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Time: The Present


"What the hell happened?" General Beckman screamed!

They were in Casey's apartment and were getting a dressing down from General Beckman.

"We don't know." Casey muttered. "He was supposed to stay in the car and for once he did but it was a setup. They were waiting and they took him when we went into the warehouse."

"They're jamming his homing beacon so we can't get a trace on his location." Sarah said.

"It's been 4 hours since they took him and you have nothing?" the General said angrily.

"We've been trying to cut thought the static but we can't get anything." Casey quickly explained. "The GPS settings are too narrow band. We're trying to cut through the static and connect with the wide band of his watch for an audio signal."

"Keep me appraised of your efforts." Beckman said. "We have other agents looking also and hopefully we can get something soon." and with that the screens went black.

Casey looked at Sarah quickly and could see the look of concern on her face. He knew it wasn't just a professional look but quickly went to work. Chuck had been acting strange and distant lately and it had been hard on her. When he had seen him this morning at work his eyes had looked dull and dead. He didn't know what had happened but he hadn't been happy and told her to fix it.

Casey was fine tuning the equipment when they heard a few snatches of what sounded like words. He fine tuned some more and accented voices could be heard clearer.

They then heard Chuck's high pitched voice saying. "You have the wrong guy, I just work at the Buy More, and I just fix computers."

Then there were sounds like you would hear in a boxing ring followed by cries from Chuck after each punch.

Sarah cried. "They're beating him. Can't you get a fix on his location yet?"

"I won't be able to with this high frequency wide band. All I can do is get the audio." Casey replied.

"Intersect you are going to tell us what we want to know as soon as you have the flash."

"Code "Alpha Alpha 555 Echo designation repeat repeat." Chuck took a very deep intake of breath as he flashed.

Sarah screamed out Chuck's name and couldn't help but feel utterly useless. She had told Chuck they could never be together because she had to protect him but he had been taken anyway. She had told him to trust her but she had failed.

Then they heard someone say to Chuck. "Give us the codes now and we won't have to hurt you anymore?"

Chuck was scared but he shouted at them that he would never give it to them. What codes were they after Sarah thought; they had sent the code key back to Washington and it had been months ago, they had surely been changed by now. Then they heard more sickening thuds again and again. Sarah knew they were punching him again and again, softening him up. She was frantic, tears were coming to her eyes as she heard Chuck scream again and again.

Casey muttered. "Keep it together Walker, you can't do him any good like this..

The punishing assault of sounds continued for another minute and they could hear Chuck sobbing. He wasn't an agent she thought, this never should have been happening to him.

They heard a chuckle come though the speakers as another man spoke to the first man. Sarah made a mental note of their voices; she would hunt them down and kill them for what they were doing to him.

"Break a finger." The first man said and a cracking sound came to her ears and another sob could be heard from Chuck. Another crack followed by sobs and then another and another until they heard the second man say. "He had passed out."

Sarah looked with tears in her eyes at Casey and could see even he was not immune to what was happening.

"We'll give him a few minutes to wake up and then we will start again the first man said. I thought you said this would be easy. We'll get the smelling salts and pliers; I'm starting to enjoy this."

Footsteps slowly faded and a door opened and closed.

There was no other sound, just ragged breathing.

"I've isolated his ear wig; he may be able to hear us when he wakes up." Casey shouted with a smile of triumph on his face. "Don't worry we will find him Walker."

Chuck could hear Sarah's voice in his head; he thought he was dreaming until he heard Casey yell for him to wake up.

He opened his eyes and looked around expecting to see them in front of him. His eyes were mostly swollen shut but he saw no one.

Then he heard it again. Sarah telling him he was very brave and they would find him soon. She could hear sobs coming through the audio.

"Talk to him Walker, keep him together." Casey said.

Sarah softly spoke so clearly in his head, "Chuck do you know where you are?"

She heard only a grunt followed by a very weak voice say. "No."

"Chuck you have to stay with me here, I need you to be brave and trust me." Wasn't that what she always said Chuck thought?

"Sarah?" Chuck slurred. "I don't think I can hold out much longer." He whimpered. "They want the codes and you can't let me give them to them."

"Don't worry Chuck," Sarah softly said. "They changed them after they were almost lost."

"Not those codes Sarah!" Chuck cried. "They want the master codes for all the Nuclear Plants in the U.S. They made me flash and I have them. They could meltdown every reactor in one hour with them. It would be one thousand times worse than Chernobyl."

Sarah gasped and she heard Casey mutter. "Shit."

"Sarah give me the arming sequence." Chuck blubbered. "You can't let them get it out of me."

"What are you talking about Chuck; what arming sequence?" Sarah questioned.

"I know about the implant." Chuck said in a halting voice. "I need it now. I can't think about all the death it would cause. I can't think about Ellie or Morgan or you getting hurt because of me."

She looked at Casey in exasperation and he had his cell pressed to his ear.


She heard Casey state "Yes General, they're after the master codes."

"We have contact but we have no idea where he is. They're still jamming the GPS." Casey said.

"Yes General, I think it is the only way."


Sarah screamed at Casey. "What the hell are you talking about?"

Then she heard Chuck say in an almost whisper. "The arming sequence that will trigger the mini incinerator that they implanted at the base of my brain."

Sarah shrieked. "That's so not going to happen." She pulled her gun out and pointed it at Casey. "Chuck hold on we will find you soon."

"Sarah, it's for the greater good." Chuck cried. "Please I don't think I can do it if you don't hurry."

Casey just looked at her with a pained expression and quietly said. "It's for the greater good Sarah. We have no choice, you know that, let him go out a hero."

"Chuck!" Casey shouted. "Whiskey Whiskey 9er Bravo Incinerate Incinerate Command 739228."

Chuck heard the phrase and they heard a deep intake of breath and they knew he was flashing again. Chuck mumbled as he was coming out of it "I love you Sarah!" Then they heard a small pop much like a firecracker. Followed by a gurgling sound like someone was choking and then a long exhalation of breath and then quiet.

Sarah fell to her knees in front of the speakers trying to hear something, anything, but only silence. She screamed. "Chuck!, Chuck!" at the top of her lungs before falling to the floor sobbing.

Casey looked down at Sarah, he tried to say something to make her feel better but he couldn't think of anything.

She was sobbing and shaking now. Casey gently picked her up and put her on the couch only to have her curl up in a fetal position muttering to herself, "I love you Chuck, I love you too".


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