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Chapter 2


"Uchiha-sama, you have visitors."

"I don't have time to bother with them. Send them away," Fugaku Uchiha growled as he overlooked his son's training. "Itachi you have to put more weight onto the front foot."

"Yes father!"

"Well what are you still doing here? I told you to leave and send the visitors away." Fugaku growled as he looked at his subordinate that was still on his knees and bowing to the ground in respect.

"But my Lord, it is the Yondaime Hokage."

"Hn," Fugaku growled. "Very well, serve him some tea and inform him that I will be with him after I am done teaching Itachi. Leave now."

"But my Lord, do you think it is wise to keep the Hokage waiting?" The servant asked as his voice was laced with fear.

"I am an Uchiha! There is no one higher than me. The Hokage should be honoured to even be allowed to stand in my presence let alone speak to me." Fugaku growled and stood up from where he set as he watched Itachi perform several katas.

"Itachi you're still doing it wrong," Fugaku barked and stepped up to his son. "Defend yourself Itachi. I will come at you with the intent to harm."

"Yes father," Itachi bowed showing his respect and took a defensive stance. His sharingan flared alive, "I am ready father."


A loud sigh escaped Naruto as the servant that had greeted them shuffled back into the room, "I am sorry Hokage-sama but Uchiha-sama is currently busy and will be with you shortly. In the meantime I am ordered to offer you tea if you so desire."

"Typical Uchiha thinking," Naruto muttered behind his Fox Anbu mask and earned a venomous glare from the servant. "They think they are the above the law and above the Hokage."

"FOX!" Minato warned his son. "Behave! We came here for you to apologize."

"Yes Hokage-sama," Naruto said and bowed in apology. "Hokage-sama, what do you say we search out Uchiha-san instead? I can tell he is sparring with Itachi in the Uchiha training compound? We don't have eternity to pet the Uchiha pride. Your position as Hokage requires you to not waste time in a meaningless pissing contest of pride."

"Naruto," Sakura whispered in warning. "Watch what you say."

"No Sakura-chan," Naruto whispered back. "This is just one giant farce. Itachi should be the one to apologize to me for trying to kill me and failing miserably. By Konoha's law, I have the right to take Itachi's life."

"Very well," Minato said and stood from where he had sat down. "Fox, lead the way to Uchiha-san. Control your temper, I do not wish to have to deal with a scandal."

"Of course Hokage-sama," Naruto said and smiled behind his mask. "Sakura-chan, you have the rear guard."

"Okay," Sakura sighed and muttered quietly, "Men and their egos."

"Wait you can't," The servant said completely caught off guard as Naruto brushed him aside and opened the door to enter the inner courtyard of the Uchiha compound.

"What is the meaning of this?" Fugaku's voice growled in disdain when he rounded the corner and saw Naruto and Minato stepping into the inner courtyard. "Who allowed you to enter the inner sanctum? I should have you killed for the disrespect."

"Should I take this as a threat Fugaku?" Minato asked calmly. "Because I think it is one but you are lucky that I don't have time to deal with you… today. Fox!"

"Yes Hokage-sama?" Naruto turned to face his father and grinned behind his mask.

"Apologize so we can leave." Minato ordered and looked at Fugaku.

"Yes Hokage-sama," Naruto muttered and looked towards Fugaku Uchiha. Naruto sighed, "I am sorry Uchiha-san that I didn't kill your weak son. It was well in my rights to punish him for attempting to kill me."

"What?!" Fugaku hissed as his face turned red in anger. "How dare you say these things? My son was justified to punish you for smearing the name of the Uchiha. Show some respect boy or I will force you myself."

Naruto laughed and turned away and made to leave, "You are not the first Uchiha that I have fought. Nor wouldn't you be the first that I have killed. I know all about your precious bloodline Uchiha-san, I know about your strengths and I know about your weaknesses. If you raise your hand against me, I will cut you down."

Minato shook his head as he watched Naruto walk away with Sakura looking after him. Yet she played her role by staying close to the Hokage, "I am sorry Fugaku. Fox is… well, he had an interesting childhood. It would be best if your clan avoids him, I will tell him the same. Now good day and I hope we can forget this day from ever happening."

"Who is that man that he can walk away from this blatant act of disrespect towards a Clan Head? Tell me Hokage-sama, why I shouldn't have him arrested or killed?" Fugaku growled as he stepped closer towards Minato, his Sharingan flaring alive as he closed in on the Hokage.

Sakura quickly stepped in between the Hokage and the Uchiha head and growled behind her fox Anbu mask. "Please stop where you are Uchiha-san. If at all possible, I'd like to avoid bloodshed."

Fugaku's eyes narrowed on Sakura and his eyes flicked over to Minato, "Who are these two people, these Anbu that they dare speak to me with such disrespect?"

"They have just returned from a long term mission that Sarutobi-dono had them assigned to." Minato said and turned to leave the Uchiha compound. He suddenly felt older than he really was and just wanted to go home and relax with Kushina. "Let's leave, we are done here."

"Hai Hokage-sama," Sakura said and walked backwards, keeping her eyes on Fugaku Uchiha.

"What is your name Anbu woman?" Fugaku growled.

Sakura stopped and looked at Minato, who had stopped himself and was looking over his shoulder. "You know as well as I do that their identities are a secret but I can tell you this much, both she and the Anbu just now, they are family. That is all you need to know. Good day Uchiha."

Sakura saw Uchiha Fugaku seethe in anger and she shrugged with her shoulders and quickly followed Minato. When they were outside the compound, they found Naruto waiting for them. As she and Naruto fell in step with Minato between them, Sakura asked quietly, "Hokage-sama do you think it was wise to reveal that information to Fugaku? I mean this could change things for me and Naruto in the future."

"Perhaps," Minato admitted as he walked through Konoha with Naruto and Sakura. "But I am not worried. Fugaku and the Council will surely question me and demand proof and I will simply ignore them. You said it yourself, my time in the mortal realm is short lived and I don't feel like having to deal with the bickering of old power hungry fools anymore. Once I am dead, the Council will surely search the archives for you two and they will find nothing. Old Man Sarutobi will take care of everything."

"Wait, I thought you and Sarutobi-jiji were going to create fake identities and everything?" Naruto asked in confusion.

