Tempus Viator

Chapter 1

"Here Naruto, wear this."

"A Fox Anbu mask?" Naruto asked in confusion, "But why Sakura-chan?"

"Baka just do it," Sakura slipped her own Fox Anbu mask over her face. She tilted her head as she looked at Naruto through the slits of her mask. She had her arms crossed over her chest and her right index finger was impatiently tapping her left elbow as she waited for him to don his own mask.

Naruto watched her in curiosity and sighed before hiding behind his mask. He realized that Sakura had then stepped up to him and was standing beside him. Both stood on top of the Yondaime's head as they overlooked Konoha. His left arm snaked around her delicate waist and pulled her closer. The two looked at each other, Fox mask facing Fox mask, and Naruto knew that a small playful smile was on not only his face but hers as well.

"You know I love you Naruto?"

"Of course I do Sakura-chan," Naruto pulled her closer to him. "I love you more though."

A light chuckle escaped from behind Sakura's Anbu mask, "Baka!"

"Yo Kyuubi, we're ready bro."

Naruto didn't look behind him, instead he studied Sakura's mask and tried to imagine her delicate facial features, her soft jade green eyes that sparkled alive each time he looked into them, her soft playful smile that crossed her pink lush lips, and her beautiful pink hair that she had grown out over the years. He tilted his head as he remembered Sakura as a Genin and as a teenager as Tsunade's apprentice, and he couldn't believe how much those two versions of her had changed so much. Before him stood a cherry blossom at full bloom and he couldn't get enough of her.

Sakura realized that something was off, so she removed her mask and did the same to Naruto's, "What's wrong Naruto?"

"Thank you Sakura-chan, for everything."

Another soft smile graced Sakura's face and she pulled him down and they shared a brief yet passionate kiss. "You don't have to thank me. I love you and I wouldn't let you do this by yourself."

Naruto chuckled and nervously scratched his head. "You know Sakura-chan, I am afraid that I might fail, that I might screw this up."

Sakura looked incredulous, "What, why? You will do fine Naruto-kun."

"I know but I can't seem to shake the feeling that I could mess up and end up making everything worse," Naruto admitted as his blue eyes clouded over with worry as he turned back to look out over Konoha and he sighed.

Sakura followed his gaze briefly. "That's why I am coming with you. To make sure you don't fuck up," a playful smirk lightened her face and Naruto couldn't help but grin.

The sun was just barely rising over the green sea of trees that surrounded Konoha and Naruto took one last look over their village. He pulled Sakura into a complete embrace and muzzled his face into her neck.


"Yes Naruto-kun?" She whispered lowering her affectionate voice down to his whisper. "What is it?"

"When this is over," Naruto started and hesitated. "Let's settle down together."

Sakura smiled and her eyes moistened, "Let's do that Naruto."

"Are you two done? We're waiting here and are all set to go."

Naruto and Sakura pulled apart and both quickly looked at each other and smiled, "We're coming."

"Seriously KB," Naruto muttered as he and Sakura slipped their masks back over their faces. "You seriously need to get laid."

"If you say so," Killerbee replied and turned walking deeper onto the Hokage plateau towards a small group of close friends and comrades.

Naruto's and Sakura's hands intertwined and they walked off the Yondaime's head and turned their back on Konoha as they followed Killerbee to the small gathering of shinobi.

"Naruto take care of yourself," Gaara stepped forward and clasped hands with Naruto. "Don't forget, we are all waiting here for your return. You are strong and I know if anyone can make this possible, you're the one."

"Thanks Gaara and I trust you and KB will protect everyone while I am gone."

Gaara nodded and stepped aside to let others say their farewell.

"Kyuubi!" Killerbee muttered and bowed his head in respect. "I'll make sure there is a Konoha for you to return to."

"Thanks Hachibi," Naruto bowed and showed his respect by calling Killerbee by the name of the demon that was imprisoned inside the Kumo ninja. "And get laid already."

"And you take care of the demon lord Sakura," Killerbee replied ignoring Naruto's playful jab. He looked behind him at an intricate design of seals and arrays. "I think it's time that we start. Hachibi is growing anxious."

"Right," Naruto and Sakura said together and stepped into the center of the design, while still holding hands. "Thanks for all of your help."

"It's the least we could have done for you," Gaara replied and took his own position.

"Now prepare yourselves," Killerbee said and took his position on the other side of the array, exactly across from Gaara. Fifty other shinobi took their own positions; each spread out and combined into various groups that were laid out by complicated chakra sealing ink. Their positions and the connecting seal lines were creating different geometric shapes that ranged from simple pyramids, squares and circles to a complicated design of a massive seal.

"Ok we are ready," Gaara muttered in concentration as he, Killerbee, and the other fifty shinobi started gathering chakra and pushed it into the seal. "Now it's up to you two to start it up and remember that your anchor point is the Hokage plateau. When you return, we will await you here. Don't forget, you only have ten days until the Kyuubi attack on Konoha."

"Right," Naruto said and looked at his lover and partner, "Ready?"

Sakura nodded and began to collect her own chakra. "Ready when you are Naruto-kun."

Naruto closed his eyes in concentration and waited as he continued to pull on his and the Kyuubi's chakra and collected it in his hands. "Let's do it Sakura-chan."

Both Naruto and Sakura instantly flashed through the exact same hand seals and in perfect sync, they both slammed their hands down onto the seal. The black seal turned Kyuubi red and slowly started humming as the red light it emitted turned more intense and slowly changed over to a blinding white. Naruto quickly pulled Sakura into his arms and whispered, "I love you Sakura-chan. Never forget that."

And the world around both shinobi suddenly turned pitch black. Naruto and Sakura found themselves in each other's arms and were floating through the ocean of black and neither spoke. Their short breathing and fast beating hearts were the only noise that they could hear and offered them reassurance that they had not died. After several minutes of silence and continued blackness, Naruto muttered. "I think we messed up."

"Naruto," Sakura said in a scolding voice but Naruto could hear the fear and doubt in her murmur. "Concentrate on where we have to go."

An ear popping explosion suddenly shook the dark abyss that Naruto and Sakura were drifting in.

"Naruto get ready, I think we're about to…" Her panicky voice never finished when suddenly their weightless bodies became heavy and the blackness turned to a brilliant white. Their bodies slammed into something hard and as both moaned in pain, blackness took them again as they fell unconscious.


"What are you thinking Old Man?"

"I am uncertain Hokage-dono. The appearance of these two shinobi is a mystery to me," a familiar old voice rumbled. "What are your thoughts Hokage-dono?"

"I am uncertain as well Hiruzen," the first voice rumbled in thoughtful hesitation. "What do your former students have to say about these two? They were the ones that found them."

"They are as puzzled as we are and as curious. Jiraiya especially has been busy going over our records, looking for a way to identify them. I quote him by saying that this is one of the most beautiful women he had ever laid his eyes upon and is only second to Tsunade-hime." The old voice chuckled before continuing, "Tsunade, however, has drawn in on herself and I think it has something to do with the young man but she wouldn't tell me what disturbed her."

