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The next day was a bad one at the Higurashi home. Kagome blacked out and ended up at the hospital. InuYasha was right there by Kagome's side the whole time. The months past and no sign from Kagome. Kagome' mom was getting worried. InuYasha went and told the gang what was going on. When he got back Kagome was home. "How are you doing Kagome?" asked InuYasha. "I'm fine let's get married" said Kagome. "Ok… when?" asked InuYasha. "Tomorrow, you are staying in the basement room tonight ok" said Kagome. "Ok" said InuYasha. "InuYasha come on" said Kagome's Mom. "Where?" asked InuYasha. "To your room for the night" said Kagome's Mom. Kagome's Mom walked off. InuYasha ran after her and said "What happened when I was gone?" "She just woke up and said 'InuYasha let's get married' and she was fine" said Kagome's Mom.

The Next day InuYasha and Kagome Married. By the end of the day Kagome was back in the hospital. InuYasha was there and would not leave. "Kagome I love you don't leave me now. Come back to me Kagome. I will only love you and only you" said InuYasha. "InuYasha" said Kagome's Mom. "Yes" said InuYasha. "Come back to the house with me. We will come back in the morning" said Kagome's mom. "Ok, I'll be back in the morning" said InuYasha he said to Kagome.

The next morning InuYasha, Sota, and Kagome's mom went to see Kagome. They were about at Kagome's room when an alarm went off and doctors went running into Kagome's room. "What's wrong with my girl" called Kagome's Mom. The alarm went off and a doctor came over to the three of them. "I'm sorry, we got your girl back but she will never walk again" said the doctor. "No, please let Kagome be ok. I hope she come though this alright" thought InuYasha.

Months went by and Kagome had no improvement only bad stuff. InuYasha and Kagome's mom were sitting in the room with Kagome. Then we walked out for some air. Then the alarm went off again and the doctor ran into Kagome's room and weren't in there long enough to do anything. The Doctor walked over to the two of them. "I'm sorry we couldn't do anything. She's gone, I'm sorry for your lost" said the doctor. "No" said InuYasha and took off running way.

InuYasha ran back to the gang and told them what happened. He lived on but never fell in love again. He went to see Kagome's family a lot. Kagome died from a piece of wood in her leg that no one knew about. It go her very sick. InuYasha was never again mean to Shippo and only fought for Kagome.