"We are, and we already did. I told Fugaku that you two are family. He knows just like everyone else that it is impossible because I am an orphan. I don't have family. They will automatically assume that Sarutobi assigned you two to me and that your status as family will be nothing more than a cover."

"Eh, I think I understand," Naruto muttered but wasn't entirely sure if he got it. "Where are we going to now?"

"Home," Minato said with a soft smile on his face. "I want you two to meet Kushina."


"Relax Naruto, your real identity will be kept secret from her but if possible, could you please show her your faces to her. Even if she'll never know, I'd like her to know that her son has become a great a man and has such great help as well," Minato said as he turned to Sakura.

"T-thank you," Sakura stuttered at the compliment.

After minutes of walking, they slowly arrived in the less populated areas of Konoha and Naruto whistled as he saw the large house slowly appear at the end of the street.

"Is that where you live?"

"Yup, that's home and you two are staying. I insist," Minato said and his steps quickened as they drew nearer to the house. "Sarutobi must have send over your ninja gear already, so you can clean and slip out of those Anbu uniforms once we're there."

When they reached the house, Minato swiped his blood over a seal in the doorframe and the door opened to reveal a large foyer with a spiraling staircase in the center leading up to the second floor.

"The sleeping quarter is up one floor to the left while on the right you will find a library. There is an onsen in the backyard, as well as a large enough training field that I like to use a lot. The kitchen is to your right and to your left, well that area used to be for my Chunin team but it is no longer occupied." Minato said as they walked into the foyer.

"There are extra towels and robes in the onsen for you to use. I'll inform Kushina that you two will be staying with us for the time being and I'll make sure that your room will be in order. If you need anything, I'll be in the library."

"Doing what?" Naruto asked.

"Studying the Shiki Fūjin of course."

"Right," Naruto said and started to lead Sakura towards the onsen. "We'll come see you once we're done. I am sure you will need all the help that you can get."

"Enjoy the onsen Naruto and Sakura." Minato waved and headed upstairs to talk to Kushina. At the same time, Naruto and Sakura were making their way to the onsen. When they arrived, they were awe struck at the beauty of it. The backyard to the Namikaze house was gigantic and Naruto's eyes watered from happiness as thoughts of training rushed through his mind. Sakura's eyes however quickly shifted away from the stunning backyard with its giant training area and instead looked to the onsen that was located to their right.

Sakura took hold of Naruto's hand and tugged on it while pointing at the onsen without saying a word and Naruto felt his jaw almost drop from amazement. There, situated beautifully amongst a large sand and stone garden was the onsen. The onsen consisted in total of three different pools of varying shapes and sizes. A small square pool was the first of the three and was clearly for cleaning the body first. The crystal clear water sparkled like diamonds as the sun rays hit the surface. Next followed the largest of the three pools and partially consisted of straight lines and round curves. A small grotto was at the far end that would offer some shade from the punishing sunshine that Fire Country was known for during the summer months. The turquoise water of this large pool shimmered beautifully as steam rose from the hot water surface in soft forms of swirling fog. Lastly, there was a rectangular pool that was clearly meant to cool down the body after having spent the majority of the time in the hot cleansing water of the main pool. It was rather long and actually curved partially around the onsen, offering the chance to take a few relaxing strokes.

"It's beautiful," Sakura whispered in amazement and Naruto could only nod in agreement.

"C'mon Sakura-chan," Naruto said and pulled her after him when his eyes fell upon a rack of towels and robes near by. "Let's get out of these constricting uniforms and relax a little. When was the last time that we could truly relax without having to worry about surviving for another day?"

"It's been too long Naruto, far too long." Sakura said as she reminisced about their past. She took off her Anbu mask and quickly slipped out of the black Anbu uniform. She folded it neatly and placed the mask on top. She pulled a large towel off the rack and wrapped herself in it before slipping out of her undies and bra. She turned around to see if Naruto was ready and already saw him walking towards the onsen. She blushed at seeing his naked butt walk away from her, a towel thrown casually over his shoulder.

She giggled and held on to her towel to make sure it wouldn't fall off and followed him quickly. Both washed themselves in the cold crystal clear water of the first pool before they slipped into the largest one with his mineral heavy turquoise water. Their towels lay discarded on the pathway as both of them let themselves relax in the hot water.

For minutes they silently drifted in the pool, eyes closed, and their thoughts blank. Naruto glided over to Sakura and snaked his arms around her delicate waist from behind and pulled her into his chest.

"Hey," he whispered into her ear as he lovingly rubbed his right cheek against her left.

A tiny smile crossed Sakura's face and her eyes fluttered open, "Hey you."

"I missed you Sakura-chan," Naruto whispered again resting his chin on her shoulder as he pressed her into him.

"Baka," Sakura murmured and giggled. For another several minutes they stayed in that position. Naruto resting his chin on her shoulder while she had her own arms wrapped over Naruto's as they held her. Both of their eyes were closed and their breathing was calm and slow. "Naruto-kun…" Sakura murmured.

"Yes Sakura-chan?"

Sakura paused, "Never mind it's nothing."

A small frown crossed Naruto's face but quickly vanished again, "Okay."

"Naruto-kun…" Sakura said again after more minutes of silence had passed.

"What is it Sakura-chan?"

"D-do you think we're doing the right thing?"

"Yes," Naruto answered without a second thought. "This is the only way to defeat Madara."

"I know but I am afraid we already meddled too much with the timeline. The conflict between the Uchiha and us, Kami knows what we might have changed Naruto. Please Naruto promise that we will keep a very low profile."

"I promise Sakura-chan. Was that what you wanted to ask me a few minutes ago?"

"No," Sakura replied meekly. Her hands left Naruto's as they rested on her stomach and she turned around in Naruto's hug. She faced him and leaned into him, her left cheek resting on his chest, "I love you Naruto."

"I love you too Sakura-chan and if something is troubling you, you can come talk to me… anytime."

"I know… thanks."

"Anything for you my love," Naruto kissed her pink mane and tightened his hug.

"Oh I am sorry," A young female voice spoke up pulling Naruto and Sakura out of their silent thoughts. "I didn't know Minato-sensei had guests."

Naruto and Sakura both turned towards a young fourteen year old girl with dark reddish brown hair in a similar hairstyle that Sakura used to wear. Her lifeless hazel eyes lacked any emotion and the young girl quickly bowed and excused herself.

