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"To a father growing old nothing is dearer than a daughter." – Euripides.

Dearer Than A Daughter

- Epilogue -

"So, this is it," Ginzo Higurashi whispered, the warm, summer wind caressing his face and carrying the smell of fresh flowers and wet grass.

The place was quiet, as always. Only a few visitors had come today. It was pretty hot though, it was right after lunch time and Ginzo was grateful to Kaede who reminded him to put on a hat.

"Sota just turned twelve and I can see he's bound to become a responsible young man. You know, sometimes I had my doubts," the old grandfather laughed, brushing his fingertips against cold stone. "But he's taking school seriously, trying to imitate his sister.

"Shippo is doing fine too, he needs to see a dentist though because thanks to these candies Miroku brings home every day the kid's got cavities."

Ginzo wiped the sweat on his forehead with his favorite handkerchief. "Oh, right, Miroku. That boy was really going to be the death of me," he confessed without shame. "He wasn't very helpful after… Well, you know… But now he's nailing every exam and he's also working to help us out. I'm sure this girl, Sango, is the reason why. The next time I come here, I'm sure they'll be married.

"Oh, me?" Ginzo laughed out loud. "You know me," he whispered, glancing around and unconsciously caressing the soft petals of the daisies he placed in front of him. "I need food, shogi and my grandchildren. And yes, I asked Kaede out, stop nagging me. Seriously, this Totosai guy showed up on my porch again, drooling like a senile old man and asking where she was. This needs to stop," he reasoned. "Even the kids are creeped out."

Ginzo raised his hand to blink back some tears which were due to the harsh sunlight, he explained.

"Kagome, you ask?"

He hummed, standing up and brushing off the dirt from his knees.

"My beautiful Kagome is the light of my life. She is now attending Todai and I think she might be the only one who doesn't feel the pressure the Faculty of law puts on its students," he chuckled, patting the top of the cold and medium-sized monument. "She is so much in love with Inuyasha, who seems to excel in academics. Oh, yes, he's not our tenant anymore. He is a TA at Kyoto University but I swear, I see his face so often it's like he never moved out. I guess that when you're in love, a three-hour train ride every two days isn't such a pain." He laughed to himself again, a grin plastered on his face. "I see he's very dedicated and hell-bent on making Kagome happy, even though she's not demanding. I mean, she took after you. You would have loved him.

"Kagome usually spends the weekends at his place and although this may sound weird, I'm not worried at all," he finally confessed with a shrug. "As a shrine priest I've seen many couples and I must say… The last time a saw such commitment in the eyes of a couple, I was giving my blessings to you and Takeshi."

Ginzo watered the daisies a little more before he decided it was time to head back home.

"Don't you worry, dear daughter of mine. Just rest, I got it covered."

Ginzo turned around and walked away at a slow pace, leaving the tombstone he had waited one year to visit.

Kunloon Higurashi

1969 – 2009

Word count: 580.

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