Woohoo! Finally! Omg, I've been dying to write this fic for some time now! So let's get started, shall we?

This is the third story of a trilogy centered around an OC named Kaceystar, the first born daughter of Optimus and Elita. There is a summary of the first two fics on my profile page for those who do not wish to read about Kacey's journey up to this point. Although, you are missing out as some of Kacey's fans will testify. Also listed on my profile are alt forms and ranks listing used specifically for my Kaceystar fics.

This is a love story between Kacey and the adorable Bumblebee. It will be filled with action, drama, comedy, and angst. Sorry I do not do normal sappy love stories where it's over in a few chapters. Those who've read my Kaceystar fics have an idea where I'm coming from. So be prepared to go for a ride.

For starters we will have a T rating. I promise you when the time is right, that will jump up to an M rating. You just can't have a love story without interfacing!

Author's notes: italics denote comlink chatter, \\...// denotes music playing

And now finally, Hold On Before It's Too Late.

"And I stood at a distance to feel who you are, hiding myself in your eyes. Hold on before it's too late. Until we leave this behind. Don't fall. Just be who you are. It's all that we need in our lives." – Goo Goo Dolls, (Hold On) Before It's Too Late


Cybertron, the end of the First Golden Age, (Earth year, 19,500 BC)

Unicron, bringer of darkness and chaos, the destroyer of worlds, approached its new target boldly, methodically, ruthlessly. It did not care if there was sentient life on the planet it approached. It took no notice of the planet's defense systems that tried to stop it. It only cared for its desire to feed. The need for energy to sustain itself as it traveled the void between the stars.

On the planet's surface millions of families and mechanisms were being evacuated per Nova Prime's orders. Many thousands soldiers were preparing for a final assault, the last line of defense in an attempt to protect Cybertron from an adversary that was believed to only been a legend until this day.

And deep within the depths of the planet one scientist, with one of Nova Prime's most loyal officers, was entrusted in retrieving the All Spark and getting it to safety in the event the armada failed.

"Topoulos, we must hurry!" Keron urged when the large cavern shook. "Nova's orders!"

"Keron, the All Spark cannot be rushed," the scientist snapped back, continuing to watching the All Spark transforming into a more manageable size for transport. "I am just as anxious as you to get the All Spark to safety."

Keron listened to the explosions above. Dust from high above floated down. The very walls of the cavern seemed to quake and complain from the barrage from up above. The second in command was getting more anxious by the moment.


"Let's move!"

Keron knew the cavern wasn't safe. He literally dragged the mech who was his responsibility through the tunnels all the way to the surface. He didn't even stop to stare in disbelief of the destruction that was unfolding of his home world. The sounds of massive explosions were enough for him at the moment.

"Nova's called for a full retreat!" Keron shouted, shoving Topoulos up the ramp.

"Has he reached safety!"

"He's just boarded the final ship now as we speak," Keron replied as they entered the ship. "Shut the door, we must leave now!"

Topoulos moved quickly to take his precious cargo to its designate hold as Keron headed for the cockpit of the ship. Those soldiers on the ship already knew what Topoulos possessed and moved out of his way. Once the All Spark was secured the scientist hurried to his seat and looked out the window.

Cybertron was being obliterated from existence. The once beautiful cities had been leveled killing those mechanisms unlucky enough to not have evacuated in time. Massive chunks of the planet exploded into the sky. The planet's gravity was shifting causing many aboard the ship to murmur nervously or pray to Primus as they clung to their seats.

Only one thing could make him turn away from the destruction going on below as the ship lifted off the ground.

"Do not fear my son," he smiled, lifting the small youngling of four onto his lap. "We will come back. If there are any pieces of the planet left, Cybertron can be restored."

"How father?" his son curiously asked, looking out the window.

"Primus' gift…the All Spark. You must remember this day so that one day you can pass this knowledge on to another generation. Do you understand, Trion?"

"Yes father. I understand."


Earth, Scene desert flatland, year 2033

Hey, you all know me. I'm the cute yellow mech there with black racing stripes. Yeah, that's me, the one up front in the lead, as usual. Yeah me! Bumblebee!

Now, do you see that car?

No not that one, that's Sunstreaker. No, that one's Sideswipe, his twin brother. They're my two best friends in the universe. I rarely leave the base without them. But the car I'm talking about is…



(cough) (cough)

Yeah, that car. That blue blur followed by the (cough) dust cloud.

"Frag it all the way to Vector Sigma!" Sunny exclaimed. "There has to be a law against femmes driving that fast!"

"Bee, can't you slow her down?" Sides asked.

"Now why would I want to do that?" I laughed.


"You can't keep up with her Jazz!" we all laughed as he raced pasted us.

"I've got to try!"