"Excuse me," Sakura called after the girl. "You are more than welcome to join us."

The girl turned around and bowed again, "I am sorry but I don't want to impose."

"Ah nonsense," Naruto said and smiled. "We'd love for you to join us. The onsen is big enough for the three of us."

"Naruto wrap yourself up," Sakura said and threw a towel at him smacking him in the face. Sakura giggled and wrapped herself in her own towel before sinking back down into the water. She offered the young girl a soft smile, "What do you say Rin-san?"

The girl blinked in confusion, "You know my name? How?"

"I saw a picture of you once Rin-san and our sensei spoke very highly of you," Sakura responded and smiled. "I am Sakura and that's Naruto."

"Pleasure to meet you Sakura-sama and Naruto-sama," Rin bowed again. "I guess I'll join you after all."

They watched Rin drop her robe and walk into the water with a towel wrapped around herself just like Sakura had. Sakura found that she was caught in one Naruto's hugs again that he loved to do, but this time his head was resting on hers.

"Naruto-kun please," Sakura complained at feeling the added weight on her head.

"Sorry," Naruto grinned and his chin came to rest on her shoulder again as he sat behind her in the water.

"So Rin-san, what are you doing here? The Hokage told us that nobody from his Chunin team was staying here anymore."

"Oh Kushina-san told me to move upstairs with them. She wanted me closer and said that I shouldn't live alone downstairs." Rin looked sad but a soft smile came to her face. "Kushina-san is really nice. Have you met her yet?"

"No we haven't," Sakura answered and Naruto could hear the concern in Sakura's voice as she looked through the fake smile that Rin had hid behind. "Why isn't Kakashi-san staying with you anymore?"

Rin's fake smile only grew and she let out a cold sad chuckle, "Kakashi is living with the Uchiha now. Ever since Obito's death, he has been closing himself off and since I implanted him with Obito's Sharingan eye, the Uchiha have been adamant about Kakashi staying under their watch. I hardly ever see Kakashi anymore."

"I am sorry Rin-chan," Naruto said and his good mood had vanished. "But I am sure Kakashi is missing you a lot."

"I guess this explains why Kakashi was playing favors to Sasuke early on during our Genin days," Naruto thought. "If he was forced to live with the Uchiha, no wonder that they brain washed him to some degree."

Naruto realized Rin's eyes were on him and he blinked as he pushed his thoughts into the back of his mind, "What is it Rin-chan?"

Rin looked sheepish, "I am sorry Naruto-sama but are you related to Minato-sensei?"

"We are family," Naruto responded and smiled. He remembered the fake story he was suppose to tell anyone, "Sakura and I were on a long term mission away from Konohagakure and only returned a few days ago. I am a distant cousin to Minato-san."

"Really? I didn't know Minato-sensei had any relatives. He always told everyone that he was an orphan."

"He is an orphan but for matters of security, my identity was a hidden secret. The Third found me in an orphanage myself when I was nothing more than an infant and somehow recognized the similarities between Minato-san and myself and took me in." Naruto explained and saw a suspicious look in Rin's eyes. "I know it sounds odd that the Sandaime was able to tell that I and Minato are related but we didn't find out about that until way later. I guess I got lucky," Naruto finished with one of his stupid grins, which made Rin giggle slightly.

Sakura's eyes instantly warmed and lost some of the worry as she heard Rin's joyful yet short giggle, "There is still hope for her. I wonder though, if Naruto had died in our mission to Wave Country or Sasuke even, would I have become like Rin as well, frail, afraid, and lost?"

"Excuse me Sakura-sama," Rin muttered weekly. "Are you and Naruto-sama close?"

Sakura smiled, "Yes Naruto and I are very close. Just this morning the Hokage married us."

Rin's eyes sparkled a little but the light quickly dimmed again and her voice still sounded low and depressed, "Aren't you afraid to lose the other one on a mission? How can you live with that fear?"

"We try to make the best out of the time we have together. We try to live without regrets and we support each other no matter what happens." Sakura answered while carefully watching the young girl. "We also forgive each other. That plays a big part in our relationship because that idiot throws himself in harms way for me every time, even when I ask him to stop."

"So Naruto-sama has protected you with his life?" Rin asked.

"Yes he did, multiple times and each time he got terribly injured. He is one of the reasons why I decided to become a medic-nin." At that, Rin's face lightened a little and Sakura smiled. "Why are you asking Rin-san?"

"My other team member, Obito," Rin paused and Sakura knew the details about the relationship issues within Kakashi's Chunin team under Minato. One evening during the first year of Sakura's training, Tsunade had told her the story behind it all. Seemingly having found the courage, Rin continued.

"Obito-kun, he protected me. During the war, I was kidnapped and Obito and Kakashi came to rescue me but Obito died. I was too weak to safe him. And his last dying wish to me was to implant his Sharingan into Kakashi's damaged eye. I did as he wished and than I watched as he died in my arms," Rin paused and started to sob. "I am a medic-nin but I couldn't protect him. What good am I, if I can't protect my teammates?"

Sakura silently sighed and pulled out of Naruto's embrace and swam over towards Rin. She pulled her into a hug and comforted her, "I know what you are talking about Rin. There are times when you wish to help but all you can do is stand back and watch it play out. You are hurting and you are tearing yourself apart. Trust me, it's not easy to watch close ones die, especially if you are unable to do anything. But you shouldn't hate yourself Rin-san, Obito didn't die with regrets. I am sure he died happily because you and Kakashi were both safe. You should honor him by moving forward and not dwell in the past."

"I know," Rin sobbed into Sakura's shoulder. "But it's so hard and it hurts so much. And Kakashi-kun is never around and the few rare times that I see him, he is so cold and distant."

"I know," Sakura said and continued to keep her in her embrace. "I think I should tell you something about my own Genin team. You see, my team was a lot like yours. I was madly in love with someone whom I honestly believed to be perfection, while Naruto was in love with me. I never spared Naruto a single glance and I wish I could go back in time and change all that. You see our third team member, the one I loved above everything, he betrayed us. He betrayed me and he betrayed Naruto. He went with an evil man because he was searching for power. He needed that power to avenge his family."

Sakura paused briefly as a flood of emotions rushed through her as she remembered her and Naruto's Genin days. She looked over to Naruto and saw him softly smiling at her. His love for her reflecting in his eyes and she continued.

