his head. "A carrier cannot be a vampire mother. Our bodies are made to change in order to bare children." He stated as a pained look crossed Sargen's handsome face.

"If my mate wishes to remain mortal than so shall I." He stated as he turned his gaze to Harry who shook his head.

"You cannot tell me that you do not miss being a vampire you foolish man. My lifespan will be that of yours, so if it is your wish to become what you were than be my guest, I will not die and leave you alone if that is your fear. I will stop ageing when you do, but my body will still be able to bare children, and I want children." Harry snorted as if amused.

"As if I would ever allow you to leave me." Sargen grunted as Harry rolled his eyes.

"You won't be happy as a mortal, and I will not spend the rest of my life hearing you whine about being a wizard." Harry stated and after a moment Sargen looked up and nodded.

"What say you my heir?" Dracula asked of his son who smiled and both Fleur and him gave a nod in agreement.

"Now that that is settled I should probably inform you that I'm pregnant. Have fun." Harry stated as he swiftly steeped from Sargen's arms and headed towards the castle, he did have a detention to oversee. He silently pondered if he should make the foolish child polish his weapons by hand.


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