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~He's lost with out you chapter 9~


"MMM, Jeff baby, come on the guys will be over in a sec, u can give me a blowjob later, Oh god that feels good."

Jeff was on his knees in the Kitchen with Matts pants pulled down to his knees sucking Matt's dick, he didnt care at the moment or even begin to comprehend Matt's protests he just kept sucking his dick like Matt never even spoke a word. Finally after a few more hard sucks and Matt's damn protests, Jeff milked Matt's ballz for what they were worth while Matt exploded into Jeffs hott mouth. Jeff lapping up everybit, as Matt calmed down from the pure sexual drive.

"Ok Matty, I'm done, oh hey i think the guys are here." As the Kimo, Phill, Shan, Shane, Johnny and the rest of The Core Group came walking in, Matt tried to hide a blush on his face and spoke, "Hey Yall grabe a seat, we need to tell u something."

"Ok, sure man, whats up." Shane asked.

"Well u see Matt's falling in love again, and so have I, I'm sorry Beth, I know it seems so soon after the break up and all, but to tell u the truth, I couldnt be more happier."Jeff said as he looked at an almost tear streaking Beth.

"Yeah, um about that, The thing is, Bethy, Its me he's falling in love with, and I him as well, look I know its gonna be a har_ Matt didnt get to finish the sentence, when he heard everyone start to laugh.

"What?! Thats fucking hillarious, u guys are the funniest things, We have ever known, and--Beth tried to finish but Kimo butted in. "Beth there not kidding look."

Beth sat up from were she had fallen backwards from laughing so hard and saw that Matt was kissing Jeff ever so lovingly, and surprised herself when she began to cry and knew at that moment that it was true, that this love that she was now facing, was real, and her heart beated fast and she loved it, she actually was inspired by how gentle and loving and caring the two were embracing thereselves in.

"Oh god, u two are so beautiful together," Beth said with a tear stained face. She was happy for her once lover and her best friend, they seem perfect for eachother, and she knew she could never take that bond they had away let alone the love they truley finally shared together.

"So you guys aint sickened by this?"Matt asked.

"No!! not at all. was filled in the room by everyone embracing and loving the idea of them together.

"I knew something like this would happen eventually, u two belong together whether ur brothers or lovers, your eachothers souls wrapped into one and its cool with us we aint gonna judge you at all, we love u both always and forever." Shannon spoke all happy to see this.

"Hear, Hear, im with u," Everyone in The Core Group had said. After a while of talking to everyone about whats been goin on everyone decided to leave and Jeff finally had Matt to his self again.

Matt was in the kitchen putting the dishes away, when he felt a pair of soft hands wrap around his waste and felt a light suck begin on his neck, he dropped the pan he was washing in the sink and laid his head back against Jeff's shoulders closing his eyes and gasping at the soft touch Jeff was sending goosebumps all through Matt. Jeff kept sucking at Matt's neck while his hands inched down ever~so softly across Matt's chest firmly and lovingly caressing Matt's nipples and rolling them with his fingers sending them into hardened nubs. Jeff inched slowly down across Matt's abs and rubed the soft tight muscles of his abs while Matt was softly squeezing Jeff's firm tight ass, gasping at eachother touch, Jeff slowly inched one of his hands into Matt's track pants and started rolling Matt's ballz into his palm, then started lovingly caressing Matt's cock which was now harder then a rock, Matt moan Jeff's name, and Jeff sucked on Matt's neck harder almost causing it to bleed, leaving his mark on Matt, which Matt loved.

Matt finally turned around and captured Jeff 's lips into a passionate kiss easily slipping his tounge into Jeff's waiting mouth and caressing it with his tounge, Jeff met ever thrust of Matt's tounge with his masaging it with his, then placed his hands at the base of Matt's pants and pushed them down over his hips and to his feet, Matt kicked them to the side as Jeff picked Matt up and placed him onto the kitchen counter, Matt immediatly spread his legs and Jeff went to work sucking eagerly on Matt's dick, earning a moan from Matt, he trailed his tounge down to his ballz, then to Matt's awaiting entrance, placing his tounge on the outside of Matt's hole and rimming him before tounge fucking him with every drop of love that filled Jeff's soul.

Matt gasped at the sensation Jeff was bringing him. "Oh god Jeff, yesss tounge fuck me baby, please god dont stop!!" Matt whispered loudly. After a while Jeff finally stopped and placed the head of his cock to Matt's feeling that Matt was well prepared and lubed by the amount of spit his baby brother, and boyfriend gave him with his tounge fucking, Jeff finally inched his cock slowly into Matt, passing the first ring of tight muscles that consumed Jeff's hard cock. Inch by Inch Jeff eased in until he was barried to the hilt, he held it there for a few minutes so Matt could adjust to the sensation of his boyfriend filling him up completly.

"Ok, baby u can move now, Im ready, Oh baby boy, I'm always ready for u." Matt said with tears running down his eyes, not from pain but from the amount of love he truly felt for Jeff, ever ounce of love was always poured into there love making. Jeff moved at a slow pace making love to his brother no pounding into him at all, cause he wanted the sensations to last for as long as it could.

"Oh, baby ur so tight, always so tight, mmm, Matty I love you, I love u forever." Jeff whispered softly into Matt's ear loving words as he decided it was time to quicken his pace, the kitchen was filled with moans and groans from the brothers, as Jeff lovingly made love to his brother and stroked Matt's cock in rythem with each thrust he pentrated, sending both men over the edge, the finally came undone, as Jeff spilled into Matt and Matt spilled into Jeff's hand. After a few minutes they calmed down, then Matt 's cock hardened again, and got off the counter and atacked Jeff's lips again sending him backwards to one of the kitchen tables chairs, Jeff fell down into it and sunk low while Matt grabbed Jeff's legs and arched his back up bringing Jeff's legs around Matt's waist, and thrusting wildly into to Jeff, this time it was a wild fuck that the both of them knew was coming, Matt thrust hard into Jeff sending them both almost over the edge as Jeff screamed his pleasure, "Yess, Oh god, Matty, thats it fuckin fuck me baby.... fuck me." Jeff manage to moan but was only a whisper. Matt finally realesed his juices into Jeff, while Jeff realeased his into his hand. Both spent they went on the couch and laid down cuddling and decided to watch there favorite romantic movie, TITANIC.

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