"I was devastated and Naruto went after him. He went after him in order to return him to Konoha so that I could be happy again. He hated it when I was crying but what I didn't know," Sakura paused again as her voice slightly cracked. "What I didn't know was that Naruto was bottling up his own feelings for me in order to see me happy. That was all he wanted, he wanted me to be happy. So he willingly threw himself against our friend and Naruto almost died in the process. In time we grew stronger and closer together but still Naruto would go after the man I thought I'd love and would once marry. I was too stubborn and proud to see who I was truly falling in love with. It wasn't until the fourth time that I finally saw what Naruto was doing to himself in order to see me happy. We had gotten word that our old teammate was near a ninja village and Naruto and I instantly went out there. We went against our better judgment, to try and bring our friend back to Konoha. In the end we fought him. It was a battle that could have gone down in the history books. Naruto and I were surrounded by enemies and amongst them was our friend, laughing, and taunting Naruto. And I finally saw who that man I thought I loved had truly become, yet I still loved him but only as a brother and dear friend. My real love had been Naruto, had been all along, I just never accepted it until that day. I watched Naruto fight, I saw how his heart cried as he tore through enemy shinobi like a beast, all for my twisted happiness."

"What happened then," Rin asked quietly as Sakura had stopped talking. Her green eyes were spilling silent tears as they stared up into the sky.

Sakura looked down at the young girl in her arms and smiled as she blinked away the tears, "Naruto got hurt. He almost died and I had to kill our friend and teammate in order to protect the one person I knew I couldn't live without." Sakura stopped again and looked over at Naruto and he nodded, knowing what would come next. "And Naruto, he hated me for killing our teammate. He was ignoring me, giving me the cold shoulder, and I thought I had lost him as well. But I worked hard and slowly Naruto opened up again. It wasn't easy Rin-san but every hard labor pays off somehow. Naruto had warmed my heart with his actions when we were younger and I had to pry his open and ask for forgiveness of all the terrible things that I have said and done to him as well as for killing our teammate."

"And he forgave you, just like that?" Rin asked in astonishment.

"Ah, it wasn't that easy," Naruto chimed in. "But in the essence that's how it went."

What none of the three in the onsen knew was that they were being watched from a window in the house by two people. Kushina stood next to Minato as they stared out of the window, while a small toad sat on Minato's shoulder and repeated every word that was said between Naruto, Sakura, and Rin.

A single tear ran down Kushina's face and she wiped it away with a handkerchief, "Amazing. Rin is finally opening up again. She hasn't said this much in months and let alone to strangers."

"Yes," Minato said proudly. "I hope this is a sign for betterment."

"Is it true what they said though, their story about their teammate's betrayal? Why have I never heard of anything like that?"

"That's because Sarutobi deemed it an S-class secret. In fact I was only made aware of it after Jiraiya and Tsunade found those two unconscious on the Hokage plateau."

"So that Naruto guy, is he really a distant cousin of yours?" Kushina asked as she held her pregnant belly.

"Yes he is. It's hard to believe at first but you'll see the striking similarities once you meet him in person. And that Sakura woman, I am sure you'll like her immediately."

"We'll see," a small smirk played across Kushina's face.

"Kushina, no pranks, I forbid them. Naruto and Sakura are in a delicate situation and I don't want them stressing out over you pulling pranks on them. Promise!"

"Fine, I'll promise. I will not play a single prank on them," Kushina said with a childish pout on her face.

"Good," Minato said and kissed her. "I'll be in the study. Go rest and I'll get you for dinner."

"Ramen!" Kushina said sternly.

"Again?" Minato whined. "We've been having Ramen since you got pregnant. Please tell me this will end once our boy is born."

Kushina smirked, "I don't know Minato-kun but I think I got addicted to it."

Minato sighed and walked to his study, "Fine I'll let Ichiraku know. I should have just hired him to solely cook for you. He earns enough from us to quietly retire soon."

Kushina laughed and continued to watch Naruto, Sakura, and Rin in the onsen and she happily sighed when she felt the baby kick in her tummy.


Minato yawned and stretched as he sat in his study. Across from him sat Jiraiya, who was currently rubbing the sleep out of his eyes. The two had been going over sealing techniques for hours now and they were getting tired. Deciding to call it a day, Minato closed the books he had been reading and placed down the pencil with which he had taken notes. He sighed and heard Jiraiya suddenly giggling like a girl.

Minato sighed knowing what that meant and he opened one of his eyes, "Jiraiya what is it?"

Jiraiya looked up at his former student and grinned as his eyes sparkled in pure perverted joy. His eye brows wiggled suggestively, "My pervy sense is tingling and since you are here, I bet Rin is getting lucky right now with dear Kakashi-kun. Tell me Minato, why weren't you telling me that Rin and Kakashi were doing the horizontal hokey pokey?"

Minato rolled with his eyes, "I doubt it is Rin."

"What?" Jiraiya asked in confusion as he momentarily forgot about his tingling. "But besides you, Kushina, and Rin, nobody is staying in this house."

"It's probably Naruto," Minato said off handedly and tried to ignore his former sensei.

"Huh? But Naruto isn't even born yet."

"The other Naruto," Minato said throwing up his hands in despair. "You know the ninja that you and Tsunade found along with his girlfriend. Actually, I should say wife because they signed the marriage papers in my office this morning."

"Oh really?" Jiraiya's grin spread wider. "A chance to do some research then, excellent! I'll excuse myself Minato."

"Careful Jiraiya, these two aren't pushovers." Minato warned him.

"Ah shush Minato, I still need a main couple for my new book. Perhaps these two will be my inspiration," Jiraiya lecherously leered and vanished in a puff of smoke.

Minato sighed again and pushed himself out of his chair and stretched the kinks and muscles that had accumulated. Deciding it was time to contact Ichiraku with a monster delivery order, so Minato set out to walk to visit the Ramen vendor.

Elsewhere, the door to Sarutobi's office was knocked off its hinges as a raging Tsunade stormed into the small room of his residence. "Sarutobi-sensei we need to talk."

Sarutobi leaned back in his chair and eyed the broken door that lay destroyed on his floor. His gaze shifted over to Tsunade and he sighed, "What is it Tsunade?"

"This test that I was supposed to do for the Yondaime… What is the purpose of it?"

"That is on a need to know basis Tsunade," Sarutobi explained. "Why what were the results?"

