In the manga, Jean does end up in a wheelchair. And sorry the timeline kind of went AU... but I thought this made a nice epilogue, and the boys had to be old enough to speak.

Epilogue: Return

"Amunet Marshall?"

Almost four years. Four whole years since I'd seen this man. Since he'd refused my wishes and left with my hopes. And now he stood before me, rain pouring down outside.

"Yes?" I asked.

"Momma, who is at the door?" Sorrell, my ever curious son, asked, rubbing the sleep from his eyes.

"An old friend, honey. Go back to sleep."

Sorrell looked up at the figure looming in the doorway. The steel gray eyes of the man met Sorrell's mottled olive ones in a look of surprise.

"Sorrell. That means sour," he stated, watching my son.

I ignored the Colonel and bent to my son, "Sorrell, go make sure your brother is still asleep, okay?"

"Okay, mama." His brown shaggy head retreating into one of the back rooms of the apartment.

"A very interesting choice of names, Amunet. Your other son's name in Drystan, correct?"

"You still remember from the hospital, I see. What do you want?"

"A favor is all, Amunet."

"After four years. You leave me with two babies that I would have loved to drown, and you expect me to give you a favor?"

"But you didn't."

"Didn't what?" I asked.

"Didn't drown them. Their names are lacking in loving nature, but you're raising them."

"They're all I have. You took the man I love away."

"And that is who I ask a favor for," Mustang took a step into the room and closed the door behind him. He hung up his jacket as I glared at him.

"What does Jean want?"

"He's been injured in the line of work."

"Is he okay?"

"He's lost use of his legs, and was discharged from the military."

"What do you want me to do about that? I'm no alchemist."

"No, but he is in the hospital, and I think seeing you will help him keep going."

I turned away, and noticed my twin boys peering around their bedroom door curiously. A wave of hatred came over me as I looked at their innocent faces. If not for them, for their father, I would probably be living happily with Jean.

But, that life had died before it was ever born. Those two small children were my life now, and my fiancé was off on a business trip.

I played with the gold ring on my left hand out of nervous habit as I answered him. "I'm engaged, Colonel. I have two children. I can't go running off to a love that was never meant to be. I'm sorry. Please, just go."

The man shouldered his coat once more. "As you wish, Miss Marshall. You shall not see from me again." He showed himself out, and I collapsed on the couch. What was I supposed to do? I couldn't run back to Jean. He hadn't wanted me to have my boys in the first place. And, it'd been almost four years. There was no way he could still love me. There was no way I should still love him.

"Momma?" Two sets of olive eyes looked up at me. One of the boys held a small slip of paper. "The man dropped this on the floor," Sorrell handed it to me. It was the address of Jean's hospital.

"Thank you, Sorrell."

"Are you okay?" Sorrell asked, climbing onto my lap. He pulled his twin up next to him and the two of them hugged me.

"I'm fine. I just... I don't know, boys. Do you like Dan?"

Sorrell looked up at me, "No."

"Why not?"

"He takes you away from us and leaves us with a mean babysitter!"

"But I thought you liked the babysitter."

Both heads shook rapidly. "No! No! No! She's mean!"

"Let's get you two to bed, okay? We have to go to work tomorrow."

Sorrell and Drystan played in the corner of the kitchen of my coffee shop as I prepared chocolate covered straggle muffins. "Momma?"

"Mm?" I asked, pulling the muffins from the oven.

"There's a really short man at the counter! He's got a stick in his mouth!"

I looked up and nearly dropped the pan. At the front counter, in a wheelchair, a cigarette in his mouth, shaggy blonde hair, unshaven face, and dull blue eyes, sat Jean. "Can I get one of those banana muffins and a coffee?" He asked, not paying any attention to me, he gazed at one of the muffins of the top shelf, where he could no longer reach.

"Of-of course." I pulled a muffin down and made a cup of coffee for him.

"Thanks," He looked at the food of the counter and over at a table.

"Sorrell, can you help this man with his coffee?" I asked my son, handing him the cup.

Looking slightly embarrassed, Jean followed the child over to a table.

"Hey mister? Why are you in a chair?" Sorrell chirped.

"Sorrell Marshall, don't annoy our customers. What have I told you about asking questions?"

"Not to," Sorrell replied, placing the coffee on the table and running back to me.

Jean looked up and really considered me for several moments. I turned away and went back to icing the straggle muffins to hide the disgusting greenish hew. I did my best to ignore him, keeping myself busy. Customers came and went, but Jean just sat by the table, staring out the window in a trance. At lunch, Miklos came into the shop, bearing sandwiches.

