Victoria Diana Ashford sighed as she made her way through the Dean's office. She smiled and greeted the secretary as she waited for the Dean to let her in. After a few minutes the secretary answered the phone and let her in the office.

The office was bright full of trophies and frames displayed and hanged in the walls. She stared at the intricate designs of the figure in the desk. She turned her attention away from the figure and greeted her Dean.

It wasn't her intention to move away and transfer to a different university and it's not that St. John's College was that bad. It's just that she needs to move away, back to her homeland. Well, she doesn't consider England as her homeland. She grew up here in Annapolis and almost stayed here for almost 15 years. She was only 4 years old when her parents decided to settle in America. Annapolis, capital of Maryland wasn't that bad. Diana had almost forgotten that she was British by blood. She was so much of American than British. Although, her features where British, her bright green eyes shimmer like emeralds and her pale brown locks, almost golden when light hits it, flowed down gracefully. She had tied it in half to keep it from falling in her face. .

"Have a seat Ms. Ashford." The dean said, she motion her hand to the empty chair in front of her desk.

Diana told her why she's transferring schools and leaving Annapolis.

"Ah. I see. I'm very sorry to hear about your grandfather. When do you plan to leave?" the Dean asked. "Tea?" she offered. Diana shook her head and smiled faintly

"In a month." Diana said as she looked down at her skirt, crumpling it in her hands.

"That soon?"

"Well, yes. But my parents are leaving this week. It was so sudden. I still have to finish up things around here before I leave."

"That's very nice of you, taking care of your academics before leaving."

"Yes, I don't want to be a burden or anything but yes, I do want to settle things first before I leave." Her eyes trailed to the beeping red light in her Dean's phone. "Excuse me." She said as she picked up the phone. "Yes. . .Already here? Ah. Okay. Let him in." she said as she placed down the receiver and smiled at Diana. The door swung open. A young man went in, he greeted the Dean as he removed his Ray Ban sunglasses. "Well, it was nice hearing your acceptance. I'll be going now. Have a good day." She said as she slightly bowed her head as she head towards the door, not taking a glance back.

"Ah! Mr. Salvatore! I can say that it's my pleasure to welcome you in our school! Tea?"


Damon Salvatore was driving in the highway as he came to the boundary of Annapolis. He stopped his black Ferrari for a while and then drove again. It was almost dusk. He went to the edge of the cliff, taking a view of the town. He still had his Ray Ban sunglasses on. Again, he was bored. He expected to find more beautiful and delicious women in this town. He smirked as the birds flew away, feeling his dark presence within the area. He had not been in this town which is not that far away from Fell's Church. It has been 2 years since everything. He could never forget. With Elena turning into a vampire as he and his brother, Stefan fought hard to keep 'the other power' from hurting them. Yes. It was Katherine, the other power who started all of this. He had been lured into Fell's Church because of Katherine. He could never forget how she had tricked them. Thinking she was dead and all. But she's really dead right now and she was one with the earth. His fist tightened and he smiled as he kicked the leaves with his dark leather boots. And then there was Klaus, after Elena died, he suddenly appeared creating mayhem again in Fell's Church. Klaus threatened him back then. He was so strong, one of the so called 'originals'. His eyes grew darker has he remembered his hatred for Klaus which almost killed him. He sighed, his breathes formed into thin smoke as the temperature dropped. He couldn't think of other vampires more evil and stronger than Klaus. It had been a miracle to survive him. With Elena helping them as she miraculously resurrected from death, not as a vampire but as a human.

Another thought hit him in the head, his most difficult challenge ever. He had been controlled by the mallachs. It almost overpowered him as he finds himself drowning in the darkness. He shook his head, not wanting to think about those memories. He had refused in staying with Stefan, he never wanted to stay with him in the first place. He needs to be far away from Fell's Church. Far from his horrible memories. And yet, there were good one. Elena was one of them. But he only found out later on that he was attracted to Elena because she looked like Katherine. But somehow, he was wrong. Elena was stronger and has a sense of goodwill in her. He had offered himself to Elena a couple of times now but she had always refused. Then there was Bonnie. He doesn't know what's in her that draws him in. A little red head druid that always calls for his help when she was dying. He was always there for her, though it irritates him. He had once shared his blood with her because she was dying. He didn't bit her though. For a while, Bonnie thought she was falling for Damon. But then there's Matt. Matt had always been there for her. He cared, that's what matters, she thought as she balanced her feelings between the two. Damon didn't mind that, of course. He could make the girls in this town swoon over him in just a snap. Yes. That was his special ability. But then, he was never contented. He wondered why? He wasn't like his brother who's already contended with Elena. He always wanted more of everything. When he wants something, he always gets it.

He shook his head and smiled to himself as he went inside his car and drove into the darkness.


"So this is the cafeteria and that's the other way out of the school. You just go left and there's the east parking lot. I can see you have a car?" the dean said as she tried to gawk at him. Damon was so alluring in a beautiful way. He nodded as the Dean gestured their way out. "Shall we go to the old building now?"

It wasn't far from the new building itself. It was the farthest building in the campus and really old too. The dean was saying something about the school's history, but most of the time he wasn't paying attention. He would just smile sweetly at the Dean to get away with it. They went inside as he admired the girls with their uniform. He licked his lips as he scanned for the girls in the library. His gaze passed at the girl sitting silently by the window