"It's impossible!" Tsunade huffed and started pacing back and forth in front of her aging teacher. "As requested, I compared the blood sample with the blood from the newly born Haruno girl, but… but…" Tsunade stopped looking at Sarutobi. She threw up her hands in frustration, "It makes no sense. How can it come from the same person but be so different? I would say that maybe that sample came from a potential twin but I was the person that delivered the tiny baby and I know for a fact that there was only ONE girl."

Sarutobi chuckled, "Well thank you Tsunade but you just answered the question that the Yondaime and I had. Now would you please explain to me what differences you found in the blood sample that the Yondaime sent to you?"

"What? I am so confused right now. What was your question anyways regarding the blood sample?"

"Tsunade I already told you it was on a need to know basis. Now if you could please, what were the differences?"

"Fine Sensei! Besides having anti bodies for various diseases that the baby Haruno girl hasn't received shots for yet, I would say the existence of several unknown anti bodies and chemical compounds that I can only assume to have come from poisons and antidotes, I'd say the fact that she is pregnant raises many questions. If you would Sarutobi-sensei, how can a six month year old baby be two months pregnant?" Tsunade said with a victorious smirk thinking she had him cornered.

Sarutobi chuckled, "Well that sure is troublesome to explain. But like I said, it's on a need to know basis and you don't need to know Tsunade. If you would be so kind to give me a copy of the test results and then you will go back and destroy all records, including the blood sample."

"No," Tsunade replied stubbornly. "Not until you tell me who that blood belongs to because the test tells me it's the baby girl but that is impossible."

Sarutobi frowned at the insubordination, "Tsunade please…"


The Sandaime sighed and rubbed his temples, "Very well. Meet me at eight tonight at the Namikaze house and bring the test results with you. Perhaps Minato will allow you to be filled in on this but I can't make any promises."

"Thank you Sarutobi-sensei. I will destroy the test results and everything else as you requested. I'll also have a few Genin come over and repair the door for you."

"Don't bother, I've been meaning to tear down that wall anyways," Sarutobi smiled and watched his former student leave. Once he was alone again, he sighed and sunk into his chair and muttered, "This just got complicated."


Evening finally arrived and Minato was upstairs in his room with Kushina. Both were quietly talking to each other when a knock at their bedroom door alerted them.

"Yes what is it Rin?"

The door opened quietly and Rin stepped inside, "I am sorry but Ichiraku's has arrived."

"Finally," Kushina said and pushed herself off the couch she and Minato had been sharing. "I am starving."

Minato smiled and followed his wife and Rin out into the hallway.

"I am sorry Minato-sensei," Rin weakly spoke up. "But why is Jiraiya-sama lying passed out in front of the guest bedroom with blood running down from his nose?"

Kushina started laughing and Minato sighed, "I'll take care of it. Rin go help Kushina with the Ramen. I'll wake up Jiraiya and let Naruto and Sakura know that they can come down for dinner."

"Okay sensei," Rin said and took Kushina's hand. "C'mon Kushina-san let's prepare the table."

Kushina laughed, "Coming Rin."

Minato's gaze lingered on the retreating form of his wife and Rin and smiled as he softly spoke, "Glad you are opening up again Rin. It has been too long since you've truly spoken."

Minato turned around and walked towards the bedroom where Naruto and Sakura were staying in and once he turned the corner he saw Jiraiya sprawled out on the red carpet. Arms and legs twitching, his eyes had rolled into the back of his head, and drool was slowly leaking out of the corner of his mouth, as a thin line of blood was escaping his overly large nose. Minato sighed and picked up the black notebook that lay next to Jiraiya and decided to take a look at what his perverted sensei had written down.

Minato's eyes bulged at the descriptive scenes that Jiraiya had written and consciously swiped his nose and checked his finger and found it covered in blood. A cold shudder ran down Minato's spine at the realization behind the meaning of blood escaping his nose and he didn't like it one bit. He kicked Jiraiya into his sides to wake up the pervert and tossed him the black notebook as Jiraiya slowly woke.

"Get up you old pervert." Minato hissed a little too angry knowing he probably could never look at his son ever again in the same light after what he had just read. Minato knocked against the bedroom door.

The door opened shortly after to reveal Sakura and Naruto dressed in their ninja gear and a loud thumb was heard from behind Minato as Jiraiya lay unconscious with yet another line of blood running down his nose. Minato sighed and pleadingly looked at Sakura, "Are you sure you have to wear those… what did you call them? Hot pants?"

Sakura smiled and nodded as her eyes glinted over to Naruto, "Yup I've worn these for a while now and they are simply too comfortable."

"I can't believe Ero-sensei was already this perverted at this age," Naruto muttered quietly which caused Sakura to giggle.

Minato looked at his son and saw him roll his eyes as Naruto kicked Jiraiya, "Yo Ero-sannin!"

"Naruto," Minato spoke up to get his son's attention. "Didn't you say you had something for Sakura to wear so she could… well cover up a little?"

"Oh right," Naruto said slapping his forehead. "I already forgot."

Naruto pulled out a storage scroll and unrolled it. Checking several seals, Naruto stopped at one and pumped some chakra into it. When the smoke cleared, Naruto held two neatly folded stacks of blood red clothing in his hands. He smiled and handed one to Sakura, "Here you go Sakura-chan. I had this one made specifically for you."

"N-Naruto I-I," Sakura said wide eyed as she unfolded the piece of clothing and found it to be an exact replica of Naruto's blood red cloak that he had received from the toads as proof of having completed the Sage training. Just like Naruto's, black flames licked the bottom trim of her cloak but there was a small addition to hers. Unlike Naruto's cloak, hers had a small red cross with a white background stitched onto the front left side of the cloak that signified her status as a medic-nin. Her eyes watered and her voice trembled slightly, "Naruto it's… thank you but I can't accept this."

"What? Why?" Naruto asked baffled. "We're married now and even if that weren't the case, I love you and I insist."

"But Naruto, your cloak," Sakura said as her fingers felt the material. "The status it represents, you know as well as I do that it signifies the completion of your training with the…"

"Sakura-chan I know," Naruto said with a grin. "I spoke to Ma and Pa and they approved of my decision. Where do you think I got yours from anywhere?"

