Miss Miller came by to watch Simon and Theodore while Dave took Alvin back to the hospital. Dave waited in the waiting area while Jamie and Dr. Henderson examined Alvin. Alvin was being very combative, but they managed to get an IV started. Afterwards, a clear liquid was slowly being pushed through the tube. Alvin began to feel really drowsy and stopped fighting. He felt his eyes begin to droop lower and lower as the medicine was pushed through the tube in his hand. His vision began to blur. Dr. Henderson was gently stroking the child's hair the whole time. Alvin's eyes finally closed and he fell into a deep sleep.

Dave paced around the waiting room, waiting to hear the news on his son. Finally, Dr. Henderson came out.

Dave walked up to him. "How's Alvin?" he asked.

"He's fine, but we did have to put him under heavy sedation" said Dr. Henderson.

"What's the sedation for?" Dave asked.

"Because Alvin was shaken and in a lot of pain, we need him to sleep through it" Dr. Henderson explained.

"How long will he be on sedation?" asked Dave.

"We'll keep him on for the rest of the night, then we'll take some of it off and send him home tomorrow" Dr. Henderson said.

"But other than that, he'll be OK?" Dave asked.

"He'll be fine" said Dr. Henderson.

"Can I see him?" asked Dave.

"Come with me" Dr. Henderson said.

Alvin lied in a bed in ICU, sleeping peacefully. A heart monitor showed that his heartbeat was steady.

Dr. Henderson carefully opened the door and he and Dave quietly entered the room. Dave smiled when he saw his son lying there, sleeping peacefully.

"I'll leave you alone with him now. Just let him sleep" Dr. Henderson said softly.

"Thanks" Dave replied. His voice was soft too.

Dr. Henderson left the room and quietly closed the door behind him.

Dave walked over to Alvin's bed and took a seat. He gently brushed Alvin's hair back. "Looks like you've had a heck of a week, huh little guy?" he said softly.

The only answer from Alvin was quiet snores. His eyes slowly fluttered open. They weren't opened too wide. "Dave?" he mumbled.

Dave shushed him. "Don't talk, Alvin. The doctor wants you to sleep" he said softly.

Alvin's eyes closed again and he was soon back into a deep sleep. Dave gently kissed him on the forehead.

The door slowly opened and Jamie poked his head through. "You have a visitor" he said quietly.

Officer Madison quietly entered the room. "How is everything?" she asked, making sure her voice was soft.

"They had to sedate him, but other than that he's fine" Dave made sure his voice was soft too.

"Just out of curiosity, how was Leonard dressed when he rang your doorbell?" asked Officer Madison.

Dave thought for a minute. "He was dressed in a long jacket and sunglasses" he said.

"I should have known. Undercover" said Officer Madison. "Well, you have nothing to worry about anymore. Leonard's locked up tight."

"What about the beer that was in my house?' asked Dave.

"Not to worry. We took every bottle of liquor out" said Officer Madison.

"What if he tries to break out?" Dave asked.

Officer Madison smiled. "I don't think that will happen, but if it ever does you know to call us" she said.

"I really want to thank you for everything" said Dave.

"My pleasure. I'm always happy to help" Officer Madison said. Then she quietly left the room.

About an hour after Officer Madison left, Dave got ready to go himself. "Alvin?" he called quietly.

The only answer from Alvin was soft breathing.

"I have to go now, OK? I'll be back for you tomorrow" Dave said gently.

Alvin continued to sleep.

Dave gave Alvin a gentle kiss on the cheek. Then he quietly left the room, closing the door behind him.

Once he got home, Dave thanked Miss Miller for watching Simon and Theodore, who were now tucked in bed and fast asleep. Then Miss Miller left. Dave made his way upstairs and down the hall to the boys' room. Simon and Theodore were snug under their blankets fast asleep. Simon had fallen asleep with his glasses on again.

Dave quietly entered the room and walked over to Simon's bed, where he carefully removed the child's glasses and placed them on the nightstand. Simon stirred a little, but he was too deep in dreamland to know what was going on. Afterwards, Dave pulled the covers up on Theodore.

"Don't you guys worry. Alvin's all right. He's just heavily sedated" Dave said softly as they slept. He gave them both a gentle kiss on the forehead and quietly left the room. Then he went to his own bedroom where he got ready to go to bed himself.

The sun shone through the boys' room, awaking Simon and Theodore. At first they thought that they were late for school, but then remembered that today was the day students have off. Both boys sat up in their beds and rubbed their eyes from the bright sunlight. Simon put on his glasses and found a note on the nightstand. It was a note from Dave.

Simon and Theodore,

I went to the hospital to pick up Alvin. I should be back in a few minutes.

When Alvin comes home, he's going to be very tired so be gentle with him. But most importantly I want you to let him sleep. He's still a little frightened from what happened.

"What are you reading Simon?" Theodore asked.

"It's a note from Dave. He's bringing Alvin home from the hospital" said Simon.

"What was Alvin in the hospital for this time?" asked Theodore.

"It says here he was frightened from what happened" Simon said.

Just then, they heard the front door open. They jumped out of bed and hurried downstairs, finding Dave holding something wrapped in a blanket.

"Dave, where's Alvin?" asked Simon.

"Is he alright?" Theodore asked.

Dave shushed them. "You're going to wake him" he said softly.

"Sorry" Simon and Theodore softened their voices.

Dave just smiled. "That's OK. Alvin's going to be alright" Dave said.

"What about Uncle Leonard?" asked Theodore.

"Officer Madison says he's locked up tight" said Dave.

"But I'm a little confused" Simon said.

"About what?" Dave asked as he took a seat on the couch. Simon and Theodore joined him.

"Why did Uncle Leonard only go after Alvin? Why didn't he come after us too?" Simon asked.

Dave didn't know what to say for awhile. "You know, that is kind of confusing, but I'm glad he didn't go after you and Theodore. But even if he did, I know you guys would tell me" he said.

Simon and Theodore looked at each other and smiled.

Dave stood up. "You guys watch TV. I'm going to put Alvin in bed then breakfast should be ready a few minutes afterwards" he said, heading for the stairs.

Simon grabbed the remote and turned on their favorite cartoons.

Dave entered the boys' room. Alvin's eyes opened a little and he looked around. Because some of the sedation was still in his system, his vision was blurry and he had no idea where he was. Alvin closed his eyes and fell back into a deep sleep.

Dave walked over to Alvin's bed. Supporting Alvin's head and back, Dave carefully placed his sleeping son in bed and pulled the covers up. Alvin stirred a little, but his eyes stayed closed.

Dave smiled and gave his son a gentle kiss on the cheek. "You rest, Alvin. Everything's all right now" he said softly.

The only answer from Alvin was soft breathing.

Dave placed one more gentle kiss on the cheek and left the room, gently closing the door behind him. Then he headed downstairs, where he started cooking breakfast for Simon, Theodore and himself.

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