Powerful Armor, Sorrowful Heart

Disclaimer: I do not own Inuyasha.

Summary: Even a warrior feels the emotional drive of pain. Won Third Place at MirSan_fics livejournal

Rated: T

Pain. That's what she felt at seeing the grave marker. Though no tears stained her cheeks, no sobs echoed through the valley in which the graves resided, the pain was real all the same.

"I'm sure he misses you just as much, maybe even more." She gives a small laugh.

"How would you know if he loves me more than I him?"

Arms touch and her head doesn't fall to its usual place on broad shoulders. While she was a woman in pain, she was also a warrior at heart. In front of her father's resting place, she would be seen as both.

"Because every father loves their daughter more than life itself, without a doubt."

She gives a weak, yet happy smile. "You would know this?"

Miroku kisses her cheek and it is then that he watches his wife slowly break as a single tear slips down, showing a crack in her armor. "I have two of my very own if you hadn't noticed."

This time her laughter breaks the silence, filling the void for a brief moment in her heart. "Is that what's been tagging along?" She rubs the tear away, only to find more replacing its brethren. "I can't stop it. Damn them, why won't they stop, Miroku?"

Leaning down, Miroku gently brushes her bangs back, kissing her face then cupping it into his hands, making her look into his violet eyes. "Because a daughter always mourns for her father with her whole heart, even a warrior."