"What strange masks," the first person muttered as he fingered the two porcelain Fox Anbu masks in his hands. "I am certain that Konoha Anbu do not use Fox masks, but here we have two lying in front of us. I had them checked and the clay and material composition is one hundred percent Fire Country material. And they are secretly marked the same way as our masks are. Everything points to the fact that these two Fox masks are Konoha issued Anbu masks, yet the identity of these two shinobi is still a mystery to me. Even their hitai-ate are Konoha issued but that doesn't necessarily mean much."

"True, they could have taken those off a pair of dead Leaf shinobi," the other male answered. "I think I should pressure Tsunade and get her to tell me why she is acting this way. And with your permission Hokage-dono, I will recall our advance Anbu guards in case of potential trouble."

The Hokage flashed through several hand signs and the room was briefly bathed in a pale blue. "Of course Old Man, now, what do you really think?"

Sarutobi Hiruzen smiled and looked at the other man in the room, "Hokage-dono you surprise me with each passing day."

"Please just call me Minato. We both carry the title of Hokage and you are senior in experience and age… Minato will do just fine."

Sarutobi chuckled, "Still the same honest young man that you were since I met you." Sarutobi's gaze shifted to the two sleeping shinobi in front of him and the Hokage. "The woman bears the symbol of the Haruno but I checked our records and there hasn't been a Haruno shinobi in two decades. A shame really because they were gifted in the arts of genjutsu."

"So what does this mean? Is she an imposter?"

The sound of a small puff could be heard as Sarutobi sucked on his pipe. A small smile spread across his face, "That is an interesting question. Why don't we ask her, she has been awake for a while after all?"

"What?" Minato froze in shock as he looked at the sleeping pink haired woman. "How do you know? The heart rate monitor and other instruments clearly show that she is still sleeping."

"Minato, I believe this young woman is not only gifted in genjutsu but also in the medical ninja arts. I saw how she was doing several hand signs as our backs were turned towards here. I barely caught the delicate movements out of the corner of my eyes and was biding my time whether you realized what she had done. And fooling medical equipment is an easy task for a skilled shinobi, let alone a medic-nin."

Sarutobi smiled as he saw the stern look on the Hokage, "Minato do not be troubled. I would have missed the genjutsu as well had I not seen her movement. Nobody would suspect being exposed to a genjutsu at a hospital. Isn't that so young lady?"

Sakura canceled the genjutsu and were once were her eye lids, a pair of jade green eyes was staring at the two men in the room. She pushed herself up from the pillow and smiled sheepishly, "You always were observing Hokage-sama and I am sorry to have deceived you." Her eyes wondered over to the other man standing before her and her eyes widened slightly in shock before watering. "I can't believe it, Naruto looks just like his father."

Both Minato and Sarutobi frowned as Sakura began to tear up and Sarutobi walked closer, "Miss is everything alright?"

Sakura nodded as she rubbed the tears out of her eyes, "I am sorry Hokage-sama. I am alright and please call me Sakura."

Sarutobi flashed her a caring smile and saw how her brilliant green eyes kept glancing over towards Minato. Hiruzen cleared his throat to get her attention, "So Sakura, yours and your friend's arrival has caused us quite some worry. Would you be so kind to give us your names and tell us where you are from, and also explain to us how you two got hold of Leaf hitai-ate as well as Anbu masks that Konoha doesn't use, yet are Konoha masks?"

"I-I, I don't know if that is such a good idea," Sakura murmured apologetically. "Naruto and I…"

"Did you say Naruto?" Minato spoke and Sakura flinched at the cold calculating voice.

"Yondaime-sama is a bit scary," Sakura thought as she studied the tall blonde's face that was the Yondaime Hokage.

"Yes I did. Naruto and I, we are both from Konoha but…" Sakura stopped talking as she turned inward trying to find the proper words. Her mind kept screaming at her to shut up and bide her time so she and Naruto wouldn't accidentally reveal too much of the future and unknowingly change it.

"But what?" Minato Namikaze asked and stepped closer.

"Minato please, you're frightening the poor girl." Sarutobi said and placed a reassuring hand on Sakura's shoulder. "Sakura please, we have to know."

Sakura looked back and forth between the Sandaime and the Yondaime, unsure of what to do. Her head lowered in shame and she mumbled, "I am sorry Hokage-sama but I can't. It's too dangerous, the implications of telling you everything, the damage I could do… hell, technically Naruto and I shouldn't even be here. This isn't our time and…" Sakura stopped abruptly realizing what she had said. Her frightened eyes looked up at Sarutobi and Minato and saw on both of their faces a thoughtful look.

"Damnit Sakura, you're an idiot," she berated herself and sighed in defeat.

She was startled when Sarutobi patted her shoulder and gave her a sense of security. "It's quite alright. Let's not speak of this matter anymore. It appears your friend Naruto is waking up as we speak."

Sakura looked over to her right and saw Naruto lying in a bed next to her. He was slowly mumbling something to himself as he started tossing and turning. "Hmmm Sakura-chan, no, not there… ah yes Sakura-chan that's the spot…"

"N-N-Naruto," Sakura stammered her face heating up in shame as she heard Sarutobi's soft chuckles.

"Oooohh Sakura-chan…" Naruto mumbled as he started drooling into the pillow that he had started hugging. "Oh yes, Sakura-chan bathing in Ramen… of course I'd love to join you Sakura-chan…"

"UZUMAKI NARUTO!" Sakura screamed and shot out of her bed like a crazed woman.

Eyes were wide in surprise as Sarutobi and Minato watched in shock as Sakura cocked back her fist and pummeled Naruto through the floor in one solid swing. Breathing heavily with furious eyes, Sakura stood panting at the edge of the hole that she had punched Naruto and his bed through.

"Ne Sakura-chan," Naruto whined from the floor below. "What did I do?"

"You idiot," Sakura huffed as she looked down the hole. "Get back up here, there is someone to see you and Naruto-kun," Sakura smiled. "It worked."

"Yatta!" Naruto yelled and jumped up through the hole and landed next to her. Instantly pulling her into an embrace and twirling her around in circles. Sakura laughed happily and for a moment both had forgotten about the two Hokages standing in their hospital room.

A cough brought them back to reality and Sakura blushed when she remembered that she wasn't alone. She playfully slapped Naruto's shoulder to get his attention since he still spun her happily, "Naruto-kun."

"What is it Sakura-chan?" He asked as he stopped spinning and lovingly looked into her deep green eyes. He blinked when he suddenly realized something was going on, "Huh? Where are we?"

"You're in the Konoha hospital," an unfamiliar voice behind Naruto spoke up and Naruto instantly groaned.

"I hate waking up in this place."

Sakura giggled, "Naruto I think you should turn around."

"What is it Sakura-chan?" Naruto asked and slowly turned around as he was told. His eyes widened in shock and his knees threatened to buckle when his vision fell upon his father. "Y-Yondaime Hokage… f-f…"

"Naruto no," Sakura interrupted him before he could reveal delicate information that might mess up the timeline. She saw his hurt expression and she hugged him, "Naruto please. You can't, I am sorry but you can't."

