Note- this was a challenge from a fanfic group and I was cleaning out
my folder when I ran into it. I know, its not beta-ed and really sorry
about that. Well, it's a quciky. So Enjoy.

The challenge is the first paragraph… the rest… you'll see…

Challenge #2.

By the untalented JOxER-

Lucas was on shore leave and currently was at his
father's summer house. It was a Saturday afternoon,
warm and sunny. Life was surprisingly well-no
beatings, no arguments. He even was getting some
attention. But in the back of Lucas's mind he knew it
had to be to good to be true. He was sitting on the
porch swing when it happened- the blow came out of no
where-a hard object slammed into Lucas's
skull. He flung himself out of the swing, trying to
get away from whoever it was. Looking up from his spot
on the ground, Lucas saw no one.

Lucas felt his skull, to where the object hit and
looked back at his hand. It was covered with blood.
Lucas began to panic; there was so much blood on his
hand. Lucas tried to get up but dizziness took over
the young man. Pain was also begun to show its
presence and Lucas laid back on the ground. His
bloody hand went back to the spot of his skull and
found there was more blood soaking his blond hair. A
shadow casted upon Lucas' body and Lucas slightly
moved his head to see who it was. The man was holding
a smoking gun in his hands. 'Oh my god, I've been
shot!' Lucas thought. The man began to speak to the
teen but Lucas was starting to pass out. The man
began to raise the gun to the unconscious teen when a
concern neighbor yelled at the man. The man quickly
hid the gun under his shirt and placed a panic look on
his face.

"Some one call the police! Please, my son had been
shot!" Dr. Lawrence Wolenczak yelled to one of his

"My wife is calling the paramedics now!. What
happened.? I heard a shot and then I saw your son on
the floor from upstairs… I came as quickly as I
could!" A middle aged man asked.

"I don't know! I was in the house when I heard the
shot! I come out side and my son is on the floor
bleeding!" Lawrence said as he bent down to the teen.
Lawrence checked for Lucas pulse and screamed inside
with anger to find there was a weak pulse. 'Damn it!'
Lawrence thought as he breath a sigh of relief. He
turned to the middle age man with teary eyes.

"His still alive! Where are those paramedics!"
Lawrence said.

The middle age man bent down near Lawrence. "They will
be here."

Ten minutes later, the paramedics' and ambulance's
sirens began to fill the silence neighborhood. The
Paramedics went running toward the teen on the floor.

"Can you tell us what happened?" A paramedic asked

"Some one shot him! I don't know who!"

They worked fast on the teen and slowly began to place
Lucas on the stretcher. Several seconds later, two
patrol cars came right behind the paramedics and
walked toward Lawrence.

"Sir, I am officer Williams, this is my partner
Officer Gallows. Can you tell me what happened?"

"Please, all I want is to ride with my son, can I give
you my damn statement later!" Lawrence acted the
worried parent very perfectly.

"Sir, we have to know what happened." Officer Gallows

"I am sorry Ma'am but get my statement later!"
Lawrence said as he stepped into the ambulance. The
two officers just looked at each other.

"Thought you said this was going to be easy" Gallows
said to her partner.

"It will be, come on, we got to follow the ambulance."
Williams said as they began to follow the ambulance

"Why don't we just let him go, get the statement

"We don't know anything about this… a kid has been
shot by who know who. This is a peaceful neighbor
hood Gallows. No one goes around here shooting their
guns off."

"You don't think…?"

"One cant rule out anything." With that, the two
officers followed the speeding ambulance to Mary's
Regional medical center. The emergency staff was
already ready for the teen and got him out carefully
but quickly. The two officers saw the Lawrence get
out of the ambulance and follow the team inside. Once
inside, the two officers followed the man to question
him. They spotted their man; Lawrence was prohibit
entering the emergency room and had to wait out side
and fill up paper work. Lawrence saw the officer near
him and began to get up, forgetting about the paper

"Hold it, we need to ask you some questions first."
Gallows said as she step in front of Lawrence way.

"I have nothing to say, why aren't you out there
looking for the guy who did this!"

"For starters, we don't know anything since we have no
statements from the main witness! Second, you do have
something to say, if you don't say it now, we will
take you down for questioning!" Gallows said.

"I don't have to answer anything!" Lawrence said as he
tried to move the officer out of his way. Gallows was
a female officer but her training made her a deadly
weapon. She quickly had Lawrence on the floor and was
trying to handcuff the doctor.

"Need help Gallows?" Officer Williams joked, he knew
she didn't, she was too darn strong.

"Nope!" Gallows repeated as she got one of Lawrence
arms behind his back.

"What the hell are you doing? I didn't do anything!"

"You attacked a police officer, I am arresting you!"
Gallows said as she reached for his other arm Lawrence
was hiding in his chest. Lawrence was reaching for
his gun he had hidden there. At the same time Gallows
grab his wrist, Lawrence had grabed the gun. William
was there observing the scene when a loud shot rang
the hall way. Gallows had fallen on her captive,
blooding soaking her uniform and Lawrence back.
Williams quickly raised his gun to Lawrence.

"Drop the gun asshole!" Williams shouted to the

"Lawrence made no move to drop the gun but slowly got
up from the floor.

"I said drop it or I will shoot!" Williams shouted
again. Suddenly the door opened near Lawrence and a
nurse with some bandages came out. Lawrence saw the
nurse and quickly took her hostage.

"Let the nurse go!" Williams said

"NO, drop your gun!" Lawrence said as he pushed the
gun to the nurse's head. "Drop it or she dies!"
Williams didn't know what to do; he looked at his
partner then to Lawrence. He could not let him kill
again and at the same time he couldn't let him kill
again. Williams lowered his gun down and placed it on
the floor.

