Set quite a long time after the game this fic mainly focuses on Hope (Colette and Lloyd's daughter) and Kero (Sheena and Zelos' son).

Disclaimer: I don't own Tales of Symphonia.

It was one of the beautiful, lazy, warm sunny evenings that made the summer holidays worth spending all that time in school for. As she swung upside down on a branch of her favourite tree Hope looked around the garden, spotting where all of her family were. Her brother was playing with Noishe while her parents were sitting at a table preparing a salad to go with dinner.

"This beats sitting in a hot classroom learning maths stuff off by heart doesn't it?" she said, moving to sit up so she could face Kero who was sitting beside her on the branch.

"It does. Or having to put up with people teasing you or asking some new silly question when you thought they'd thought up every stupid question that they could ask," Kero agreed.

"Oh I'm glad it's not just me that hates being treated differently just because of who their parents are," Hope said.

"Tell me about it. If someone asks me one more time if I can summon one of the summon spirits like mum I'll explode," her friend nodded.

"'Is it true that your parents have wings? Why don't you have any? Why aren't they made of solid feathers like bird ones like the pictures of angels in the old textbooks?'" Hope grimaced and rolled her eyes.

"Or the worst one of all…" Kero prompted.

"'Isn't it weird having parents who were part of something we study in history class now?'" Hope finished.

"Honestly, they're just mum and dad to me. OK they can be a little weird or embarrassing sometimes but from what I can see that's kinda in every parents' job description, no matter who they are, right?" she continued.

"Exactly," Kero nodded.

The two friends sat in companionable silence for a while, lazily swinging their legs as they watched the world below them. Miles was playing with a yo-yo now and Noishe had curled up in a shady spot, his head resting on his paws sleepily but one eye open to make sure that all of the children were OK. Colette and Lloyd had gone into the kitchen to finish preparing dinner and Hope could hear the sound of their voices drifting through the open window and door. The smells of their cooking wafted to her nose too, mixing in with the other pleasant smells of summer.

"See, this is why it's nice to have you around, you understand these things," Hope turned back to Kero.

"Just because I understand?" he asked, pretending to be a little hurt.

"Nah, you're a good friend too really," Hope replied, ruffling his hair in a friendly way.

"Only a 'good' friend? I should think that, by now, after all of those times that I've listened to you rambling on you'd at least say I was a great friend," Kero teased, causing Hope to smile.

"Dinner's ready!" Colette called out from the kitchen door.

Before getting up to climb down the tree Hope leaned over and gave Kero a light kiss on the cheek.

"You are," she said softly, blushing, then, still smiling, she began to climb down the tree.

With a slightly dazed look on his face Kero slowly brought a hand up to his cheek, which had gone the same colour as Hope's. He stayed like that for a few moments then shook his head slightly as if to clear it and started to follow Hope down the tree, calling out to her as he tried to catch up with her.

"Hey, wait for me, if you and your brother get to the table before me there won't be any food left for me!"

Hope's only reply was a giggle.