"I-I understand," Naruto mumbled dejectedly and he affectionately rubbed her arm. "I am sorry Sakura-chan."

"So, Uzumaki Naruto was it?" Sarutobi spoke up as he saw Minato's face contort in confusion and watched the Yondaime Hokage drift away in his thoughts. "You are quite the energetic young man and sure can take a beating," Sarutobi chuckled as he stood at the edge of the hole and peered down. "I am just glad that nobody was inside that room to get hurt."

"O-old Man," Naruto stuttered at hearing and seeing the Sandaime Hokage. Naruto hesitantly walked out of Sakura's embrace and pulled Sarutobi into a bone crushing hug, "I missed you Hokage-jiji."

Startled, Sarutobi relaxed in Naruto's embrace and comforted the man but definitely did not understand a thing. "Everything is alright Naruto but I am afraid you have me at a slight disadvantage here because I have absolutely no idea who you are my boy."

Naruto pulled back and looked at the aging Hokage and smiled, "Ah that's right, I forgot."

"Naruto," Sakura spoke up and pulled him aside. She lowered her voice in a whisper, "Naruto we have to tell them something. We have to make them believe that we're not enemies. But I am not sure if we should tell them everything."

Naruto nodded and looked up from where he and Sakura stood and watched how Sarutobi and his father both studied him and Sakura. "I think we should tell them."

"I-I don't know Naruto," Sakura muttered weakly. "I am afraid we could change something and end up screwing up."

"But without their help we won't be able to do what we came here to do."

"I know," Sakura admitted knowing the dilemma they found themselves in. "Maybe, yes, I think I have an idea Naruto."

Sakura turned around and smiled innocently, hoping that neither the Sandaime nor Yondaime would become too suspicious. "Hokage-sama, we will tell you everything that we can possibly share that will hopefully proof that we are friends of Konoha and mean no harm. It will also explain how you found us and what we need to do here."

Sarutobi and Minato both looked at each other and Minato nodded. Sarutobi smiled, "Excellent Sakura and thank you for putting your trust in us."

"But it comes at a cost," Sakura quickly interrupted. She saw Sarutobi's face darken, "I am sorry Hokage-sama but what we have to tell you can never be repeated. You can't share this information to anyone, not with the council, not with your teammates, or your former team, and lastly," Sakura hesitated and took an uneasy look at the Yondaime. "And you can't tell your significant other either."

Sakura saw the eyes of the Yondaime narrow dangerously and she took a step backwards. "I know it's a secret," she continued while looking at the Yondaime "But the two of you will understand once we have gotten the chance to explain everything. I have two questions to ask right now though."

"Ask," Minato said in his cold calculating tone that made Sakura to worry.

Sakura glanced at Naruto briefly and saw his own shock hidden behind his usual mask of a stupid grin and swallowed her fear away. "We need to know today's date and whether his," Sakura pointed at the Yondaime. "Precious person is pregnant?"

The Yondaime's eyes flared up in anger and before Sakura knew it, she was pinned against the wall of the room with a kunai against her throat and Minato Namikaze asked dangerously, "How do you know these things? Explain quickly before I decide to end your life right now."

"I-I am sorry Yondaime-sama," Sakura gurgled as the hand around her throat tightened. "I will explain everything but rest assured that your secret is safe with me."

"And why should I trust you?" Minato growled and pressed the kunai further against her skin drawing an inkling of blood.

"Because if you don't," Naruto growled and raised his upper lip baring his teeth. "I will hurt you, even if it pains me to say this. But I will not let anyone harm Sakura-chan."

Minato's head dangerously moved to the side to look at Naruto and his eyes widened again when he saw an all too familiar sphere rotating in Naruto's right hand. Out of shock, Minato let go of Sakura and the pink haired kunoichi dropped to the floor in a coughing heap.

"N-Naruto," Sakura coughed and wheezed as she pulled air into her lungs while applying healing chakra to her strained throat. "Naruto-kun it's ok. I expected as much."

Naruto growled and stopped his chakra flow to his hand and the Rasengan fluttered out of existence. Naruto pushed past his father in anger and lowered himself down to Sakura and picked her up into his arms. "Sakura-chan, are you alright?"

"I am fine Naruto and thanks but you shouldn't have. The Yondaime would never have hurt me."

"Precisely Sakura-san," Sarutobi spoke up and walked over to his fellow Kage. Sarutobi placed a reassuring hand on Minato's shoulder, "Minato why don't you go home for a bit. Let me talk to these two and I'll inform you of everything. There is no need for both of us to be here right now."

"As you wish Old Man," Minato said and cast a cold calculating glance at Naruto, Sakura, and the hole in the floor. "You two have a lot of questions to answer. Don't get comfortable, I will see you soon."

With those cold words, the Yondaime Hokage walked out of the hospital room and was gone. Naruto's face instantly turned to a sad frown and Sakura placed a loving hand on his cheek knowing how Naruto must feel. "I am sorry Naruto-kun."

"Don't be Sakura-chan it's not your fault."

"And to answer your other question Sakura-san, today is the first of October." Sarutobi answered and both Sakura and Naruto shared a terrified look knowing what would happen in nine days.

"What, did I say something wrong?" Sarutobi asked puzzled at seeing the two share a feared look. But before they could answer the door to their room flew open.

"What the hell is going on in my hospital? And who is responsible for that hole?" Tsunade rushed in, her eyes blazing in fury. Tsunade stopped short when her eyes settled on a smiling Sarutobi, "Sarutobi-sensei my apologies."

Sarutobi laughed, "It's quite alright Tsunade and everything is under control."

"Um, excuse me Tsunade-sama," Sakura spoke up weakly and bowed. "I am sorry but I guess I was a little angry when I punched Naruto earlier."

"What?" Tsunade muttered and looked at the pink haired woman in confusion and then at the laughing blond behind her. "You're the two Jiraiya and I found lying unconscious on the Hokage plateau are you not?"

"Eh," Sakura and Naruto looked at each other before looking at Sarutobi, who nodded. "Yes that was us. Thanks for taking care of us Tsunade-sama."

"Hn," Tsunade said and walked over to the hole and whistled. "And you said you punched him through the floor? How much chakra did you use and where did you learn it? And how come he is still walking?"

"Um, yes I did and I hardly used any chakra to be honest and well I learned this technique from my sensei. And the idiot is still walking because he has a thick skull and is used to it by now."

Naruto chuckled and snaked his arms around Sakura's waist and pulled her closer to him, so he could rest his head on top of Sakura's. "Aw Sakura-chan, you're making it sound like I am an idiot and get punched through walls all the time."

Tsunade studied the two for a minute. "Who did you say taught you this technique? What was your sensei's name?"

"I am sorry Tsunade-sama but I can't tell you." Sakura said and winced at seeing her teacher's frown deepen further and darker.

"I see," Tsunade muttered and her eyes fell upon the grinning Naruto. "And you… Naruto is it? Care to explain how you've gotten hold of that pretty necklace of yours?"

"Oh you mean the Sho…," Naruto answered before being silenced by Sakura with a jab from her elbow into his gut and a stern look. "Oh it was a present from someone very important to me."