"Now, kick it to me!" Lawrence said as pushed the gun
harder to the crying nurse. Williams did and raised
his arms up. Lawrence then aimed the gun to the
officer and shot him in the chest. The officer fell
to the ground and didn't move. The nurse screamed and
Lawrence shoved the gun in her mouth. "Ok, lets goes
see the son of mine and get the job done right!"
Lawrence said to the nurse as they both began to enter
the ER. The ER staff that was working on Lucas had
heard the shot and began to make their way to the
door. Before they got there, the door was opened and
they were shock to see Lawrence and a nurse enter the
room. More shock to see the gun near the nurse's

"Let her go!" Another nurse said but was taken back as
Lawrence took the gun out of the nurse's mouth and
shot the nurse. He quickly put the gun near the nurse
head again.

"Where is my son!" There was no answer from the staff.
Lawrence shook his head and shot another staff member
down. Lawrence quickly aimed his gun on another staff
when he began to chicken out.

"Who's your son?"

"Gun shot to the head. The little bastard survived!"
The staff member nodded his head.

"Follow me."

"What the hell are you doing Walker?" Another staff
member addressed the snitch. Lawrence aimed and shot
him down as well. Lawrence dragged the nurse with him
to a curtain room. Lucas was in the process of being
hooked up to machines. Lawrence aimed the gun to
Lucas' head when he heard a loud noise. The noise was
followed by pain coming towards his back. He slowly
lowered his gun and let the nurse go free. She
quickly ran and hid under neath the bed. Lawrence
slowly turned toward to where the pain had come from.
Lawrence was shock to see that Officer Williams was
standing a couple of feet away, holding his gun.
Lawrence smiled and soon, fell to the ground. The
staff began its work toward the dead and to Lucas.

"Thank you!" A nurse said to the officer.

"No probl.." Williams tried to say when he too fell to
the ground.


Lawrence woke up some time later and took note that he
was handcuff to a bed. A familiar face soon greeted
The two men entered the room and looked at the doctor.

"Hello Captain." Lawrence said. "If looks can kill"

Nathan Hale Bridger entered the room as an officer
followed him into the room. He had gotten the call
that Lucas had been shot in his father's house and
that Lawrence went off on a shooting spree. "Shut up
you sick bastard!"

"Dr. Wolenczak, why did you shoot your son?" The other
officer asked.

"Simple! He left his stereo on. I have told that boy
so many times to turn it off when he is not using it!"
Lawrence laughed. It was the real reason. He was
sick of his son's disobedience.

"A fucked stereo!" captain Bridger made a move toward
Lawrence but was held back by the officer.

"Yeah, plus that I had.. Lets see… a bottle of Jack
Daniels to make my thinking a whole lot better!"
Lawrence laughed as Bridger made another move toward
Lawrence. The officer excorted the angry captain out
of the room.

"That sick asshole!" Captain Bridger said to the
officer once outside. "Good thing I wasn't alone, I
would have killed that bastard!"

"I know how you feel. But he is going to do some
time, maybe the death penalty. He has killed three
people and had attempted to kill two others."

"That is not making me feel better." Nathan said as
regain control.

"That is all I can say Captain, come on, lets go to
the kid, he will needs you more than his father does."
The officer said as the two walked into another room,
it was Lucas. The teen had been in surgery for 8
hours to remove the bullet in his head. He hooked up
to machines that the Captain didn't even know existed.
The teens hair had been shaven all off and there was
plenty of bandages around his head to cover his whole

"Is he going to be ok?" The officer asked.

"The doctors said that he will be. The bullet didn't
do major damage or hit any vital sections of his
brain… they said that he will be ok." Captain Bridger
said as he sat down near the teen. The officer

"I will around if you need me." The officer said as he
exited the room and went to his friend Williams's

Nathan was left alone with the teen. Lucas had only
woken up once in the ICU. Nathan grabed the teens had
and began to talk to the teen.

"IF you only knew how much I care for you Lucas. When
Bill called me at home about.. about what happened."
Nathan said as he held back his tears. "I felt that
someone had punch me in the stomach. I could not
believe that your father did this to you. I still
can't believe it!" Nathan paused as he wiped the
falling tears from his eyes. " I love you so much.
Please Lucas, can you hear me? I love you." Nathan
said as lowered his head and began to cry. He let go
of Lucas hand and placed his hands on his face.
Nathan never felt so helpless in his life. He never
felt like this, only twice in his life did he feel so
much pain and anger. When Robert and Carol died…
Lucas began to move his hand. Nathan was lost in his
memories to notice the teen's hand. What got the
captains attention was the moan that escaped Lucas
throat. The captain wiped his eyes clean and neared
the teen.

"Lucas! Lucas, please, wake up!" Nathan saw that
Lucas wanted to wake, his eyes were moving underneath
his eyelids. "Please Lucas, its me Captain Bridger!"
Nathan smiled as Lucas' blue eyes opened. They
wondered around the room and landed on the captain.
"Hey Kiddo." Nathan said as Lucas recognized who the
person was. Then, all his memory came back- his
father, the gun! His head. Lucas tried to speak but
his throat was too swore. Nathan notice Lucas effort
and the horror his eyes were telling him. Lucas was
on the edge of breaking down.

"Shh… its ok. Your dad is under arrest. He is never
going to hurt you again!. You are going to be ok
Lucas! I promise you!" Nathan said as he notice Lucas
eyes calm down. Lucas smiled and went back to sleep.
Nathan was relieved that Lucas was going to be ok.
Nathan sat back down on his chair near the teen. 'How
am I going to explain his prized hair he cares so much
about' Nathan laughed at the thought and sighed.
Lucas was going to be all right.