"…And if you want to solve x in this, you'll have to use a different equation. I'm guessing Miss Chadwick knows what equation that is, right Rikki? Rikki? Rikki!" Rikki's math teacher was shouting.

"Hm? Oh yes, Miss. It's emm…x + y and uhh…something else, something else = …p?" she blurted out, without thinking first. Of course she didn't know the equation, she was trying to daydream, did her teacher not realise that? She needed Rikki time!

"Rikki, I advise you to listen. If you fail this next test, I will kill you."

Was it okay for a teacher to threaten her student by saying she'd…kill them? That's not right. The bell rang so she scooped up her books and walked out the door. A quick visit to her locker and she was off to History class. She was about to sit in her usual seat when she saw someone sitting at her desk. She immediately marched over.

"Hey you! This is my seat, everyone with brains knows that! Get out of it. Now."

The girl raised her head. Charlotte.

"Oh, I'm sorry Rikki, I didn't even notice. But hey, you can sit next to me, considering that your going to be seeing a lot more of me."


"I switched to your homeroom, Rikki. That also means I get to spend some more classes with you."

"S-Switched homeroom? Impossible! How?"

By the way, I'm not sure how American/Australian (because I hear they're similar) homeroom systems work. Here, we have our years split into groups which attend your equivalent of 'homeroom' every morning for our entire 6 years in secondary school. We stay in the same group and usually these groups will attend similar classes and have alike schedules. Like, I have maths, English, history, geography, Irish ect. With my group. And our schedules would be the same except for our choice subjects.

To get to the point, when I say that Charlotte switches homeroom, I'm not sure if it works this way, but I say that she switches many of her classes too. Here, to switch something really bad would have had happened to us for our teachers to let us switch (because they're really lazy and a lot of work goes into it). Sorry if it's different in Australia :S

"Oh, it is possible. I just may have accidentally said that Cleo…bullied me."

"Bullied you? What? Cleo wouldn't do such a thing!"

"Tell the principal that," she threw back her head and laughed.

Before class started, Rikki dumped her books and ran out the classroom. Charlotte was delighted with herself. Rikki reached the principal's office and burst in, without knocking. Sitting in front of their principal was poor Cleo, terrified.

"I don't know what Charlotte told you but she's lying!" Rikki screamed, "Cleo's sweet and kind and she'd never bully a student like that!"

"Shush Rikki! Who do you think you are bursting in like that! Have you no manners?" her principal said, rubbing her forehead.

Rikki honestly didn't care. All she cared about was proving Cleo innocent and getting her off the hook to whatever the principal had planned for her.

"I swear! That Charlotte is n good! I-I hate her!" Rikki was about to cry, her voice crackled a bit.

"Fine. Close the door and tell me your side of the story, Rikki."

She slammed the door shut and took a seat beside Cleo. She began from what she could actually tell her principal. She wouldn't understand the mermaid stuff.

"Well, Charlotte first was jealous of us because we…we had these new trading cards she wanted. We each had the mermaid card she was looking for, for ages! We weren't prepared to swap, but when she did get the mermaid card, she…was going to photocopy them and sell them illegally on e-bay! She lost her card in the end and blamed us for it, for some reason. But now she's got a different card and we're worried…" she said, without stopping to take a breath.

She turned to look at Cleo who looked as if she had seen a four eyed cat-donkey.

"Rikki Chadwick, that's the most outrageous story I've ever heard! You and Cleo will spend this entire week in detention, everyday after school until five. Enjoy," the principal hissed at her then pointed to the door. They couldn't believe it.

As soon as they were out of the door, Cleo had something to say about it.

"So you told the principal that Charlotte was bulling me?" Cleo asked, tapping her foot on the boring, grey tiles.

"Why would I do that?" Rikki exclaimed.

"Oh, I don't know. That's what the principal said."


"She said she got a note from you, in your exact handwriting, saying that Charlotte was bulling me and you wanted her to switch to your homeroom."

"Cleo…You know what this is? Charlotte did it! It's her plan! I know it!"

"I don't believe you."

"You don't believe me? I thought I was your friend!"

"You were," Cleo said simply and walked down the corridor. Her shoes made their signature clack as they hit the tiles and as she strode around the corner. She was gone. The bell rang, the last class and Rikki was furious. She headed straight to history to get her books and saw Charlotte there, talking to the teacher. Rikki stood there for a while, until the teacher left, then stormed in.

"What was that about?" she demanded.

"What, Rikki?"

"Writing a note that was supposed to be from me and saying that Cleo bullied you? What kind of a monster are you?"

"I don't know what your talking about. Now, if you don't mind, I'm kind of busy."

"No your not! Your going to sit down and confess to what you did!"

"I have no time for this…" she said, then splashed something in Rikki's face.

She couldn't see anything. She felt her way out of the room and hoped the nurse was still there. She was, of course.

"What happened?" she asked, holding Rikki's shoulders and bringing her towards the chair in the corner of the room.

"I-I'm not sure…" she gasped, trying to wipe the liquid from her eyes.

"What is this stuff? It looks like…squid ink."

"Squid ink? Impossible. This happened in the classroom."

"It has to be. This isn't normal ink. I've studied a good bit on marine biology and this is definitely some kind of animal ink."

"A nurse studied marine biology?" Rikki managed to ask, her eyes still burning in their sockets, although Rikki was the 'suffer in silence' type.

"Yes. I was going to work for my cousin, who is a marine biologist."

"What's her name?" Rikki suddenly got a flashback, and forgot about the pain I her eyes.

"Linda. Dr. Denman as she's more commonly know as."

"Dr. Denman?" Rikki has raised her voice slightly.

The nurse had poked around at her face and after a while got all of the ink off her face. Rikki thanked her then left. After Rikki closed the door, the nurse held up a bottle of black ink.

"Squid ink? I don't think so…this is like nothing I've ever seen before! This is a great discovery! Imagine how proud Linda will be when she sees this!" the nurse cried, laughing manically.

Cleo was sitting in detention. She wondered why Rikki was so late. Where could she be? Would she really skip detention?

"Cleo! Stop looking at the clock and finish your work!" the teacher hollered from the top of the classroom.

"Y-Yes sir!" she said, so nervous her voice was cracking.

Squids have eight arms and two tentacles, she began to write from the booklet in front of her, the main body mass of the squid is enclosed in the mantle-

"Am I late?" a familiar voice called, and a the classroom door slammed against the wall.

"Late? Sit down, Rikki and do some work! Your principal shall hear about this!" the teacher shouted, droplets of spit protruding out of his mouth by the second.

Cleo smiled at the sound of the voice of her friend but her happiness was soon destroyed when she realised that she was still fighting with her. She slowly frowned and picked up her pen again.