"Interesting," Tsunade muttered and narrowed her eyes. She walked back towards the door and turned one last time, "Sarutobi-sensei I expect the Hokage's office to pay for that damage. And you two," Tsunade said and pointed at Naruto and Sakura. "Don't just leave Konoha without saying good bye first. There is something I need to discuss with the both of you."

"It appears you two just made your first enemy in Konoha," Sarutobi chuckled after Tsunade had stormed out of the room and Naruto and Sakura sweat dropped. "Well, why don't you two follow me to somewhere quieter so we can start that talk?"

Naruto and Sakura nodded and Naruto let go off Sakura as he looked for their ninja gear and clothes. "Um Old Man, where are our things? I only see our masks here."

"You will receive your things once we had our talk and the Hokage and I deem you are not a threat. For now just please put on these Anbu uniforms since I have a feeling those Fox masks have a purpose… could it be so that nobody would recognize you?" Sarutobi said and unsealed a pair of Anbu uniforms and handed them to both Naruto and Sakura.

Naruto frowned, "Truthfully Old Man, I have no idea. It was Sakura-chan's idea."

Sakura nodded, "Yes Hokage-sama, these masks are to hide our identities from unwanted eyes and I think you and the Yondaime Hokage will agree once you get to hear our story."

"Alright, I can live with that for now. Now if you please would change, I'll be waiting outside in the hallway." Sarutobi made to walk out but stopped several feet in front of the door and turned around. "About those masks, where did you get them?"

Naruto looked at Sakura and she shrugged with his shoulders. He turned back towards Sarutobi and answered, "Konoha."

"Very interesting," Sarutobi muttered and looked thoughtful for a second as he puffed on his pipe. He looked back up and smiled, "Well whatever, just follow me."

"Lead the way Hokage-sama," Sakura said and she and Naruto fell in step behind Sarutobi. Both painfully aware of the Anbu trailing them and the questioning stares they were receiving from the villagers as Sarutobi lead them towards the Hokage office.


"Look at those two. Are they the Sandaime's new personal guards?"

Naruto and Sakura were sharing some uncomfortable silent looks through their masks as they followed the Sandaime through the village that they called home and listened to the people around them talk in hush conversations.

"Look at that pink hair…it's atrocious. How can a self respecting shinobi have such a disgusting hair color? Let alone an Anbu, aren't they suppose to be the elite?"

"Sakura-chan," Naruto whispered very quietly so only she could hear.

"Naruto it's alright," her hand took his and she affectionately gave it a squeeze. "This isn't the first time I've been hearing these things from the villagers. My odd hair color has always been the center of insults that were directed at me… and my overly large forehead."

Naruto returned her hand squeeze, "I love your hair. It makes you unique and your forehead is the perfect size too. Sakura-chan, you're the most beautiful woman in all of Konoha."

"Thanks Naruto-kun," Sakura whispered back as they continued to follow the Sandaime.

"Are you seeing that? They are holding hands."

"What? Anbu aren't supposed to show emotions… do they?"

"Are those masks new? They look scary."

"Kids don't you dare run up to them, they might be dangerous."

Sakura heard a small sad sigh escape from Naruto, "It's funny how they are afraid of me and they don't even know who or what I am yet."

"Naruto," Sakura sadly whispered his name.

"Sakura-chan I am fine. Just like you, I got used to being stared at, avoided, and talked down upon."

"You know Naruto-kun it is weird being home yet at the same time know that this isn't really home." Sakura muttered quietly and tightened her hold on Naruto's hand.

Sakura suddenly bumped into someone and almost fell over had Naruto not steadied her. She mumbled a quick apology before she stepped around the person not giving him a second glance or worry until a young voice spoke up, "How dare you walk into me woman. Apologize properly or do you not know who I am?"

"I am sorry what?" Sakura asked stunned and turned around. Her eyes widened behind her mask and she took a frightened step backwards. "Naruto," she softly called out to him, her voice laced with fear and panic.

"I am here Sakura-chan, what is it?"

A trembling hand rose as she pointed a finger at the young boy standing before her. Naruto followed her arm and finger and his eyes narrowed in anger as a low growl erupted from his throat, "Uchiha!"

"That's right, I am Uchiha Itachi and you should apologize to me for bumping into me." The boy sneered in disdain.

"Fuck off gaki. Why don't you play ninja or something," Naruto growled and carefully pulled Sakura into his arms and gently turned her around to follow the Sandaime again, who had stopped and was watching the confrontation with interest.

"How dare you dismiss me like a peasant slave? I let you know, I am considered a genius among the Uchiha and have already graduated from the Academy. If you do not apologize I will use deadly force to make you."

"Give me your best shot Uchiha," Naruto said as he walked away from the seven year old Itachi Uchiha. "But be warned…"

Naruto stopped when he felt a kunai pierce his back and puncture his lung. Within seconds, two more kunai were shoved into his back, while another sliced his Achilles tendon and Naruto was forced to kneel.

"Serves you right for talking down upon an Uchiha," Itachi smirked as he stood over Naruto with a kunai held high over his head and already swinging in a downward arc. "Now die you dog."

Naruto's hand shot forward and caught Itachi's arm and made eye contact with the young boy. A vicious sneer split Naruto's face and he slapped the boy aside, "You really think your name will protect you from people like me? You're nothing to me, a nobody, a delusional little brat that should have gotten a spanking of a life time a long time ago. But instead you sit there on your golden thrown and eat your meals with golden spoons. And all you can do is look down upon the people around you that aren't from your stuck up and doomed clan. A bloodline doesn't make an Uchiha, remember that Itachi and you might become a better shinobi… but I highly doubt that."

"Naruto-kun, are you alright?" Sakura asked worryingly as she pulled out the three kunai that were lodged in his back. "Do you need me to heal you?"

"I am fine Sakura-chan," Naruto said and stood back up and tested his leg where Itachi had severed his Achilles tendon and found it back connected and ready to be used. "You know I heal quickly."

"Right," Sakura hummed and hooked her arm into Naruto's. "Let's go, the Sandaime is waiting for us and sorry that I… well you know."

"I know and I will always protect you Sakura-chan," Naruto said quietly and slowly walked away from a trembling Itachi.

"What just happened? How, how can he walk after those injuries? I know I hit his lung, liver, and kidney. He should be dead or close to it," Itachi shook as he slowly stood and stared after the two strangers that showed no fear to the Uchiha name. His eyes narrowed in anger and his Sharingan whirled to life, "I can't let this stand."

Itachi ran after Naruto and Sakura and flashed through several hand signs and inhaled sharply, "Katon: Gōkakyu no Jutsu!"

Naruto sighed and quickly side stepped Itachi's Great Fireball Technique with Sakura in his arms holding her bridal style. He watched Itachi come at him again and he quickly let Sakura back down onto her feet, "I guess I have to teach him a lesson."

"Naruto be careful, remember the village is full of Uchiha at this point in time," Sakura whispered to him and quickly stepped away after receiving a small nod from Naruto.