"Uncle Miklos!" The twins cried happily running around the counter to greet him. Jean turned to look, and his expression shifted from distant to disbelieving.

"I brou' lunch!" Miklos declared, turning to pick a table. "Oh, hallo there Lt. Havic. Hear' you were releas'."

Havoc was not looking at Miklos however; he was moving his gaze between my children and I. "Amunet...?"

"Hi Jean," I smiled weakly.

"You didn' know he wa' here?" Miklos asked, confused.

"Can you take the boys with you this afternoon?"

"Of course."

The three of them left, Havoc still in a state of shock. I walked over and sat down across from him. "Mustang came by yesterday night and told me you were injured," I told him, hoping to keep the talk away from four years ago.

He nodded.

"So, how have you been, Jean?"

"Busy. And fine. Nothing to complain about until now," That hurt me in a way I thought nothing ever could since he'd been transferred. "And you?"

"I kept them," I said, smiling weakly. Jean glowered towards the door.

"You shouldn't have. They're monsters."

"My children aren't monsters! Just because their father was doesn't mean they are!" I growled.

Jean just moved his glower to me. "You chose them over me."

I could feel tears coming to my eyes. "I didn't choose, Jean. I was forced. The night they were born, I was going to suffocate them as they slept. But Mustang stopped me. He told me I'd regret it, because you were leaving. Everyone had been transferred to Eastern Command because of a new alchemist!"

I saw the first tear leave a dot on the green tablecloth. I stroked the spot where I usually spun my engagement ring, but skin met skin, and I had to force down a wave of hatred for all men.

"I went to East City. I looked for you. But nobody would let me see you. Mustang told me you didn't want to see me; that I should go back to my children... that I should forget about you."

Jean still glared at me suspiciously. "Why didn't you come see me in the hospital then?"

I shook my head and wiped my eyes, "You don't understand Jean. It's been four years. My life has changed. I can't run off after you when I've got kids to worry about."

I rested my hand on the tablecloth and Jean snatched my hand, examining my fingers. "You were engaged." It wasn't a question, it was a statement. I looked at my finger, where the faint band of lighter skin betrayed that it had been hidden by a ring.

"I was. I... left him yesterday," I couldn't look at Jean. To be honest, I'd tried to see Jean the previous day, but Dan, my fiancé, had forbid it. After a woman came calling for him, I'd just snapped and decided marriage to him was not what I'd wanted. His cheating on me was only part of it; I realized that I wanted to be married to Jean.


I took my hand back from his and stood up. "I know I have an ash tray around here somewhere."

Jean's wheels creaked as he followed me. "Why did you leave him Amunet?" He caught my hand and spun me around. I looked down into his blue eyes and broke.

"Because I'm stupid!" I cried, falling into Jean's lap and wrapping my arms around him. "Even though he was cheating on me, I'm still so stupid!" I took a breath, "I still love you, and I hoped you still loved me, and... you'd be able to accept my kids... and... and... I'm just so stupid. He loved me Jean, and I broke his heart in hopes that I still had yours." I cried into his shoulder. He patted my back lightly.

"You're not stupid for leaving him."

"Yes I am! The boys finally had a father figure and now he's gone! I should have forgiven him... I'm so stupid."

"It's okay."

"No it's not! I love my boys and I should do what's best for them. Even if I love you, you hate them. I can't have all three of you."

His hand left my back. "Amunet..."

I looked up, sniffling slightly.

"Don't waste your love on me. I'm not worth it."

"What are you talking about? Of course you're worth it."

"No, I'm not." Jean looked away as I stood up. "I'm broken."

"When I was broken, you put me back together, Jean." I told him, taking his hands. How easily I forgot about Dan when the man I loved was suffering... "You can't give up on yourself, Jean."

"I'm leaving for my parents' general store in the morning. I'll write to you when I get there, okay?"

He took his hands back from me and rolled towards the door.


"Yeah?" He turned back around, and I covered the distance. I bent down and kissed him. His smoldering cigarette fell into his lap as he reached up to stroke my face. I wrapped my arms around his neck and sat down into his lap. We sat entwined for a long time, kissing one another, learning each other's mouths.

I pulled away, "Don't take too long, okay?"

He held me as close as he could to his chest, the way he had when he'd stood on two legs.

"I won't."

Standing, I allowed my hand to stay wrapped in his. "I still love you Jean."

He shook his head slightly, and smiled, "As long as you're wasting your love on a broken man, I'm glad it's me. I love you, too, Amunet."

"Goodbye Jean."

"Goodbye Amunet."

I bent and gave him one last squeeze before he rolled out of my coffee shop door, leaving me behind again. And yet, I was still the happiest I had been in four years.