"I-I don't know what to say?" Sakura said at last and accepted the gift and slipped on the cloak over her usual ninja gear. "Thank you Naruto-kun," she gave him a peck on his cheek as she watched him slip on his own cloak.

"Ma, Pa?" Minato thought, "He can't mean the toads… can he?"

"Yondaime-sama," Sakura said interrupting Minato's thoughts. "Am I presentable now?" Sakura smiled and twirled slightly as she showed off her new clothing addition to her usual getup of a red sleeveless one piece shirt, black hot pants, combat boots, and white medical gauze that had the purpose of securing her shirt so it wouldn't roll over her head if she were to perform a back flip. The zipper on her shirt was roughly three quarters of the way up and rested an inch above her moderate cleavage. And in his opinion, the cloak she had received from Naruto was a perfect addition and suited her well.

Minato nodded in approval and took in the sight of his son. Along with his sage cloak, Naruto was wearing a pair of orange pants and a black shinobi shirt. Above that shirt, Naruto wore a green flack jacket that had its neck protection cut away. The flack jacket was customized with several straps to hold scrolls and pockets to carry extra kunai and shurikan. Minato realized that both Naruto and Sakura wore their main kunai pouch around their right thigh over several wrapping of medical tape for which Minato could not find a reason for.

"Yes, I'll approve. Now, if you please put on your masks, I'd like to see the full affect of your getup."

"Sure no problem," Naruto said and went back inside the room to retrieve the two masks. He returned and handed one to Sakura before clipping on his own.

Minato nodded, "Excellent. Those masks fit well with those cloaks and the black flames along with the menacing fox masks, gives you two an air of danger."

"Glad you approve," Naruto said happily and slipped the Anbu mask off his face. "You said something about dinner?"

Minato laughed, "Yeah let's wake up the pervert and head downstairs. Kushina wanted Ramen again and if we don't hurry it might be all gone."

"Ramen?" Naruto's head perked up from the kneeling position he was in as he slapped Jiraiya awake.

Before Minato could answer, Naruto along with a still unconscious Jiraiya were gone and in its place was nothing left other than a small cloud of disturbed air and dust. Sakura giggled, "That's Naruto. Once he hears the word of Ramen he forgets everything and can't be stopped."

Minato sweat dropped, "I guess that explains why Kushina has been craving Ramen ever since she got pregnant."

"Really? She has only eaten Ramen? I don't think that's very healthy," Sakura admitted thoughtfully and she followed Minato down the stairs and into the large kitchen area.

"That's what Tsunade and I have been telling her," Minato grumbled. "But Kushina says it's fine and that I shouldn't worry. In a way, I guess she is right considering Naruto turned out great."

"Naruto has his quirks but yes," Sakura said and smiled. "Actually now that you mentioned it, I am craving Ramen as well right now."

Minato sighed and followed the pink haired woman and was sad that he wouldn't get to see Naruto grow up. "Sakura thank you for taking care of my son."

Sakura stopped and looked over her shoulder, "You don't have to apologize to me… dad."

Minato's face scowled, "Okay now I am uncomfortable."

Sakura laughed out loud and both she and Minato entered the kitchen and fell quiet as they saw Kushina and Naruto argue over who would get to eat Ramen first. Sakura's eye twitched and she walked up to Naruto, "NARUTO!"

Naruto flinched and hesitantly turned to look at the angry Sakura, "Sakura-chan… sweetie, hi!"

"Naruto we're guests here, behave." Sakura said sternly but her face softened and she smiled, "Besides, I am craving Ramen right now and you will have to wait until I am done eating."

Naruto's mouth dropped and Kushina laughed, "B-But Sakura-chan… You know how much I love Ramen and I know that you never eat more than one bowl."

"Naruto-kun please," Sakura said in a pleading voice and fluttered with her eyes while tearing up, "I am hungry."

Naruto wilted under her look and sighed in defeat, "Of course Sakura-chan."

"Thanks Naruto-kun," Sakura leaned in and gave him a kiss. She turned to Kushina and smiled, "I am Sakura, nice to meet you. Shall we eat?"

Kushina looked back and forth between Naruto and Sakura and grinned. "Pleasure is all mine Sakura-san. Let's eat."

After Jiraiya had been awakened by Minato and everyone had sat down, they all began to eat. Naruto was inhaling the first bowl until he got lightly whacked on the head by Sakura reminding him to use manners. Naruto had apologized and was on his second bowl of Ramen when he stopped in surprise at seeing Sakura eat a third bowl. He blinked in shock and confusion, "S-Sakura-chan this is your third? Are you sick?"

Sakura shrugged with her shoulders and began to eat, "I am hungry Naruto."

"B-But you normally only eat ONE bowl," Naruto sounded astonished. Confused, Naruto placed his chop sticks down and watched Sakura eat her third bowl. His eyes widened when she refilled it again and suddenly Naruto had lost his appetite.

The door bell chimed and Naruto got up saying he would take care of it. He walked out of the kitchen and into the large foyer. He opened the door and smiled as his eyes fell upon Sarutobi and Tsunade, "Old Man glad of you to stop by."

Sarutobi smiled, "Hello Naruto. Are we intruding?"

"No not at all," Naruto said and stepped aside to let Sarutobi and Tsunade inside, who eyed Naruto carefully.

"We're just finishing up dinner right now," Naruto said as he closed the door and lead the Sandaime and the Slug Sannin into the kitchen where everyone had finished eating. Sakura and Kushina seemed happy and were talking lividly while Jiraiya sat in the corner of the kitchen with his notebook in hand and giggling as his eyes were continually looking up at Sakura and Kushina. Minato and Rin were currently cleaning up and Minato smiled at seeing Sarutobi.

"Hiruzen, glad you could make it but what is Tsunade doing here?"

"Minato we have to talk," Sarutobi said.

"Sure let's go to my study and we can sit down."

Minato walked outside and Sarutobi, Naruto, Sakura, Jiraiya, and Tsunade followed. They walked upstairs and entered the study. Sarutobi cleared his throat and looked at his two former students, "Jiraiya, Tsunade, if you would please wait outside for a minute. I first need to discuss something with Minato alone."


"C'mon you old pervert," Tsunade said and dragged Jiraiya after her. "I know what this is about and it's ok."

"Eh, you want us to leave too?" Naruto asked in concern after Jiraiya and Tsunade had left.

Sarutobi shook his head, "No this concerns you two."

