It was early the next day, just before sunrise, that found two beings sitting atop a sleeping ship. One was the fierce K'da warrior-poet. The other was a teenage boy with ruffled hair. The human boy rested against his dragon like companion, who was stretched out like a dog. Neither of them spoke-there was no need for words. They were of different races and of different positions in their different societies. They were very different from each other. I cannot stress how different they were.

Never the less, they had crossed those boundaries not four hours ago. In doing so they had found something special. Something very special. Something so very special, that I dare not repeat it. Let's just say that they had found something special, and that Jack would carry the physical and emotional scars for the rest of his remaining years.

Now they sat together out under the fading stars, enjoying the stillness and the quiet of the empty world around them. They were more than partners. They were more than symbiant and host. They were more than companions or friends.

Jack sighed, breathing in the fresh air. He supposed that he would have to turn Uncle Virge back on sometime. He didn't really want to. It was so nice, just the two of them. He patted Drayco's back, and the K'da seemed to smile. His eyes were closed and he seemed as though he was sleeping. Jack knew better.

"How are you?" Jack asked, folding his hands in his lap. "Tired?"

"Some," Draycos admitted. "But it's a good kind of tired. You?"

"I sort of feel as though I was hit by a bulldozer before being shoved into a cement truck and then ran over by a street roller," Jack said, stretching his aching muscles.

"Pardon?" Draycos asked, opening his eyes.

"Skip it," Jack said. "It's a good thing, too."

The dragon raised his head onto Jack's lap, and the two of them were one as they watched the sun rise.