Summary: Jack and Ianto help Gwen through her break up with Rhys, our favourite Captain has fallen in love with her, does she feel the same?

Gwen Cooper walked by the Cardiff Bay to where Torchwood Three was hidden, meeting no one on the way. She walked through the wooden door and closed it just as the heavy cog wheel door opened to let her in. "Hello? Anyone in?" she called through, turning on the lights and starting up another set of stairs.

Jack Harkness was in his office researching the alien evidence of the strange things that had been happening over the past few days and it was stressing him out, because he felt he was getting nowhere and he ran a frustrated hand through his hair. He heard Gwen come into the Hub, and heard her voice, and he shouted back; "Yeah, me, I'm in here."

Gwen shrugged off her jacket as she got to her workstation, said her usual 'mornings' to the picture of Tosh and Owen and walked over to Jack's office. "You sound off. What's wrong?" she asked.

Jack looked up, and seemingly for the first time, took in Gwen's slim/ curvy figure which was hugged by a v-necked deep red t-shirt and black skinny jeans with her usual brown boots. She seemed to get more beautiful every time he laid eyes on her.

"Jack?" she said again.

Her voice jolted him from his thoughts. "Sorry. Uh... it's just this paperwork. Doing my head in." he sighed.

"Then take a break from it." she said, smiling softly. "I could always treat you to one of my coffees." she teased.

"Alright, alright, don't threaten me!" he laughed softly, standing up. "Your coffees are not the best in the world."

"Hey!" she pouted, and tried for all of ten seconds to keep it on her face before laughing.

He grinned. "So how's things are home?"

"Quiet." she sighed once her laughter had subsided. "Rhys wasn't home when I got in."

"Oh?" This intrigued Jack. Usually Rhys waited up every night for his wife. "Where was he?"

"No idea where he went... He didn't leave for work 5 hours early. I just wet to bed, didn't even think about it I was that tired. Woke up in the morning, he still wasn't there, no signs that he'd come home. Rang one of his work mates, they said he got in for work the same time as normal..." Gwen explained.

"Well... where do you think he went? Did he leave a note or anything telling you?" he asked curiously

She shook her head. "Dunno..." she said "I'll see if I can find out later... He's turned his phone off..."

Jack grew slightly suspicious, as though Gwen wasn't telling him something, as though things weren't going as good as she'd been saying before. "Why?"

She heaved another sigh. "We've... been arguing a lot for a while..." she admitted, looking at the dest. It would have come out sooner or later, she'd have to explain if she suddenly broke down into tears in front of him.

He moved round the desk, standing opposite her and leaning back against the desk, breaking her eye line. "What caused the argument?"

"He was getting annoyed because I was coming home late..." she said.

"Tell him it's your job. I thought he was okay with this." he said.

"I know... that's what he told me... I tell him that every night and he just turned around and said it was just an excuse to shag someone. I told him why would I do that? No-one else will have me except him. He just said not even he would have me anymore..." she rolled her eyes. "After he said it I just walked out. That's why I was in a mood yesterday and wouldn't say anything." she added.

Jack also rolled his eyes and said "He'll soon come to his sensed and come running back like a lost puppy." even though on the inside he wanted to kill Rhys for even saying those words.

She lightly pushed him, smiling a little. "I dunno... he's always waited for me for when I get home... Never left..." she glanced at her wedding ring.

"Don't worry about it, he will be back, he's like your shadow." He laughed.

Everything in Jack's being screamed for her not to take Rhys back, these next few words may kill him and he feared for her response, but he said them anyway. "It's up to you, but if you love him Gwen why be without him?"

She looked up at him, her eyes doe-wide. "I don't think I do anymore." she said after a moment's thought.

His eyes snapped to hers. Had he heard right or was his mind playing cruel trick on him because he knew now he loved her so much more than he let on? "Gwen you're married to him, you wouldn't marry him if you didn't love him."

"I did... I do..." she tripped over her words, trying to make sense of it in her head. "I don't feel as much in love with him as I did... I love him of course I do... but I'm not in love with him."

It wasn't a trick. it wasn't even a dream. This really was Gwen Cooper telling him that she was no longer in love with Rhys Williams. But so desperate for her to keep her happiness, Jack said; "Maybe you should give him a second chance."

Gwen scoffed. "I've given him second chances, Jack... THIS was his fourth 'second chance'... It was either him or work, and I chose my work."

"I can't say much else then Gwen. But I think if you throw your love away like this, you'd be making a mistake."

She sighed, reaching a hand up to her forehead, rubbing it. "Well there's nothing else I can do Jack. What would you rather I do? Would you rather I left Torchwood and be depressed or stay in a relationship I'm not happy in and string him along?" she snapped and walked out.

Jack sighed and kept watch on her on the CCTV as she sat by the water fountain just as Ianto walked in, the alarm blaring to signal his arrival.

A/N: There's my first chapter, I do a lot of roleplay on Bebo, and this story is actually a roleplay between myself and another fantabulous roleplayer, it inspired me. Although I think Jack/Ianto are cute and I love it, I do have to say I've been converted to Jack/Gwen by my best friend lol. Reviews are Jack Harkness shaped cookies