Chapter 22


Shizune dodged Sesshoumaru's attacks, one after another. All the while she dragged Kagome along with every jump and duck. Kagome winced every time she was dragged out of the way of Sesshoumaru's retaliation attemps because Shizune's nail dug into her skin.

By the time The Lord and Lady of the West gathered up their youngest and figured out what was going on and found them in the gardens, the scent of Kagome's blook and Sesshoumaru's anger were heavy in the air. All they could do was watch from the side as this pitiful excuse for a demoness bested their son. But this fight was for their son they knew he would never forgive them if they interceeded, so they just watched him carefully for any sign that he would require their assistance.

The whole time all Toga could think was that Sesshoumaru was too angry to see the logical ways he should attack and that he was just rushing at her blindly. And Takimi couldn't think at all because she was so angry at the whole situation.


Sesshoumaru stopped, the smell of Kagome's blood was finally penetraiting the haze. He stared at her, she was frightened and hurt. He could tell she just wanted him to free her. To protect her. The tear stains on her face unnerved him and he knew he had to calm down a little and think rationally about the whole thing or he might just do more harm than good right now.

Shizune's laughter broke him from his thoughts.

"Well is it a trade or not. Your life fro hers, you obviously can not catch me." Shizune sneered.

Sesshoumaru growled.

"Guess not." she frowned. "What's wrong Sess, finally get past my spell and now you can't save your little love." She gave Kagome a squeeze for emphasis.

Sesshoumaru straightened. "I must admit you had me fooled." he playcated her. "Your spell was quite strong." he said and glanced at his father. "Kagome had quite a time breaking it." he continued.

Taking the que from his son, Toga moved into action.

While Sesshoumaru stroked the mad woman's ego Toga crept around her and waited for some sort of sigh from his son.

The next time sesshoumaru made eye contact with him he moved into action.

Slowly he inched forward toward Shizune's back. Then very quickly he claimed his prize and flung the offensive bitch onto his son's waiting claws.

Shizune didn't have time to scream before Sesshoumaru's claws dug deep into the soft tissue of her throat tearing an oh so important artery.

He threw her mortally wounded body off to the side and open his arms to Kagome as she flew towards him. Avoiding getting her anymore bloody he folded her into his arms.

Burrying her face into his chest and tangling her fists into the front of his haori she cried, She was mostly releaved that it was over and she had him back. Sesshoumaru smirked and tightened his grip on her and burried his nose into her hair for a moment to soak in her scent. It felt like forever since he smelled her and now he thought he could never get enough.

After more than a few deep breaths he looked up and his father and gave him an appologizing look. Then he bent and gathered Kagome into his arms and took off into the night.


When he stopped running they were miles away, in a forest clearing, the moon and stars shining down on them. He set her on her feet and she took a step back and looked up at him curious what he would do next.

he leaned down and whispered in ther ear. "Aren't you going to welcome me home, my love?"

She smiled and pulled him down to her for a long awaited kiss. "Welcome home." she squealed and jumped into his arms, hugging him with everything she had.

"I love you." he said as he looked down at her wrapped in his arms.

She smiled up at him. "I love you too."

The end

wow this was a long one for me but i enjoyed writing it and i loved all the support from everyone. thanks for reading 3