Title: Perverted Tellytubby Episode

Summary: Tinky-Winky is a gay little boy who hates everyone around him.

Author: Optimus Prime Fangirl

Fandom: Teletubbies

Warning(s): Really random, disturbing, and stupid. Do NOT read ahead if you are easily offended, disturbed, or cannot take jokes very well. This is meant to make fun of this show.

- - -

(Curtains open up and beginning theme song plays, ends, and show starts)

One day in Teletubbyland, Tinky-Winky got drunk. So he tried to rape Po but she ran away so he got pissed off.

Guess what he did next?

(Epic Drum Roll)

He went mad!

Dipsy was running around dancing like a crazy bitch, so Tinky-Winky got a gun and shot him! Then he died a horrible death.

A few minutes after that, the annoying ass baby sun started laughing for no reason whatsoever. So Tinky-Winky got angry and tried to shoot it. It actually worked! The sun started crying and melted.

Guess where the melted stuff landed?

(Another Epic Drum Roll)

On Po!

Po started screaming and burned to death.

Unfortunately, she was tougher than she looked so she didn't die immediately. It was slow and agonizing, but she eventually met her demise and died a horrible death.

Then Tinky-Winky laughed evilly and the whole world started to freeze. But Tinky-Winky was smart, so he used his magical creepy Teletubby powers to have a heater attached to him. But La-La wasn't so lucky!

La-La was an airhead, so he/she or whatever that fuck head's gender is couldn't use his/her magical Teletubby powers. So Tinky-Winky, being the angel he was, decided to end her life earlier by getting a nail-file out of his pocket and slitting her throat with it. So she also died a horrible death.

So Tinky-Winky was the only one on the planet who survived. He decided to celebrate by kicking a dead body!

But there was a big problem…

(Dramatic Music Plays)

He was bored!

Tinky-Winky starts crying like a big baby!


So he decided to eat some Tubby-Toast!

But the ingredients were frozen!

Oh no!

"Tinky-Winky be upset!"

And when Tinky-Winky got sad, there was only one result…

(Dun Dun Dun)

He went mad.

Tinky-Winky starts screaming and throws stuff everywhere. He goes outside, and all of the grass is covered with snow!

But uh-oh…

A glacier is about to land on top of him!

"AHHH! Tinky-Winky be scared!"

The glacier landed on Tinky-Winky, crushing him and fortunately killed him instantly. But something magic happened! Everything suddenly got restored and the Teletubbies are (sadly) revived.

"Po be slutty!"

"La-La smells like shit!"

"Dipsy is faggot!"

"But Tinky-Winky is the worst of all!"

The Teletubbies say bye!


(Teletubbies bow and curtains close, and the ending theme song begins playing)

- - -

Thanks for reading! XD