The thunderstorm continued, dumping buckets of rain on the Seville residence. It was dark inside the house, which meant everyone was asleep. Well, almost everyone. Alvin was having trouble sleeping. Was he scared of the storm outside? No, that couldn't be it. Alvin wasn't afraid of anything. Or was he?

Alvin's Nightmare

"ALVIN!" Leonard screamed.

Alvin, who had been huddled in the corner of his room, jumped up from where he was. The poor child already had a scabbed lip and a black eye, plus a bruise on his face.

"ALVIN, YOU SORRY EXCUSE FOR A CHILD, WHERE ARE YOU?!" Leonard screamed angrily. Obviously he had been drinking again.

Alvin got even more nervous as the angry footsteps got louder as they approached. He knew he had nowhere to hide.

Leonard stormed into the room. He could see the scared look on Alvin's face. "There you are! Didn't I tell you to wash those dishes?!" Leonard said angrily. His voice sounded scary.

Alvin was too scared to answer.

"ANSWER ME!!" Leonard screamed.

The sound of his voice made Alvin jump. "It…it slipped my mind, Uncle Leonard" he said in a shaky voice.

Leonard threw down a glass bottle of beer he had finished, scaring Alvin even more. "Well a good beating ought to get your head on right" he said.

Alvin tried to run, but Leonard's strong hand was too quick.

Leonard grabbed Alvin and threw him to the floor. Then Leonard reached for Alvin again and began to pull on his hair. "When I tell you to do something, I expect it to be done, do you understand me?!" he said angrily, tightening his grip on Alvin's hair.

Alvin held back screaming in pain.

Leonard gave Alvin a hard slap on the face. "Do you understand me?!" he said, his voice sounding angrier than before.

Alvin still couldn't answer. Tears flowed down his face. But Leonard's grip around the child's hair tightened even more, giving Alvin more pain.

Leonard gave Alvin a hard kick in the stomach, causing the child to scream out in pain. "I said do you understand me?!" he said angrily

"Yes, yes I understand!" Alvin said in a scared voice.

Leonard threw Alvin to the floor and left the room, leaving Alvin on the floor crying.

End of Alvin's Nightmare

Thunder knocked Alvin out of his nightmare. But Alvin was still screaming and tossing and turning in bed. The screaming awoke his brothers Simon and Theodore.

Dave happened to be coming in to check on the boys and found Simon and Theodore trying to wake up Alvin. Dave rushed to Alvin's bedside and tried too.

"Alvin! Alvin, wake up" he said, shaking the child.

Alvin's eyes popped open. He was breathing hard and sweating. He couldn't keep from crying.

"What's wrong with him?" Simon asked.

"Probably a nightmare" Dave said as he gathered Alvin and cradled him. He began to rock Alvin from side to side.

"But it's so unlike Alvin to scream like that" said Theodore.

Even Dave as confused. Alvin wasn't afraid of anything, so why was he so frightened now?

Dave's gentle hold made Alvin feel secure and he finally began to calm down. Dave watched as Alvin's eyes began to droop.

"Is he OK?" Simon asked.

"He's fine. He's just really shaken" said Dave.

Alvin was shaken, all right. Dave could feel his son's body shivering in his arms.

Simon and Theodore climbed back into their beds and went to sleep. Dave stayed for a few more minutes, trying to get Alvin back to sleep.

Alvin's eyes closed for a second then opened. Then they closed again for about five seconds and opened.

Dave gently placed a hand over Alvin's eyes, making the chipmunk close them. Then he carefully placed Alvin back in bed and pulled the covers up. It wasn't too long before Alvin began to snore.

Dave sighed. What was wrong with Alvin? Who or what was scaring him?

The sun shone through the boys' bedroom window, signaling for the boys to get up and get ready for school.

Dave walked in to get the boys ready for school. Simon and Theodore were already up and getting ready. Alvin was still in bed. He was probably tired from last night.

Dave gently shook Alvin to wake him up. "Alvin?" he said softly.

Alvin's eyes slowly opened. He just lied there, not having the feeling to get up.

"Something's wrong with you, Alvin. You're usually not like this. Where's the strong, mischievous Alvin we know?" Dave said quietly.

Alvin couldn't answer. Even he didn't know where the strong and mischievous Alvin was.

"Are you going to be all right in school today?" Dave asked.

Alvin slowly sat up and rubbed his eyes. "I...I don't know" he said in a tired voice.

Simon and Theodore were worried. How was Alvin going to make it through the school day acting like this?

As soon as the boys arrived at school, the first bell rang, signaling all the students to get to class. Alvin was walking a little slower than his brothers, which got them even more worried.

"Maybe Alvin's just tired" Theodore whispered to Simon.

"I don't know. Maybe you're right" Simon said.

They just had to figure out why Alvin was acting so strange.