Oh, that silver streak you just saw was indeed Jazz. Yeah, that's right he's back. The Quintessons were able to bring him back just like they did Megatron and Starscream. A good thing Jazz was brought back when he was because Prowl had reached his limit. The poor mech's spark ached too much to be without Jazz so he was going to terminate himself.

"Just don't overheat your engine like you did last time. Prowl took it out on us." Sides commented.

"Yeah, you ruined your guy's date by spending the night in the Med Bay," Sunny snickered. "Prowl must have been horny and wanted to interface. Only that could have pissed him off so much!"

"You mechs! Do you ever get your processors out of the pit?" the young femme asked laughing.

"No!" Sunny and Sides shouted back in unison.

"Here's one for the road boys!" she cheered.

Loud music suddenly blared from our communicators. A favorite of ours whenever we raced together, It's My Life by Bon Jovi. Those of you that know her know that this song suits this particular femme's personality extremely well.

\\This ain't a song for the broken hearted. No silent prayer for the faith departed. I ain't gonna be just a face in the crowd. You're gonna hear my voice when I shout it out loud. It's my life and it's now or never. I ain't gonna live forever. I just want to live while I'm alive. It's my life. My heart is like an open highway. Like Frankie said: I did it my way. I'm just wanna live while I'm alive. It's my life.//

Primus, she's fast!

But did you see her? I hope you did because that's my bonded sparkmate, Kaceystar! Well…ok, so she's not my bonded sparkmate yet. But she will be my bonded sparkmate. Only she doesn't know it yet. She doesn't even know I love her.

Why haven't I told her yet?

Well…um…you see…there's one little problem. Other than that fact that I feel like I'm having a spark attack because my spark's pulsing so hard from nervousness, my vocal processor just sort of stops working and I can't get the words to come out when I finally get her alone. She of course is oblivious to my feelings for her and thinks I'm making a joke. Which is how I play it off to avoid an embarrassing moment.

Pit no, there's nothing wrong with me!

I'm not afraid of anything either!

It's just that Primus made beautiful femmes, then he made beautiful femmes, and then he made Kaceystar. Ok, well Optimus and Elita sparked Kacey but you get the idea. There are no words in any language to describe her beauty. I can only say mechs turn their heads when she walks through the halls or into a room. A few of them have ended up in Ratchet's Med Bays for not seeing what they were walking in to.

That and well, there is the other issue. Kacey has grown into a beautiful mature femme of thirty-five, soon to be thirty-six with one technicality holding her back from being fully mature. Her interface systems still haven't come on line. And I've waited a long time for her to reach the courting age so I could finally ask her out and express my feelings towards her. With this little minor technicality I am unsure if it's appropriate or not to ask her out which is of no help to my inability to figure out how to even ask her in the first place.

I just know I want to be…romantic and charming. Charming I can do. I do it all the time. But I have no clue about how to be romantic. I've never dated before.

No, I can't ask Sunny and Sides for help! Are you fragging crazy? Sunny's idea of a romantic line is 'Here let me buff that out!' And they are two overactive interfacing mechs who are the last two mechs in the universe I'd ask for help on something as important as this. I love them like brothers but they don't know the first thing in how to treat a beautiful femme like Kacey properly.

No, there isn't really anyone else I can ask either.

Leo? Yeah, like I'm going to take advice from a youngling who's interface and transformation systems still haven't come online. Come on, be realistic. This is Kaceystar we're talking about!

Ironhide? (groans) Please, Ironhide is about as romantic as a toaster. It still boggles my processor when I think how he managed to capture a femme's spark. Yeah, yeah. I've heard the rumors about him fragging every femme he laid optics on before he met Chromia. It still fritzes my processor.

Besides, this isn't at all easy for me. Not only do I glitch up every time I try to confess my feelings for Kacey but I have to worry about my very spark's life because of her father, Optimus Prime. The mech knows everything that goes on around his daughter, especially if a fully mature, single, and very available mech is near her. Optimus knows exactly how beautiful she is too and watches mechs like a hawk ready to swoop down and defend his daughter's honor whether she wants him to or not.

I don't know about you, but I'm not going to risk getting flattened like a tin can! Optimus is HUGE! And I'm only half his size and weight! Not to mention he has cannons that could blow my cute aft to bits too! They might not be as loud as Ironhide's but equally deadly and accurate. So if it's ok with you I would like to stay in one piece!

But don't worry. I will tell her and she will fall in love with me. I just know it. How you ask? From the moment I first laid optics on her I felt it, deep in my spark. That feeling is how I know that Kacey and I are destined to be together. How we end up together…well let's just say that whenever Kacey's involved nothing is ever simple and you can always count on an adventure.

"Guys! I'm picking up some 'Cons on my radar!" Kacey's voice said the moment the music cut out.

See, I told you. Never a dull moment. Now buckle up, hold on to your aft because this is going to be one journey to remember!

Up next: The action starts right away as we continue with Kacey and the boys battling it out with some 'Cons.