Minato sat down in his chair and looked at the Third, "So what is this about Hiruzen?"

"Tsunade finished the test result that you ordered." Sarutobi replied and looked at Sakura. "It's a 100 percent match. This Sakura here is the Sakura Haruno that was born in March of this year. They speak the truth."

"Ah excellent," Minato said and smiled. "I never doubted you two but now we know for sure."

"No problem," Naruto and Sakura said as they stood next to each other.

"However, we have a problem."

"What is it Hiruzen?" Minato asked and looked concerned. "Is the Council already complaining that they were never told about the lie that you and I fabricated concerning Naruto and Sakura here?"

Sarutobi shook his head, "No. The problem lies with Tsunade. When she studied the test results she found anomalies that she couldn't explain and approached me. She demands answers."

Sakura frowned, "What kind of anomalies?"

Sarutobi sighed, "Besides your blood showing anti bodies for immunizations that your baby self hasn't received yet, there were various compounds in your blood that Tsunade claims to have come from poison."

Sakura nodded, "Yes that makes sense that those would show up. Damn, I didn't think of that problem when I gave you a blood sample."

"Yes," Sarutobi admitted. "It is regrettable but even though it would be hard to explain, I believe we could come up with a good story."

"Well what did you have in mind?" Minato asked.

"The truth," Sarutobi said.

"What, we can't." Naruto blurted out.

"Naruto is right Hiruzen."

"Minato I know but I haven't told you yet about the other discovery that Tsunade has made," Sarutobi answered and a small smile lightened his face as he looked at Sakura.

"What else did Tsunade find out?" Sakura asked hesitantly in a weak voice as she was biting her lower lip. She closed her eyes in silent prayer and her head dropped so her bangs would fall over her face.

"I assume you already know Sakura," Sarutobi asked in amusement.

Naruto looked back and forth between the Third and Sakura and scratched his head, "Would someone please explain what you two are talking about because I have no idea."

Sarutobi chuckled, "Sakura-san do you want me to tell them or would you like to?"

Sakura sighed and looked up at Naruto's face. She saw concern reflected in his eyes and she smiled warmly, "Naruto what Hokage-sama means to say is…" Sakura chewed her lower lip, "Naruto... I am pregnant."

"WHAT?" Naruto yelled and his eyes rolled into the back of his head and he fell to the ground.

"NARUTO!" Sakura screamed and dropped to her knees.

Sakura shook him repeatedly calling his name while Minato sat stunned in his chair with Sarutobi laughing heartily.

"What happened?" Tsunade asked as she and Jiraiya rushed into the study. They stopped and were confused the moment they took in the sight that beheld them.

"Yo Minato what's going on?" Jiraiya casually asked as he walked over to his former student and flopped down into a chair across from Minato. "What happened to the brat?"

Seeing Minato still frozen in shock Sarutobi decided to answer Jiraiya's question, "Well congratulations Minato. It appears another member will join the Namikaze clan in a few months."

Minato smirked and he chuckled, "Thanks."

"Namikaze? What's going on?" Jiraiya asked as he narrowed his eyes upon his former student.

"Sensei?" Tsunade approached the Third with a raised eye brow.

Sakura realized that Jiraiya and Tsunade needed to be told something and she thought for a moment temporarily forgetting about Naruto. Naruto's moaning pulled her out of her thoughts and she exhaled in relief when it suddenly clicked in her mind. Sakura turned towards Sarutobi and Minato, "Hokage-sama I think we should tell them under the condition that they submit to a Yamanaka for getting their memories sealed after everything is done."

"What? No way in hell am I going to allow anyone seal away my memories." Tsunade barked and glowered at Sakura. "Who the hell do you think you are girl?"

"Relax Tsunade," Jiraiya said and looked at Minato, who gave a quick nod saying that it would be okay and the only way for them to be told. "I'll do it."

"What? Jiraiya you can't seem to suggest that you'd agree with that idea?" Tsunade growled.

"Tsunade, do you want to know what's going on or not?" Jiraiya asked.

"Well yes of course I do."

"Then you have to agree to the deal or you might as well leave now," Jiraiya replied coldly and crossed his arms as he leaned into the chair and waited.

Tsunade looked at Sarutobi, "Is that the only way?"

"I am sorry Tsunade but what Sakura-san suggested would be the only possibility you and Jiraiya have."


"Hime," Jiraiya said to be interrupted by Tsunade acceptance of the deal.

"Alright fine I'll accept. This better be worth it."

"It is," Naruto mumbled as he sat on the floor and looked with wide happy eyes at Sakura. Naruto pushed his head into Sakura's side to get her attention and once he had it, "Is it really true?"

Sakura nodded and Naruto beamed, "Sweet!"

"So what's true?" Tsunade asked annoyed.

"Naruto would you please put up your privacy seals," Minato asked him. "Let's err on the side of caution. I know my home is safe but one might never know."

"Right," Naruto stood up and flashed through several hand signs. "Room is secured." Naruto pulled Sakura into him and hugged her from behind. He placed tender kisses on the side of her neck and whispered into her ear, "Why didn't you tell me earlier?"

"I am sorry Naruto," Sakura returned the whispers and turned around to face him. Her hand tenderly caressed his cheek, "I was afraid you'd freak out or weren't happy. There are so many unknowns Naruto, nothing is known about Jinchuuriki having children."

"Who cares," Naruto grinned and lowered his head to kiss Sakura. "You just made me the happiest man in the world."

"Hey no smooching," Tsunade growled wondering what the two strangers were whispering about. "Now what is all of this about?"

Jiraiya giggled at watching Naruto and Sakura kiss but stopped after being swatted over the head by Tsunade. Jiraiya turned to face Minato, "She has a point Minato. What's going on and who are these two?"

"Well… May I present to you Namikaze Naruto and Namikaze Sakura."

Jiraiya's and Tsunade's mouths dropped to the floor as their eyes locked onto Naruto and Sakura, "Say what?"

"You heard me correctly. Naruto is a distant cousin of mine that had been on a secret mission with Sakura. They got married this morning and Naruto just found out that Sakura is pregnant."

"I don't get it," Jiraiya said as he mulled over the information. "Why is it such a big deal then? Why the secrecy?"

"Ero-sennin that is because what the Yondaime just told you isn't the entire truth," Naruto said and chuckled at seeing Jiraiya's expression.

