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I laughed as my brother, Christopher, or Chris started to whistle a tune. I've heard it before...

My sister Bette continued to joke with Alan, our brother, as we drove home. The game was exciting. I do love baseball but it had grown dark all too soon once again. This tends to happen to us. Surprisingly, none of us were scared of the dark. We just couldn't see. In fact, I love to sit outside and watch the stars. It's a favorite past time for my siblings and I.

I turned toward the window, intending to do just that, watch the stars, when my dark chocolate eyes caught something. A shadow. Almost like a man, running along side the car. He was moving effortlessly, as if he was floating. The trees blurred past behind him but his figure never disappeared. My brow crinkled and I pressed my freckled cheek up against the cool glass.

"Chris, stop." I said, tearing my eyes away from the window. The car grew silent, all except the continuous tune.

"Chris, shut it." My twin, Bette said. He immediately hushed. He continued to speed down the road as the erie silence filled up the small station wagon.

Alan cleared his throat and turned on the radio with a sheepish smile. God love him. He was trying to ease it out.

'Jeepers Creepers, where'd you get those peepers?'

'Jeepers Creepers, where'd you get those eyes?'

I heard Bette take a ragged gasp. Alan's eyes widened and he clicked the radio off almost immediately.

"S-sorry." He said.

Bette's eyes followed mine to look out the window.

He wasn't there.

Our identical dark eyes met, both wide with shock, we then turned to Alan, whose dark eyes matched ours.

"Ann, I don-" He started, looking at me but was not allowed to finish as a loud bang echoed throughout the car. Bette and I screamed and clung to each other. I looked up at the now, dented roof of the car.

"Chris, get us out of here now!" I yelled, panicked, at my cursing brother. I released Bette for only a moment but that was long enough.

He stuck his hand through the roof of the car, grabbing onto her head and starting to pull. She started to scream.

"Bette!" I wrapped my arms around her skinny waist and tugged as hard as I could. No success, she was pulled out of the car, screaming all the while. I watched as the damned monster flew away with my sister.

Chris pulled over to the side of the road, panting. Alan was looking at me as tears cascaded down my face.

"We are going after her." I said between sobs, "Tonight. She won't live until tomorrow." I broke down, screaming in agony, as if I myself had been taken by the monster.

As if I myself, had been taken by Jeepers Creepers.

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