"Katon: Gōkakyu no Jutsu," Itachi said and breathed another great fireball that Naruto took square in the chest, not even moving out of the way. Itachi smiled and turned towards Sakura and started to attack her as well. He flashed through another set of hand seals.

A low growl alerted him to Naruto's presence and he stared wide-eyed as Naruto flashed in front of Itachi and slammed his hand into Itachi's face and the boy into the ground. A small crater collapsed under Itachi from the force of the impact and Naruto watched the Sharingan slowly dim away from Itachi's eyes.

"Like I said, bloodlines aren't everything." Naruto tightened his grip on Itachi's face and slowly squeezed.

The young Uchiha yelled out in pain and tried to claw at Naruto's hand, but the blond Jinchuuriki only chuckled, "What now mighty Uchiha? Bit of more than you could chew?"

"I would highly suggest you step away from my son Anbu-san," a dark cold voice muttered as Naruto felt the cold kiss of steel on his neck. "Or I will be forced to lop of your head right now and forego the trial that surely awaits you for attacking an Uchiha."

Naruto smirked, "And you would be the brat's father I take it. The bastard that thinks his bloodline is all mighty and believes that he should be Hokage."

Fugaku Uchiha's eyes narrowed in danger, "Release my son or we will lop off the head of not only you but your girlfriend as well. That would make it three separate trials now, one for attacking an Uchiha, one for disrespecting a Clan Head, and one for fraternizing with a fellow Anbu."

Naruto chuckled and eventually laughed out loud. He abruptly stopped laughing and his voice turned deadly cold, "Sakura-chan can take care of herself."

Naruto released Itachi and stood to face the Uchiha leader. Ironically, Naruto towered over the Uchiha clan head as his eyes briefly flickered over to Sakura and saw her being restrained by three Uchiha guards. "However, who will protect you from me Uchiha-san?"

Fugaku narrowed his eyes and awakened his Sharingan, "Insolent swine. I'll teach you not to disrespect the Uchiha clan."

"Naruto, Sakura, enough!" Sarutobi yelled in hopes to calm the situation. "We have a meeting with the Hokage to discuss the special circumstances of your early return to us."

Naruto's eyes flicked over to the Sandaime and muttered, "As you wish Hokage-sama. See you around Uchiha-san."

Naruto brushed passed the Uchiha elder and walked towards Sakura, "You heard Hokage-sama. Let's get going Sakura-chan."

"Right," Sakura muttered and pried herself out of the arms of the three Uchiha police enforcers that had restrained her. "Let go you bastards."

Naruto felt the venomous stares he received from the Uchiha and villagers behind him and as he walked away from them, he snaked his arm around Sakura and raised his free hand and lifted the middle finger. The response was instantaneous as loud chatter erupted in the street from the civilians as they stared after the two secretive shinobi that wore the masks of Anbu and had defied the mighty Uchiha clan.

"Naruto-kun, please control your anger towards the Uchiha and especially Itachi." Sakura whispered quietly as she pressed her body into Naruto and slightly shook as old memories of being tortured by Itachi in her own timeline flashed through her mind.

"Sorry Sakura-chan, it's just when I saw that bastard Itachi, I just snapped. I saw your tension and remembered how you told me about your encounter with him before Sasuke killed him. I am sorry that I left you alone that day, I will never forgive myself for walking away from you like a spoiled little brat after the fight we had."

"Naruto I am fine now. Please forget about the Uchiha here and let's concentrate on what we have to do." Sakura pleaded with him.

"Ne, Sakura-chan, I've been thinking. What if we hunt down Madara in this timeline instead of traveling back after we got what we came here to get?" Naruto whispered to her and inhaled her smell wanting to refresh his memory of her.

"You know we can't, the damage we could inflict upon the timeline… who knows what might happen. No Naruto, Shikamaru warned us to stay hidden and not interfere with events in this time. Promise you'll behave," Sakura asked weakly.

Naruto sighed, "I don't like it but I promise. I'll follow your lead."

"Thanks Naruto-kun."

"Alright here we are," Sarutobi said and stood in front of the Hokage tower. "Will you follow me and I'll have the secretary summon the Hokage so we can begin with discussing your circumstances."

Naruto and Sakura both nodded and followed the former Third Hokage into the office building that both were quite familiar with. Naruto leaned into Sakura, "Sakura-chan do you think I can visit my mother?"

Sakura had dreaded that question and she sighed, "I don't know if it's such a good idea Naruto but… ah what the hell. We can ask Sandaime Hokage for advice in that regard. He is called 'The Professor' after all."

"Thanks," Naruto said and Sakura knew that the blond was happily smiling behind his Fox Anbu mask.


"Have a seat you two," Sarutobi motioned for Naruto and Sakura to take a seat on a small green couch that neither of them had ever seen inside the Hokage's office before. They stepped around the small coffee table and watched how the Sandaime dragged two chairs over and settled into one. He smiled and with care free continued to puff on his pipe. "Minato will be with us any minute now. Relax you two but don't take off your masks until the room is secured."

Naruto and Sakura nodded and Sarutobi watched how Sakura leaned into Naruto and placed her head onto his shoulder and he smiled, "Ah the joy of young love."

Minutes passed and finally after half an hour of waiting, Minato Namikaze strolled into his office and closed the door behind him. He tilted his head in reverence towards the Sandaime and let out a small sigh as his vision fell upon Naruto and Sakura. He flashed through several hand signs and the office suddenly glowed an eerie blue and he nodded, "The room is secure now."

Naruto nodded and both he and Sakura removed their facemasks and the first thing Naruto did, was to pull her into a side hug and place an affectionate kiss on her forehead, "Sorry for earlier Sakura-chan."

"Naruto please, not in front of the Hokage."

Minato rubbed his face and out of the corners of his eyes looked at Sarutobi, "I just had a good fifteen minute yelling match with Fugaku. He is royally pissed and demands that I throw these two into jail for what they did to Itachi and the entire Uchiha clan."

Naruto snorted, "Please that stuck up fart and his clan needed to be knocked off their pedestal a few steps. It wouldn't hurt their ego, in fact it can only benefit from it."

Minato's eyes narrowed at Naruto but he turned to his former Leader and now advisor. "Sarutobi, you were present at the incident. Would you please describe to me what happened?"

"Certainly, I am not sure what Fugaku has told you but I can assure you it wasn't anything warranting arrest or detention, let alone a trial. Uchiha Itachi ran into them and Sakura-san apologized before both she and Naruto continued on. Itachi made a big fuss out of it, saying that Sakura should bow down to her and apologize properly and show the respect the Uchiha deserved. Naruto spoke his mind, Itachi got insulted…" Sarutobi took another drag on his pipe and rolled his eyes in theatrics.

"Minato, you know the Uchiha's shorter temper better than I do. Sometimes I wonder if Kakashi and Obito had been switched at birth and accidentally given to the wrong family. Anyways, I am drifting away from retelling the incident. Now where was I?"

Sarutobi looked thoughtful for a minute so Sakura tried to help out. "Itachi attacked Naruto and stabbed him three times. One kunai was latched in his lung, the second in his liver, and the third in one of his kidneys. Oh and he slashed Naruto's Achilles tendon as well."

