People's Park, Berkeley, CA, 1969

Hallucinogens, Spike decided, were out - he'd taken a half-pitcher of LSD spiked lemonade and some dried mushrooms off of a Flower Child they'd shared in what was left of People's Park after the day's protest riot. Anticipating a blissful romp through La-La Land with his best girl, he'd given most of it to Dru - only to find himself minutes later being loudly confronted by an unusually clear-eyed Ripe Wicked Plum who then proceeded to outline his faults and failures as a man in excruciating detail even as she took off her bra and set it alight in the ruins of the riot-trampled park - if that weren't enough, Dru then loudly listed every sin men as a group had committed against women since the dawn of time as the tricot toasted.

When he tried to talk Dru down while attempting to get her to cuddle Miss Edith, she'd nailed him soundly between the eyes with a leaded policeman's baton, screaming, "Don't patronize me, you male chauvanist pig - I'm not some child to be bribed into silence with pretty toys and candy, I am woman - hear me roar!"

Yes, indeedy, Spike added mentally as he wiped blood off of his face with the tattered remains of a protest banner while Drusilla shrieked militant feminist rhetoric from the roof of a nearby University building, hallucinogens were a decidedly definite out.