"What did you call me gaki?"

Tsunade giggled, "You know that nickname suits you."

"I wouldn't be laughing quite yet Tsunade-baa-chan," Naruto said as he smirked.

"WHAT? I am not old you damn brat," Tsunade roared and stomped over to Naruto.

"Tsunade, Jiraiya," Sarutobi warned them both as he tried to stifle laughter.

Jiraiya studied Naruto from where he sat, "So what did Minato lie about?"

"I'll tell you but know this, whatever you will hear now has to stay top secret and cannot be shared with anybody outside this room. This will also be the information that the Yamanaka will be sealing away… for your own protection," Naruto answered.

"Fair enough," Jiraiya said and grinned. "Now why don't you tell us the juicy stuff?"

Tsunade rolled with her eyes while Sakura giggled, "Naruto I bet you Jiraiya will pass out from shock."

"I'll take that bet missy," Tsunade said and grinned. "I know Jiraiya better than anybody. He can handle all sorts of information."

Naruto chuckled, "Baa-chan you know you shouldn't bet with your shitty luck. Anyways, I am not a distant cousin. In fact, Yondaime-sama is my father and Sakura and I traveled back in time to get something important that is needed in our time to defeat Madara Uchiha."

Jiraiya laughed, "Right and I am the Daimyo of Fire Country."

"It's true Ero-sennin." Naruto muttered and looked a little dejected. "We came here because we need my father to seal the evil natured chakra from the Kyuubi no Kitsune into me."

"Gee this is getting better by the second." Jiraiya heaved in laughter "And how do you expect for Minato to find the Kyuubi? It's a demon that can destroy anything with just a flick of its tail."

"Easy, in nine days, on October the tenth, the Kyuubi no Kitsune is going to attack Konoha. My father will die as he sacrifices himself to protect the village as he calls forth the Shinigami and with its help kills the Kyuubi no Kitsune by sealing the demon inside his newborn son Naruto… namely me."

Jiraiya continued to laugh but stopped when he realized he was the only one laughing. He looked at Tsunade and saw a shocked expression on her face, which only confused him. He then looked at the Third and at Minato and saw their grim expressions. "Y-You're serious? You're Naruto? The son of Minato and Kushina?"

"Yup and Tsunade can validate my claim. After all, she compared Sakura-chan's blood sample with someone in the village today and they matched."

"It's true," Tsunade muttered in astonishment. "That explains why there were anomalies in that sample that showed foreign and unknown compounds that couldn't have existed in the baby. Also why the test showed that the person was pregnant, so you're real name is Sakura Haruno and you were born this last March?"

Sakura smiled, "Yes that is correct but Yondaime Hokage said the truth about us being married. Not how I had in mind in getting married but it works." Sakura took Naruto's hand into her own and smiled.


"And Jiraiya is out like a rock," Naruto chuckled.

"I still can't believe it," Tsunade muttered. "But you two really are from the future?"

Naruto and Sakura nodded and Jiraiya groaned as he came to again.

"Now Jiraiya and Tsunade, both of you listen well," Sarutobi said and waited to get the attention of his two former students. "No one is to know who Naruto and Sakura really are. If anyone asks, you tell them that Naruto is a distant cousin to Minato and that the two of them had been on a secret long term assignment far away from Konoha and Fire Country and only just returned. Naruto and Sakura will be wearing their Anbu masks the entire time they are out in the open and their pseudo job is to protect Minato. However, in truth, we have to prepare for the Kyuubi attack that is imminent. I am sorry, I know you have a lot more questions but you have to understand that we have to trust Naruto and Sakura in everything. Now that we know what will happen, we cannot change our decisions from what Naruto and Sakura know or else their future will change."

"Sarutobi is right. I already accepted my fate," Minato said as he looked upon Naruto and Sakura with pride. "Truthfully, I can't be happier. Naruto will turn out to become a wonderful shinobi and he has found himself a wonderful wife. I am honored to have been given the chance to know this and therefore I will stop the Kyuubi by sacrificing myself. I will seal the good natured chakra into the infant Naruto, while the evil natured chakra will be sealed inside Naruto so he can complete what he and Sakura came here for. Is that understood?"

"H-Hai," Jiraiya and Tsunade muttered and looked dejected.

"Also when this is all over, you two as well as I, are going to get our memories sealed in order to protect the timeline," Sarutobi said in a serious voice that left no room for negotiation.

"Understood," Jiraiya said and stood up and walked over to Naruto. He titled his head as he studied the two people before him. A smile split his face and patted Naruto on the shoulder, "Well damn kid I am proud of you. Knowing that you can do time travel and what not; I am sure you're a great shinobi. And you caught yourself a nice lady too."

"Heh… Thanks Ero-sennin."

"But for the love, stop calling me that or I'll be forced to challenge you to a duel and make you," Jiraiya boasted.

"It's a deal," Naruto said smiling.

"That's a good idea," Minato said from behind his desk. "I would expect Anbu and the Council to be curious to know what Naruto and Sakura can do in combat. After all they are my bodyguards, so they expect them to be strong. So what better way to prove to them and have you four fight each other. What about you Sakura? Will you spar against Tsunade?"

Sakura looked troubled, "I don't know if that is such a good idea with me being pregnant and everything."

Tsunade snorted, "You're probably just a chicken."

"Hey I'll let you know Baa-chan that Sakura is a damn good kunoichi and an excellent medic-nin," Naruto shouted.

Tsunade's interest was instantly peaked, "A medic-nin? How interesting… She'll fight me Hokage-sama and there is no need to worry about her baby. I will refrain from punching her directly."

"Fine I'll do it," Sakura said in a pissed off tone after having been called a chicken.

"Excellent," Sarutobi said and smiled. "It's getting late and I am tired so I will excuse myself. Minato, Naruto, and Jiraiya, tomorrow we need to start our work on the sealing technique for when the Kyuubi arrives. Sakura you can spend time with Kushina a little and perhaps help out Tsunade in the hospital. I'll inform the council that the two Sannin have challenged Minato's new bodyguards to a duel to test their skills. I'll imagine that you'll have to fight each other in two days."

"C'mon Sakura-chan, I am tired too." Naruto said and winked at her. "Let's hit the sack early."

Sakura blushed lightly knowing what Naruto really wanted to do and nodded, "Good night everyone. See you tomorrow."