"Right, thank you Sakura-san," Sarutobi muttered and looked at Naruto in question. "That reminds me Naruto-san, how are you still alive? Let alone walking around as if nothing ever happened."

"I heal quickly," Naruto said and grinned from ear to ear.

Minato frowned and looked at the Blond, "Is it a bloodline?"

Naruto looked thoughtful for a second and shook his head but Sakura answered, "Please Hokage-sama, you'll understand after we have explained who we are and what we want."

Minato nodded and turned to Sarutobi, "Continue Sarutobi."

"Right, right," Sarutobi said as he was still studying Naruto intently. "As Sakura-san was saying, Naruto was gravely injured, or so I thought. Itachi was about to strike a killing blow on our friend here when Naruto stopped the young Uchiha prodigy. A little berating and Naruto and Sakura tried to walk away again and left Itachi behind to his own thoughts. Apparently Itachi didn't like being defeated and I have to say Naruto's blatant disrespect towards the Uchiha clan puzzled even me, and I imagine it drove Itachi furious. The young Uchiha attacked with a fire technique and Naruto and Sakura-san quickly dodged. Itachi wouldn't let up and attacked again and Naruto quickly overpowered the young Uchiha and pushed him into the ground rather violently. Seconds later Fugaku appeared with several of his guards and the Uchiha Police Corp and threatened Naruto and Sakura."

"Don't forget to mention I got into the Uchiha's face," Naruto muttered and pouted as if he was ten years old again and had done something terribly bad.

"That was basically it," Sarutobi concluded and sighed. "A problem, yes, but it is not one that merits a trial. I believe a simple apology should suffice."

Naruto snorted and Minato and Sarutobi looked at him, "I won't apologize. Sorry but there is no way in hell that I will ever apologize to an Uchiha again. Not after what I had to go through in order to try and retrieve one because I thought he was a friend."

"Naruto-kun please do it for me." Sakura pleaded with him and took his right hand into her lap and caressed his palm.

Naruto looked into her deep green eyes and he surrendered without a fight, "Alright fine because you asked me to. But I still won't like it."

"I assume you will explain your hatred towards the Uchiha as well then?" Minato asked as a single brow rose in question.

Naruto nodded, "It is a long story anyways and I will let Sakura-chan explain but first I think we should take care of the two unwanted spies."

Naruto saw a smile split Sarutobi's and Minato's face and Naruto returned it. He got up from where he sat and walked over to one of the windows from where he could overlook Konoha. He waited for the Yondaime to lower the privacy seal and Naruto slowly opened the window and leaned out. His arms plugged up two things and he closed the window again. He walked back over to the coffee table and placed a tiny frog and slug onto it and chuckled.

He sat back down next to Sakura and grinned, "I wonder Hokage-sama… What should be their punishment?"

Sarutobi chuckled, "I think I know what punishment my two students deserve."

"Ah," Minato said as it dawned upon him. "Very well, I will assign them gate duty for a while."

Naruto and Sakura both looked a little shocked and Naruto leaned into Sakura, "Wow that is a harsh punishment. Am I glad Baa-chan never got that pissed at me or Hokage-jiji?"

Sakura giggled and leaned forward so she was facing the tiny thumb sized slug that was used for spying purposes. "Now my little friend, I suggest you go back to your master and demand your payment. I suggest you ask for double the payment."

The tiny head of the slug swiveled between the people and simply nodded in approval before puffing out of existence. Naruto smiled at Sakura's idea and spoke to the toad. "And you my friend go demand your three stacks of candy from the pervert. Add a sake drum for Gamabunta as well. Now shoo, get going."

The toad blinked out of existence as well and Sarutobi and Minato laughed. "You two have to be careful, I am sure Jiraiya and Tsunade will try to get even with you two for that."

Naruto shrugged, "Let them try."

Minato cleared his throat. It was his sign for Sakura to begin. She waited for the several barriers and seals to be erected and gave a worried look at Naruto, who sighed and got up and added his own security seals over the ones of the Yondaime's. After all, he had specifically designed them for Tsunade-baa-chan after Danzou had spied upon her secret meeting way too many times. Minato gave Naruto a puzzled look while Sarutobi nodded in approval as he already studied the new set of seals.

Naruto realized his father was studying him and Naruto shrugged with his shoulders before sliding back onto the couch next to Sakura. He put an arm around and pulled her closer, "I'll teach you two the seals. It's quite handy against a certain spy that has been a 'root' in Konoha's eyes for too long."

Minato and Sarutobi shared a knowing glance. "Ok Sakura-san, why don't you start your story."

"Right," Sakura said as she gave Naruto one last look. She sighed and started her tale, "Before I start, please if you have any urgent questions, don't hesitate to stop me. But try to keep it to a minimum and also please understand that I or well we can't share all of our knowledge. We can only share as much as to ensure ours and yours safety."

Minato and Sarutobi both nodded and leaned back into their chairs.

"I guess I should start with the introductions first. As you already know from my blunder in the hospital that his name is Uzumaki Naruto, while I am called Haruno Sakura."

"So you truly are a Haruno?" Sarutobi interjected. "I am glad to see that your clan has decided to rejoin the ranks of the shinobi. Your people are excellent at Genjutsu and are almost as good as the small Yuuhi family. That doesn't explain though why there is no record of you two in all of Konoha."

"Right," Sakura said and wanted to continue when she was interrupted by the Fourth.

"Didn't the Haruno clan have a birth this year? I think it was at the beginning of the year," Minato stated as he thought out loud.

"That is correct Yondaime-sama," Sakura replied and looked nervous. She looked at the Sandaime and received a reassuring smile that lifted her spirits slightly. "The reason why there are no files about either Naruto or myself is because we don't exist yet. Well Naruto doesn't, I already do. You see, the newborn in the Haruno clan this year is me. I was born the twenty-eighth of March of this year. I am more than willing to give you some of my blood so that Tsunade can test it against the newborn Haruno child. Just make sure you don't mention where my blood comes from."

She looked at the two stunned faces of the Sandaime and Yondaime, "Wait that means…"

"Yes," Sakura nodded hesitantly. "And I think you now understand why we can't reveal too much or say much. In fact, I am already afraid that we might have caused irreparable damages to Naruto's and my timeline."

"So you're from the future? How? That should never be possible," Yondaime spluttered in disbelief as his eyes darted back and forth between Sakura and Naruto.

Sakura sighed and drew some blood and let it run into a tissue. "If you would be so kind Hokage-sama, summon one of your toads and have him deliver this to Tsunade and instruct her to run a comparison with the Haruno child. It will prove who I am."

"As you wish," Minato said still stunned. After the toad was gone, Minato looked at Naruto and frowned, "So you haven't been born yet?"

"No he hasn't," Sakura said and saw the dawning on Minato's face. "You see Yondaime-sama, this is the reason how I knew about your secret."

"So you're mine and Kushina's?" Minato stammered.

"Yes I am," Naruto said and smiled. "Glad to meet you dad."

"Likewise," Minato muttered as he shook Naruto's outstretched hand. "So when is your birthday and why do you carry Kushina's family name?"

