A/N:Inspired by some of the chapters of NeroAnne's story, So you want a little taste of the enigma? She has amazing skills. I love her to death! But, this was also inspired by a manga series titled, Kitchen Princess, where I learned how to make flan in a teacup! Look up flan, it be delish!

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Pairings:John Morrison/Jeff Hardy (That's new!)

- - -

The picture almost seemed to be frozen in time. Jeff's rainbow colored hair was tied back in a loose bun, a few blond strands hanging over his forehead. The pure white sheet was delicately draped over his body, only exposing his head, neck, and arms. Their was the cutest look of bliss on his face as he took another spoon full of flan and placed in on his tongue. He looked so adorable.

John took hold of his pencil and quickly started to draw the image that was pasted into his head, enjoying the tapping sounds of his was fully enticed in drawing his lover, that he didn't even notice said man standing over him. At least, not until he smelt the caramel-coated breath blow into his nose,"Is that me?"

John looked up at his smiling lover,"Of course, love. You are always the model for my drawings."

"Well, thank you, John. That's sweet," Jeff looked back down at the picture, seeing a strange word written at the top of the page,"What 'Najika'?"

"It's a Japanese word. It contains the characters for "seven", "rainbow", and "fragrance."

"Alright. So what does that have to do with me?"

John took a lock of Jeff's hair,"Your hair is rainbow, and the rainbow has seven colors," He sniffed the multi-colored locks,"And your scent is like a drug to me."

Jeff leaned in more, so that his neck was to John's nose,"Then let me be your addiction."

The End!

- - -

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