He remembered how she first arrived.

But it had been a huge, yet fantastic mistake. For, if it wasn't for that mistake, they would never had found her.

They had been on the Santa Carla Boardwalk that evening, as they were every evening. David, Marko, Paul and Dwayne parked their bikes in the lot of the amusement park when a trio of two boys and a girl approached them.

David instantly recognized the males. He was Simon, the leader of the local chapter of Surf Nazis. The other was his right hand man, Tony, silent as always. Their dyed blond hair, and tanned physiques gave that away, not to mention his various run-ins with him. The girl on Simon's arm was obviously his date, for Simon didn't have any girl friends.

"This is our turf, Davey." He sneered. David winced at the name and Simon caught that. "Come on, Davey. Move it!"

David got off his bike, his boys behind him for back up. "You and what army, Simon? You seem outnumbered right now, and I," He gestured to his group, "Am not. So, care to rephrase?"

Simon looked them over, and then to David. "Watch your step, Davey." He turned to leave. The three of them got into a cherry red vista cruiser and drove off.

Paul snickered behind him, clapping him on the shoulder. "Now or later? I'm starving!"

David held up a hand, watching it pull away and begin to drive off, "Wait…." The car went around the corner and disappeared. He dropped his hand. "Now, we fly."

They looked up and took off. David always enjoyed flying more than riding. Riding had it's perks but flying was more natural for them. They were unnatural, anyway, so why should they hide it.

The car, a red dot now, drove on. They followed, silently, as hunters after their prey did. It went to the cliff side notoriously known as a make out spot and stopped.

The four boys smiled evilly to each other before vamping out. David felt the power of natural coursing through his veins as he spiraled down to his targets.

Marko and Dwayne grabbed the top of the car and ripped it off as if it were a sardine can. David grabbed the driver, Simon, by the throat and ripped arteries to feast.

Life pumped out of Simon into him. His screams of agony turned to gurgles, then silence as the others fed as well. He wiped his face on the sleeve of his leather jacket. "Delicious!" He remarked, looking down at his handiwork.

He jumped out, about to let them destroy the scene by pushing the car off the side when a noise stopped him. It sounded like wailing. A child was wailing.

At first, he thought it was rubber squealing when Marko starting yelling, "Whoa! Whoa! David! David!" In a panicked tone that struck fear for the first time ever since he became a vampire.

David sprang out to where he was in the very backseat of the station wagon. Paul had a bundle of blankets, no bigger than a loaf of bread, in his arms. The sound admitted from inside.

"It was back here. I think we woke it up. Something's wrong with it." He extended the bundle up to him, carefully supporting it in a way that said exactly what was wrong.

He took it from him. Inside was a baby. It was a beautiful child, that was for sure. Paul was right though, there was something wrong with it. It had white hair and two little rubies peered out where the eyes should have been.

"It's an Albino." He pulled down the blanket to see a tiny pink shirt. "She's albino. It's a baby girl. Anything thing to identify who her parents are?"

Dwayne shook his head. "No, but the girl kept trying to lay on top of it to protect it. I think it might have been theirs."

The child looked up at them and gurgled sweetly. Her little hand reached out and grabbed the lapel of David's jacket before closing her little eyes to sleep.

Paul's eyes were wide. "Oh my god! We orphaned her! David, what do we do?" His voice almost reached hysteria before David struck him in the abdomen with his free hand.

"We're going to Max. He'll know what to do."

Marko and Paul flew to the bikes, then rode to Max's store. The entire time, the little girl slept inside David's jacket, perfectly content.


Max was behind the counter dealing with a woman and her two little boys. He pointed to the rows of videos. The lady looked at the boys and all but ran, dragging her children behind her.

Max looked at them and his eyes were furious. "I thought I told you not to come around here anyway. You're scaring away my customers!"

"Save it!" David snarled. "We have an emergency!"

Max's eyes fell to the bulge in David's jacket. "What kind of emergency?" He looked around the store. "Where are the rest of the boys? Come to the stock room." Marko and David followed him to the back where he kept all the extras. He slammed the door shut behind them.

"What is the meaning of this? What's going on?" He demanded, taking his fatherly pose of his hands on his hips. "Where are the others?"

"They're cleaning up the crime scene. We had some trouble with the Surf Nazis. We thought we'd teach them a lesson…" Marko explained the entire story as David tried to stay still for the baby's sake. He didn't want to wake her.

"So you orphaned an innocent child?" Max's voice was more appalled and ashamed than any other time David had ever heard it. "I am ashamed of you. Who killed the parents?"

Marko hung his head. "We don't know. Dwayne and I shared the girl, Paul had Tony, and David had Simon. So we don't know who killed the parents because we don't know who they were. She doesn't look like any of them."

Max paced for a moment, his face in his hands. Then he stopped. He extended his arms to David. "May I see her? Just for a moment."

David unzipped his jacket. The child began to fuss as he took her out of her warm haven but Max began to sooth her back to sleep.

"She's albino?" David nodded. "She's an oddity, like all of us." He cradled her for a few more minutes before returning her to David's jacket. He fished in his wallet and retrieved a wad of bills. He placed it in his palm.

David stared at the wad of cash. "What's this for?

"Go to the Baby's –R-Us . Get as many diapers, Formula, bottles, and clothing that that amount can get you. She's your responsibility now."

"WHAT?!" David yelled. The child woke and began to wail. Marko took her from him as he rounded onto Max. "We can't take care of a kid! We can barely take care of ourselves!"

"You should have thought about that before you orphaned her." Max smirked. He opened the door. "Now, leave. The sun should be coming up soon so I'd hurry if I were you."