"Naruto will be born in nine days on October the tenth. And the reason he carries his mother's maiden name is because both her and you will die that day. And in order to protect Naruto's identity, he was given his mother's last name."

"I, we… we die?" Minato sat stunned and couldn't belief what he was hearing.

"Sakura-san, if you could please explain how the Hokage and his wife die. Perhaps we can prevent it from ever happening." Sarutobi asked quickly as his mind was racing.

"Sorry Hokage-jiji," Naruto said in a somber voice. "But you will retake your position as Hokage for several more years after my parent's death."

"Naruto," Sakura said in a sad voice.

"It's okay Sakura-chan," Naruto smiled sadly. "At least this way I can at least meat them once and even get a chance to talk to them but please don't tell my mother."

"But why? What's happening to Konoha that both I and Kushina die?" Minato wanted to scream in anger at finding out about his own death.

"On October tenth, something will happen that will change Konoha forever. The legendary Kyuubi no Kitsune will attack Konoha and you Yondaime Hokage will fall in battle after having defeated the king of demons, but at the price of your own life. Naruto's mother dies shortly before the attack during child birth. I am sorry Hokage-sama but you can't change that. We have to let this play out the way we remember. I shouldn't even have told you but for Naruto's sake," Sakura stopped as she fought back tears. "I want him to at least meet his parents."

"Sakura-chan," Naruto pulled her into a hug and comforted her.

"How do we defeat the Kyuubi?" Sarutobi asked as he couldn't believe what he was hearing. "And do you have any proof?"

"We do," Sakura sniffed and nodded at Naruto, who lifted his borrowed Anbu shirt and pumped chakra into his seal to make it visible.

A collective gasp from both Sarutobi and Minato was their response, "What is the meaning of this?"

"I am a Jinchuuriki," Naruto said. "Within me, I hold the mighty Kyuubi prisoner and each second the demon tries to crawl his way out of me. But I am too strong." Naruto smiled and lowered his shirt.

"I understand," Minato said dejectedly. "I am sorry Naruto; I am sorry that I did or will do this to you. It is a burden that no one should live with, especially not a newly born that lost both of his parents. C-can you forgive me?"

"I don't blame you father, I might have cursed you when I was younger but I eventually understood why you did this to me. I understand that you couldn't ask anyone else to carry this burden other than your own son. Do not lose sleep over this issue; just make sure it plays out the way Sakura and I remember."

Minato nodded in understanding, "If I may ask, but from when are you two coming and why are you here?"

"We come from twenty years in the future. We are currently fighting a losing battle against a criminal organization that has managed to collect all but two Bijuu. We have thinned their ranks considerably but their leader is our problem. To defeat him, we require the entire strength of the Kyuubi."

"What do you mean with that? I thought you said that the Kyuubi is sealed inside of Naruto?"

"Yes it is," Naruto said as he decided to help out Sakura since she didn't know as much about this situation as he did. "But you only sealed the good natured chakra of the Kyuubi inside of me. It is said that you sealed the dark natured chakra into yourself right before you died to ensure the Kyuubi could never reform."

"Yet we checked your tomb Hokage-sama," Sakura jumped back in. "And we found out that the history books were telling lies for we examined your corpse and there were no signs of a sealing upon it. You must have sealed it in someone or something else. That is why we came; you need to seal the dark natured chakra into my Naruto so he has the complete Kyuubi within him."

"What? I am not yours," Naruto protested.

Sakura giggled, "Silly, I said that so we could keep you and your younger self apart easily. So whenever we speak of the two of you, you are my Naruto." She gave him a peck on the cheek and Naruto instantly smiled.

"But won't that kill Naruto?" The Sandaime asked.

"No it won't. The Kyuubi has been preparing my body ever since I was a baby. I am old and strong enough to hold in the full strength of the Kyuubi no Kitsune. It will be difficult for me but I know that I will never give up and surrender to the demon." Naruto answered and stood up and walked over to the windows to look out over Konoha. "I love this town too much to let any more harm befall upon it."

"Ok, I understand why the two of you have come here into our time now," Minato said as he rubbed his temples. "But who is that leader of that organization that Konoha is at war with?"

"You don't understand," Sakura said dejectedly. "It's not just Konoha that is at war with the organization, it's all of the elemental nations. A few smaller nations have already fallen and since Naruto is still free and actively fighting them, they started concentrating on the Leaf."

"Impossible," Sarutobi muttered. "How large is that organization?"

"They started out as ten members and they work in two man cells but we wore them down to two teams and their leader."

"Who is that man? What is his name?" Minato asked.

"We only recently discovered his true name and you won't like the answer," Naruto muttered from where he stood at the window, his eyes slowly traveling towards the Uchiha district. "His name is Uchiha Madara."

"Impossible," Sarutobi muttered again. "Madara has long since died. He was defeated by the Shodai Hokage at the Battle at the End many years ago."

"He has not and he is also responsible for the Kyuubi attack on Konoha that will occur in nine days." Naruto answered and turned around to look at the three people sitting around the tiny coffee table.

"The only chance we have of defeating Madara is by sealing the dark natured chakra inside of me so that I have access to the full power of the Kyuubi." Naruto added and slowly walked over and sat back down. "Once that is done, Sakura and I will travel back into our time and finish what we have started so many years ago… defeat the organization and kill Uchiha Madara."

Silence beheld the Hokage's office for some time as the Sandaime and Yondaime were locked into their thoughts. Naruto had snuggled his face into the side of Sakura's neck and enjoyed the calmness of the entire situation. Unlike back home, in his time, Naruto could actually relax and not worry about constant defeat at the hands of Akatsuki."

"Why don't we kill Madara together, in this timeline?" Minato suggested but was quickly overturned by Sarutobi.

"I am sorry my friend but we can't. They have already revealed too much to us. For all we know it, they might have already altered the timeline to a degree that might influence their own time. We have to tread very carefully here and killing Madara now, when he is supposed to form a criminal organization and terrorize the lands… we can't kill him. Think of the consequences and time shifts."

"Sarutobi-jiji is right dad. I'd love to fight Madara with you by my side but we can't. Too much is at risk. We have to do it our way."

Minato looked stricken, "I understand. I am sorry Naruto and to you too Sakura, it appears difficult times lay ahead of you and of Konoha."

"Konoha will survive dad, the will of fire burns strong in our generation. We will prevail and we are not alone. We have strong allies."

Hearing this brought forth a smile on Sarutobi's aging face and he coughed as he suddenly inhaled too deeply, "Sorry." Sarutobi muttered through tear-filled eyes. "But what are we going to do with the two of you now?"

"That's why we brought the Anbu masks," Sakura spoke up again after having kept quiet for a while. "We knew that we had to conceal our identities from the village so that they wouldn't get suspicious during our timeline." Sakura nervously scratched her head, just like Naruto used to do, "But I guess I didn't take into account that Fox Anbu masks weren't used yet. I just assumed and I picked these because well, they suit Naruto considering what he is."

