Ten years later

Lily slide across the counter surface airily to get to the mini-fridge. She grabbed a handful of popsicles from the fridge and began tossing them over her shoulder, knowing full well that they would be caught before they hit the ground.

The Gang was still in Santa Carla. Every now and then, people would come to see the hotel. It was deemed incapable of use and possibly haunted. Lily never grew, obviously. She didn't look a single day over seventeen. She didn't sleep with the boys either. David and her slept in the hammock. David did it to make her happy whilst Lily like sleeping like a human better than a Vampire.

"Lemon for Marko, Orange for Dwayne, Green for Paul, Blue for David," She grabbed the last one, "And Cherry for yours truly." She undid the wrapper and popped it in her mouth.

David's chin was at her shoulder, his arms around her waist. His breath tickled her ear. "But I don't like Blue." He teased. "I like cherry."

"Since when?" She asked with raised eyebrows. He took it from her and popped it in her own mouth, grinning evilly as he did so. She stood up, her hands on her hips. He moved away, devilishly.

"Since now." He teased. He tossed her the blue popsicle. "Here, have mine."

She tossed it back. "I don't like blue, David."

"Since when?"

"Since now." She leapt into the air and David caught her easily. He kissed her hard as they collided onto the couch together. David held her closer as her arms went around his neckā€¦.


They stopped and saw Paul, Marko, and Dwayne across the room. Paul spoke up, his arms crossed. The other two followed the suit.

"Okay, it's been ten years. We understand that you're in love and all that crap but this is getting a little old, agreed?"

David and Lily both laughed as he stood up, taking her with him. He kept his arm loosely around her waist as they flew out into the night.

A party of tourist/wannabe surfers were having a party down by the beach. David could hear Lily whisper, "Have they been drinking? I love it when they drink!" He had to chuckle to himself when he heard that. That was the Marko in her.

They attacked with full force. The group members ran and screamed like children but they caught them all in the end. David watched Lily bite into the neck of her victim and was satisfied that he had taught her well.

Lily liked the feel of blood down her throat. It was sweeter and more satisfying than anything she ever had in her human life. It wasn't murder like others thought, it was survival. The fountain of youth in a way, really. Blood kept them alive and well, never knowing fear or pain. That suited her just fine.

She fell onto the sand, completely satisfied. David laid down next to her, kissed her neck, and played with her soft, snow white hair.

"I love you, Lily Red." He murmured into her ear. She closed her eyes, enjoying the moment. She curled up next to him, her head on his chest.

"I love you, David. Forever."

"Forever. Nothing will tear us apart."


The end people! Sequel in the works but I have to watch the Lost Boys: The Tribe first. But remember, Sequel is coming! Until them, I am your humble Lord of the Breakdance.