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"Well cheza.." Kira said turning to Cheza hoping that she could heal Kia the rest of the way.

"It's a risk, but if you're willing to take it this one will heal you."said Cheza.
Kira looked back at her sister. "do you want to take the risk?" asked Kira with tears in her eyes.

"Yes I hate making the pack waiting for me to get better and not traveling to get to paradise." said Kia.

"You aren't wasting our time we need our rest to Kia." said Tobe.

She closed her eyes because the pain was so bad.

"KIA!" yelled Kira

"Cheza please!" Kira cried as Kiba held on to her trying to comfort her.

Cheza saw the look on Kira's face and nodded. Kiba held her tight. She put her hand on her throat and it started to glow. A couple of seconds later she took her hand off of Kia. Kia closed her eyes and stopped breathing.

"Kia?" asked Tobe and Kira in unison.

Kiba looked at Cheza worriedly. Cheza felt Kiba's gaze and nodded her head saying that she wasn't going to make it. Kiba held her tighter and teared up. All of a sudden the wolf from earlier came out and started to growl. Kira heard the growling and looked at The unknown wolf. She got out of Kiba's grasp and did the same.

"You want to try my patients again bitch! My sister is dying, you wanna fight me know?" asked Kira.

All of a sudden she heard loud breathing like someone had just ran a marathon. She looked behind her and it was her sister. Tobe went to her side and all of a sudden Kia's eyes opened. Kira got up and tried to walk and was kind of wobbly at the knees. She was falling backward when all of a sudden Tobe caught her and put her back up to her feet. Kira had the look of deer in headlights and turned around and ran and jumped up and hugged her sister like there was no tomorrow. When she was done hugging Kira she put her down. When she was looking around at the group of wolves she saw an unfamiliar wolf.

"Hey, who's this person?" asked Kia.

Kira suddenly remembered her almost fight with the wolf."
"Who cares she's lucky I didn't kill or about to." Kira turned and growled at the wolf then went back to watching her sister.

"But your OK now!" Kira said tears falling from her eyes.

"hello my name is Kia." she said walking up to her.

The wolf started to growl, Kia stopped and took a step back.

"Hey she's just trying to be nice." said tobe. Kira jumped in front of Kia.

"ATTACK HER I FUCKING DARE YOU!!!!!!" Kira screamed in anger.

The wolf nodded and jumped over kira and ran for Kia. KIA saw what was about to happen and started running for tobe for protection. Tobe looked at her and was about to bite her neck.

"kira!!!!" kia yelled.

Kiba grabbed her and held her back. Kia went over to the know hurt wolf.

"Cheza can you heal her?" she asked. "What you want the wolf that tried to kill you to be healed?!" she yelled and asked.

"Don't do it Cheza." Kira growled.

She started pulling Kiba with her as she tried going after the wolf again.

"Kira!! Stop it." said Kia.

"cheza please don't do this I can tell that the wolf will attack her." explained Kira.

"kira this one can't help it, if a wolf is hurt because if a wolf is hurt and they're near this one has to heal a wolf." cheza explained.

Kia was checking over the wolf when all of a sudden the wolf woke up and whined. The wolf opened her eyes and saw a bunch of wolves and a young girl.

"who are you?" she asked cheza.

"I am cheza the flower maiden." Cheza said smiling.

"What is your name." asked Cheza.

Kira was growling.

"We have a problem Kira's pulling me with her. She wants to kill that wolf." Kiba said as he tried to pull her back.

"Kira stop it now!" yelled Kia.

"Tsume, Can you to please help kiba?" she asked.

Tsume nodded and helped kiba.

She was still struggling. Kia stood up and went to was a little taller so she told him to come down.

"kiss her on the lips that will make her calmer."kia whispered and smiled.

He nodded. "Hey Kira!", she turned and kissed her. She kissed back but turned to Kia after that.

"Why are you helping her after she attacked us?" Kira hissed at her sister.

She waited for Kia too answer.
"Because, she may of attacked us but she is still a wolf and she's one of us." said Kia strongly.

Cheza was done healing. When the wolf got up. Kira started growled and started to struggle. Kia nodded again and kiba started to kiss her deeply.

"Thank you for your hospitalty." the wolf bowed.

"Im Kia and this is toboe, higei, kiba,tsume and the stubborn one is my younger sister Kira." Kia introduced. The wolf turned into a human and there stood a girl about the same age as kira. I'm xanira.

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