Both Minato and Sarutobi looked at each other in thought and a small smile spread across Sarutobi's face. "Kami we're stupid. We're both Hokage's here. We can just create fake identities and assign them as your personal guard. You never chose any since you took your office Minato, so why not these two?"

"That could work, nobody would question their motives, and they could wear their Anbu masks. It would also explain the Fox design of the masks, signifying a special rank or position such as royal guard or whatever fancy name you wish to give them. However," Minato's eyes narrowed on Naruto and Sakura as he said that. "What is the relationship between the two of you?"

"Um," Sakura spluttered and her face turned a shade of pink.

"We're getting married when all of this is over," Naruto said proudly and pulled Sakura closer to him and smiled.

Sakura nodded when the Yondaime's gaze lingered on her frame and Minato smiled, "Well perfect. From now on, if anyone asks, you are Naruto Namikaze and Sakura Namikaze. Naruto is a distant cousin while Sakura is his wife and the story to tell is that both have been on a long term mission and were trained privately in secret by you Old Man. Hence they never entered the Konoha Academy."

Sarutobi nodded and smiled, "That could work, as long as Naruto and Sakura here are willing to play their role."

"Of course we are willing," Naruto answered for both of them. "It'll be like nothing has changed, right Sakura-chan?"

Sakura nodded and smiled, "Only my last name did and yours too, so it's a fair trade."

"Then it's settled," Minato said and walked over to his desk and started filling out the necessary forms and papers to make it all official.

Sarutobi nodded as he scratched his beard in thought, "There are three slight problems though that we need to deal with. One, the apology to the Uchiha needs to be made before this little ploy becomes public knowledge. Two, I am afraid but you two probably will have to fight some Anbu or even Jiraiya and Tsunade to proof your worth. And three," Sarutobi sighed. "Your shinobi gear and clothes you arrived in, I am afraid you can't wear them. They are too normal and not proper Anbu gear."

Naruto's face instantly turned to a frown and even Sakura had a slight eye twitch as she heard that she couldn't wear her favorite outfit. She was pissed because she had just gotten a brand new red sleeveless shirt that was a one piece and she loved her combat boots that almost went up to her knees, as well as her short combat gloves. But the part of clothing she would miss the most was the extra short black spandex hot pants that she was accustomed to wearing after Naruto had told her how much he just loved those."

"No way in hell," Naruto voiced stubbornly. I will wear my clothing, I am comfortable in them. They are perfect and I won't trade their comfort for this piece of uptight full body Anbu suit. I am sorry Jiji, but that's a no go."

"I have to agree with Naruto-kun. I don't want to trade my own clothing for this Anbu uniform," Sakura admitted and stood proudly next to him.

Sarutobi sighed, "Seriously Naruto? Orange and black is not a good combination for a shinobi. You stand out like a blind man does at a reading competition. And you Sakura, I… I studied your peculiar outfit and I have to say that even if you were going for distracting enemy male shinobi by showing off certain areas of your well defined body, I am afraid you might distract your own comrades as well."

Naruto chuckled as he saw Sakura pout, "Jiji don't scold her for her choice of clothing. And do not be afraid of any Leaf shinobi getting distracted. Just wait for the first one to try and get a grope in on her and once she is done with him, their minds will stay as far away from her as possible."

Sarutobi sighed, "Alright I am clearly defeated. Very well, you may wear your own gear as you see fit. But I insist on those Anbu masks that you came with. Never take them off unless you are alone or with either myself or Minato. Absolutely nobody is allowed to see your faces. If you walk around Konoha as civilians, use a henge or something, I don't care."

"Yes Hokage-sama," both Naruto and Sakura replied happily at hearing that they could wear their own clothes.

"Oh one more thing," Sarutobi said. "Sakura, you need to cover up your Haruno affiliation. It will churn up too many questions. I am just glad that only Minato, I, Jiraiya, and Tsunade have seen your faces and clothing. I am sure they have their own suspicions but I can control my two students if the need arises."

"Hai Hokage-sama," Sakura answered and thought what she could do about covering up her Haruno clan symbol that was stitched to her back when Naruto put a hand on her shoulder and said.

"Don't worry Sakura-chan. I have a present for you that will take care of it."

"Really? What is it Naruto?" Sakura asked in excitement.

"I'll need to get my scrolls back and than I can give it to you. I thought something like this might come up so I decided to take it with me to be safe."

"Great thinking Naruto-kun," Sakura said as she beamed up at him. "Let's get out of these uniforms and into our own clothes."

"Wait a second," Minato said to them. "I need you two to sign these three forms."

"What are they?" Naruto asked as he took them and read the first. "WHAT?"

"What is it Naruto?" Sakura asked as he yelled and absent-mindedly handed her the papers. "Oh!"

Minato smiled, "Just sign these forms and everything we discussed is official." Minato watched Naruto and Sakura sign them and he quickly snatched them out of their hands. A wide grin was plastered on his face as he locked them away safely, "Excellent. Everything is now official. You two are officially married, congratulations."

"T-thanks," Naruto and Sakura stammered in a bit of confusion. "W-wait, why did we just sign these?"

"You're married now. You said you wanted to marry once this was all over right? I don't see a reason for you two to wait." They nodded and Minato smiled. "Well it is official then. You're married and when you get back into to your timeline, just have the current Hokage unseal my vault and you'll find the necessary paperwork inside."

"But won't that change the timeline?" Naruto asked in confusion.

"Nah, because it involves only you two and since both of you are here, I imagine once you return to your timeline, your memories and everything that happened here will still be remembered by you. And in case something does happen, I added some extra information that would explain and clear everything up. Now, put on your masks and let's head out towards my house and meet your mother. We will however stop by at the Uchiha compound first and you two will apologize. Understood?"

"Y-yes dad, errr… I mean Hokage-sama."

"You know I expected my marriage to be a little different than this," Sakura murmured to Naruto so only he could hear.

"I know what you're saying Sakura-chan." Naruto whispered back. "But hey, it's official now, Mrs. Namikaze."

Sakura giggled, "I honestly can't believe this right now. It's feels surreal."

"Yeah," Naruto told her again. "Let's pay some attention. We can consummate our marriage later." Naruto said with a playful tone and his right hand wandered to her butt and gave her a loving grope. "Love you Sakura-chan."

"N-Naruto-kun," Sakura warned him in a low hiss and slapped his hand away from her butt.

"Sarutobi I'll leave you in charge of formalizing the rest and informing the council and the ninja forces of our two new members and their positions. Also inform me of Tsunade's test results once she has them. I already believe them, but I would still like to see some concrete evidence."

"Will do Minato," Sarutobi said. "And you two stay out of trouble. We'll meet again to discuss what will happen in nine days a little more in depth and the necessary preparations that need to be done. For now, enjoy your time and prepare yourselves. I have a nagging suspicion that you two will have to live up to the position you're now holding. Luckily it won't be from enemy ninja but sadly from our own."

"See you later Old Man," Naruto said and clipped his Fox Anbu mask back in place. Sakura said her own farewell to the Sandaime by giving him a brief hug and after the privacy seals were removed, they followed the Yondaime Hokage out of his office and started walking towards the Uchiha compound.

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